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Britni + Shane – Spring time fun!

Britni and Shane are married! These two have both been making some amazing steps together as a couple. The first step was their meeting at their High School Reunion. Who would of guessed that would be the place you would find the love of your life. They ended up not only hanging out but going back to Britni’s parents property with all of their friends for a big party after the reunion. It just so happens her parents have a “small” 80 acre parcel where it is easy for tons of their friends to just enjoy being together. It took that one night to kick-off these two supporting each other as soul mates. They recently bought a house they are fixing up together, the same week they were married Shane became a fire captain, and their close friends and family gathered for an amazing celebration. You can see that they have a lot of fun loving supportive friends and family once you get to their party. I am not going to lie those firefighters really know how to party! Their wedding was at Arden Hills in Sacramento which was a perfect setting for their party!

Arden hills wedding 008 PhotoArden hills wedding 004 PhotoArden hills wedding 010 PhotoArden hills wedding 003 PhotoaArden hills wedding 012 PhotoArden hills wedding 015 PhotoArden hills wedding 016 PhotoArden hills wedding 018 PhotoArden hills wedding 022 PhotoArden hills wedding 020 PhotoArden hills wedding 021 PhotoArden hills wedding 030 PhotoArden hills wedding 029 PhotoArden hills wedding 023 PhotoArden hills wedding 024 PhotoArden hills wedding 026 PhotoArden hills wedding 028 PhotoaArden hills wedding 034 PhotoaArden hills wedding 036 PhotoArden hills wedding 038 PhotoArden hills wedding 039 PhotoArden hills wedding 041 PhotoArden hills wedding 043 PhotoArden hills wedding 044 PhotoArden hills wedding 045 PhotoArden hills wedding 047 PhotoaArden hills wedding 048 PhotoArden hills wedding 049 PhotoArden hills wedding 050 PhotoArden hills wedding 051 PhotoArden hills wedding 052 PhotoArden hills wedding 053 PhotoArden hills wedding 054 PhotoArden hills wedding 055 PhotoArden hills wedding 056 PhotoArden hills wedding 057 PhotoArden hills wedding 058 PhotoArden hills wedding 059 PhotoArden hills wedding 061 PhotoaArden hills wedding 062 PhotoArden hills wedding 063 PhotoArden hills wedding 064 PhotoArden hills wedding 065 PhotoArden hills wedding 067 PhotoArden hills wedding 066 PhotoArden hills wedding 068 PhotoArden hills wedding 069 PhotoArden hills wedding 070 PhotoArden hills wedding 071 Photo

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Stacy + Nick – A colorful DIY Clarksburg wedding!

Nick and Stacy were married at the end of May and could not have been happier to spend a beautiful day with their family and friends at Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA. When you first meet these two you know they were made for each other. You meet Stacy and she brings a smile immediately to your face as you can see how excited and passionate she is about life, love and good design. Yep a girl after our hearts when it comes to design. Then there is Nick. Standing at 6’9” he has a  presence that almost speaks for itself. Nick however is the cool, calm, collected man who only towers over you in height but embraces you as a friend from the first moment you meet him. They wanted a fun and colorful day for their wedding and Stacy made sure that happened. She made everything, she even had cute boxes labeled and organized with all the fun decor she created. With a little help from her friends and Clarissa, Nick and Stacy’s day of coordinator. Thanks so much for letting Lisa and I capture the start of your adorable family. We could not be happier for you!

Old Sugar Mill Wedding 002 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 001 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 011 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 004 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 006 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 008 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 009 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 010 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 013 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 015 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 017 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 020 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 022 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 024 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 023 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 025 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 027 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 028 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 030 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 033 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 034 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 036 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 037 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 038 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 039 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 040 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 042 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 044 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 045 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 046 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 047 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 048 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 050 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 051 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 053 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 055 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 058 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 059 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 061 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 060 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 062 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 065 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 067 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 068 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 071 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 072 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 073 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 074 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 076 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 077 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 078 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 080 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 082 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 083 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 084 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 087 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 088 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 091 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 092 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 094 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 095 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 096 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 098 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 099 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 100 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 102 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 104 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 105 Photo

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Justin + Shannon: Love up & down the California coast!

Justin and Shannon were married last week at Dana Powers House in Nipomo, California. It was beautiful as Shannon chose to get ready at a gorgeous hotel on the bluffs of Pismo Beach, over looking the ocean. They even chose a gorgeous overlook to see each other for the first time. Water is such an important part of who they are, together so why not get married near the ocean? Their friends all got to spend a weekend on the central coast enjoying perfect weather, many of them getting away from the heat of Northern and Southern California.

