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The wine and the snow (double teaser time)

Last weekend we hung out with two wonderful couples and and created some kickin’ engagement photos. First up was Tim and Laurie out at Bogle Vineyards (their Riesling is my new favorite wine, btw). From the moment we met them, we knew how awesome they were going to be. They are both stage actors and they have the BEST personalities! So much fun and full of energy (and hilarity). The photo below makes perfect sense…

The next was spent in beautiful South Lake Tahoe with Chris and Danielle. Speaking of great first impressions, Danielle showed up to our initial consultation with a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers for me! How did she know they were my favorite?! She and Chris are both the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet and their snowy Tahoe engagement session was simply perfect. Super sigh for this one…

I can’t wait to share more!

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