Teasers from a busy and amazing weekend!

It’s definitely getting into the busy season around here! Last week we had a ton of fun with three different couples. First we had an incredible experience with Don and Emily at Travis Air Force Base. Don is an officer in the Air Force and he was able to score us special permission to photograph their engagement session in a C5 cargo plane! Let me tell you that was one BIG airplane!

The next day was Michael and Bryn’s wedding up at the ever beautiful Forest House Lodge. Bryn and Michael met in England. Michael’s family traveled far and wide to make it to California. They could not have been happy to have their families together.

Sunday was the end to our amazing weekend. We ended at The Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa. We could not have been more excited for Jessica and Vincent’s wedding. Even though some rain caused the ceremony to be inside, we were lucky enough for it to stop for some breathtaking shots. There was even a Double Rainbow!

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