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Welcome to our office!

Upon completion of my latest crafting project (those BIG letters in the middle!), I thought it would be fun to share with you dear readers where the magic happens. Saddle up for a mini tour of our office! As all photographers know, but not always everyone else, our office (in front of our computers, more specifically) is where the majority of our time is spent. Taking the photos is definitely the FUN part, but is just a small fraction of the job! Geoff and I are lucky that we are able to work from home. We converted our downstairs bedroom into an office space, the front room into a client meeting space and gallery, and our garage into a workshop (more on that another time). The Goodness Our Office 001The Goodness Our Office 016Below is that craft project I spoke about! Using a tutorial I found on Grey Likes Nesting, I turned these craft store paper mâché letters and some string lights into some awesome marquee letters! I LOVE them!The Goodness Our Office 002Last year we installed these shelves for some extra storage, but I really use them to display a lot of pretty things that make me happy. This is our tall desk where our assistant works, we assemble invitations, and do other crafty things!The Goodness Our Office 003Charley Harper is one of my FAVORITE artists and illustrators. Geoff bought me this humongous book a few years ago and I just love it. The blue elephant was a gift from my friend Jessica and the little red heart is one of three in our home that are placed in the rooms where we spend the most time and mean a lot to us. The red one is in the office, there is a yellow one in our family room (to match the yellow walls, of course) and there is an orange heart in the room where we get to meet our amazing clients! Keep an eye out for it when you stop by!
The Goodness Our Office 010This cute little red car I found at a thrift shop. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE thrifting!The Goodness Our Office 006I made the blue bird and the sad party bear in a sculpture class I took at the community college just for fun. The red elephant print (and the blue one in the photo above) are from an amazing Etsy artist, Mati Rose. I love her colorful work (the fact that she loves elephants too is a plus!)The Goodness Our Office 007These are a selection of my books. Design, calligraphy, photography, personal finance, crafting, illustration, business, travel, marketing…they give you a good idea of the stuff I am into!The Goodness Our Office 013The colorful mug is from my friend Brit, by another favorite illustrator, Disney concept artist Mary Blair. When we have a kid one day, I want their whole room based on her artwork! Of course I have an apple mug as an ode to all the years Geoff and I spent working at Apple!The Goodness Our Office 015A small snippet of our crazy cork board.The Goodness Our Office 017The dentures sign is also a thrift store find. Our tall desk and cute blue cart are from Ikea. I am always down for a trip to Ikea!!The Goodness Our Office 019aAcross the top of our wall is our string of gratitude. Whenever we get thank you notes from our clients, we hang there here to remind us how lucky we are to work with such amazing and wonderful people all the time. Thanks for the idea Jess!The Goodness Our Office 014And finally, my most favorite office accessories, our puppies, Charlie and Little Dog! We love that we get to cuddle them whenever we want. They are definitely our studio mascots and if you ever come by for a visit you can snuggle them too!The Goodness Our Office 020

Thanks for taking a small peek into our home and lives!

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What, no picture of your mommy?!
Now, if I go over to your house next week, will your office still look like this? (Hee hee)

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