Not too many couples start out falling in love in a swimming pool. These two not only did that, but quickly managed falling in love and being half way across the state as Shannon left Davis to continue her schooling as a veterinarian in Southern California. She luckily got a job in Sacramento and moved in not only with Justin but his roommate, also his brother and now best man, in their small apartment. Being separated by 100 or 600 miles is never the easiest thing for any relationship. In fact I remember how hard it was for Lisa and I who were only 100 miles apart for a year of our relationship. You find ways to use it to bring you closer together, you spend countless hours on FaceTime or the phone just chatting, or in our case sometimes falling asleep together on the phone. You just find ways to cope being madly in love and being apart. I know how happy these two felt to finally be together. A year after their underwater engagement session and these two were getting married happily at Dana Powers House.

Dana Powers House Wedding 003photoDana Powers House Wedding 002photoDana Powers House Wedding 005photoaDana Powers House Wedding 004photoDana Powers House Wedding 006photoDana Powers House Wedding 007photoDana Powers House Wedding 009photoaDana Powers House Wedding 011photoaDana Powers House Wedding 012photoDana Powers House Wedding 022photoaDana Powers House Wedding 013photoDana Powers House Wedding 014photo

A photo can tell a thousand words but sometimes there is a little story behind an image that just needs to be told. I arrived at Justin’s room as he was trying to relax. He didn’t sleep great as he is tall, like 6’6″ and hotel beds never make it easy, plus he was about to marry the love of his life. His brother got him a green jamba juice to get some food in him and quickly started to help him get ready. Neither of those two were great at ironing and were trying to use the heat lamp in the bathroom to heat Justin’s pants. It only took a quick look away and his brother had accidentally burned his pants. The beauty of this story is that Justin’s close friend Scott is just as tall as he is and had the same pants size. Scott took one for the team and wore the burnt pants. Nobody really knew this all happened, except we did let you in on the secret now. 🙂 I love the fact that this image however simple it is will always bring back a fun and memorable moment for all of those involved. It is even a moment I am chuckling about as I write this because such simple things in our lives really do make an impact. Friends just being friends really does mean the world as their friendships make us who we are. Scott is a great friend and I know Justin appreciates him, and well his pants.

Dana Powers House Wedding 018photoDana Powers House Wedding 022photoDana Powers House Wedding 023photoDana Powers House Wedding 024photoDana Powers House Wedding 025photoDana Powers House Wedding 048photoDana Powers House Wedding 049photoDana Powers House Wedding 026photoDana Powers House Wedding 030photoDana Powers House Wedding 031photoDana Powers House Wedding 032photoDana Powers House Wedding 033photoDana Powers House Wedding 034photoDana Powers House Wedding 035photoDana Powers House Wedding 048photoaDana Powers House Wedding 046photoDana Powers House Wedding 051photoaDana Powers House Wedding 052photoDana Powers House Wedding 043photoDana Powers House Wedding 057photoaDana Powers House Wedding 056photoDana Powers House Wedding 060photoaDana Powers House Wedding 059photoDana Powers House Wedding 071photoaDana Powers House Wedding 080photoDana Powers House Wedding 084photoaDana Powers House Wedding 085photoDana Powers House Wedding 088photoDana Powers House Wedding 087photoDana Powers House Wedding 090photoDana Powers House Wedding 091photoDana Powers House Wedding 092photoDana Powers House Wedding 093photoDana Powers House Wedding 095photoDana Powers House Wedding 098photoDana Powers House Wedding 096photoDana Powers House Wedding 101photoDana Powers House Wedding 103photoDana Powers House Wedding 104photoDana Powers House Wedding 105photoDana Powers House Wedding 114photoaDana Powers House Wedding 114photoDana Powers House Wedding 200 photoDana Powers House Wedding 110photoDana Powers House Wedding 111photoDana Powers House Wedding 120photoaDana Powers House Wedding 115photoDana Powers House Wedding 116photoDana Powers House Wedding 117photoDana Powers House Wedding 126photoaDana Powers House Wedding 130photoaDana Powers House Wedding 125photoDana Powers House Wedding 127photoDana Powers House Wedding 136photoaDana Powers House Wedding 130photoDana Powers House Wedding 131photoDana Powers House Wedding 141photoaDana Powers House Wedding 136photoDana Powers House Wedding 201 photoDana Powers House Wedding 144photoDana Powers House Wedding 140photoDana Powers House Wedding 153photoaDana Powers House Wedding 147photoDana Powers House Wedding 152photoDana Powers House Wedding 161photoaDana Powers House Wedding 163photoaaDana Powers House Wedding 157photoDana Powers House Wedding 165photoaDana Powers House Wedding 202 photoDana Powers House Wedding 174photoaDana Powers House Wedding 176photoDana Powers House Wedding 175photoDana Powers House Wedding 203 photo

Thank you again for letting us capture your wedding day. Dana Powers House was such a perfect setting and getaway for you, your family, and friends. We could not be happier we were allowed to help tell the story of your family being created!  

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Wahed & Ashley – a spring Clos LaChance Wedding

Wahed and Ashley were married this last weekend at Clos LaChance Winery. It was this perfect spring day where a breeze had come in allowing the temperature to drop for a cool evening ceremony in May. We had such a wonderful time getting to know Ashley’s fun and boisterous father along with the rest of the family and friends celebrating with them at Clos LaChance.  Here is a small post of some of our favorite wedding photos from the day!Clos Lachance Wedding 001photoClos Lachance Wedding 003photoClos Lachance Wedding 004photoClos Lachance Wedding 007photo copyaClos Lachance Wedding 009photoClos Lachance Wedding 010photoaClos Lachance Wedding 011photoaClos Lachance Wedding 019photoClos Lachance Wedding 017photoClos Lachance Wedding 021photoClos Lachance Wedding 023photoClos Lachance Wedding 024photoClos Lachance Wedding 025photoClos Lachance Wedding 026photoClos Lachance Wedding 028photoClos Lachance Wedding 032photoaClos Lachance Wedding 030photoClos Lachance Wedding 034photoClos Lachance Wedding 033photoClos Lachance Wedding 035photoClos Lachance Wedding 036photoClos Lachance Wedding 037photoClos LaChance Wedding 127photoClos Lachance Wedding 042photoaClos Lachance Wedding 044photoaClos Lachance Wedding 046photoaClos Lachance Wedding 047photoClos Lachance Wedding 048photoClos Lachance Wedding 050photoa

Clos Lachance Wedding 051photoClos LaChance Wedding 128photoClos Lachance Wedding 056photoClos Lachance Wedding 057photoClos Lachance Wedding 058photo
Clos LaChance Wedding 130photoClos LaChance Wedding 135photoClos Lachance Wedding 126photoClos Lachance Wedding 068photoClos Lachance Wedding 069photoClos Lachance Wedding 073photoClos Lachance Wedding 124photoaClos Lachance Wedding 076photoaClos Lachance Wedding 078photoClos Lachance Wedding 079photoClos Lachance Wedding 088photoaClos Lachance Wedding 089photoClos Lachance Wedding 090photoClos Lachance Wedding 093photoaClos Lachance Wedding 097photoClos Lachance Wedding 098photoClos Lachance Wedding 099photo

This next image makes me smile so much! Little Jagger had a lot of fun taking photos all night. He even almost catches the garter. I could not believe how much fun this little guy had. He even had all the ladies signing moves like jagger to him!Clos Lachance Wedding 100photoClos Lachance Wedding 101photoClos Lachance Wedding 102photoClos Lachance Wedding 106photoaClos Lachance Wedding 107photoClos Lachance Wedding 109photoClos Lachance Wedding 110photoClos Lachance Wedding 111photoClos LaChance Wedding 131photoClos LaChance Wedding 132photoClos Lachance Wedding 115photoClos Lachance Wedding 116photoClos LaChance Wedding 133photoClos Lachance Wedding 108photoClos Lachance Wedding 119photoClos LaChance Wedding 134photoClos Lachance Wedding 122photo

We wish you two the best in the start of your marriage. We loved getting to spend the day at Clos LaChance with you both and Zeus too!

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Our little family is getting bigger!

Life is always an adventure in our household. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work really hard for our clients. They believe in us so much that they allow us into their lives to tell their story. We have been able to travel far and wide capturing the world through our client’s eyes as they come together creating their families. A wedding really is the start of one of the most special things we have in our society. Family is who we gather to celebrate our unions in marriage. We gather them for so many events that are special in our lives, birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries and more. We are related to those we call family and sometimes our closest friends become our family. Family is where adventure begins for us. It is where our childhoods flourished and our lives started. It only takes two people in love to want to start this crazy thing called a family. The next step of creating a family together has Lisa and I beyond excited to say the least. It is a step that has sleepless nights, runny noses, dirty butts and smiles from wide eyes wanting nothing more but you to comfort them. It’s a step we have both dreamed of together and dreamed of before we found each other. We have spent countless hours talking about the family we could not wait to create together. That being said, we could not be more excited to announce that our next big adventure is coming January, 2014! Baby Bardot is on the way!!!

Up house 0211

As we take on every new adventure capturing our clients creating their families through marriage we had the idea to capture a single image of Lisa almost every week as our baby is growing. Below are a few of our favorites!

BabyBardot1BabyBardot2BabyBardot3The next two are from our 4th wedding anniversary this year!!


BabyBardot5BabyBardot6BabyBardot7BabyBardot8BabyBardot9BabyBardot10If you want to read more about our personal adventures start following our family blog…Hello Bardot!


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Nathan and Katie’s winter Firehouse wedding

Today we are pleased to share what was our very first wedding of 2012! We actually photographed this wedding a few days before we left on our Southeast Asia adventure, but I’m so glad it all worked out and we were able to be a part of it because Nathan and Katie are such a sweet couple with a ton of love for each other. The wedding was simple and sweet, very fitting for this down to earth couple. The ceremony was at the Eastern Orthodox Church and was such a cool experience for us. All of the speaking was through song , in addition to the actual amazing singers. We loved all the tradition and ritual.

After the ceremony, we went to the beautiful State Capitol for some portraits of the happy newlyweds.

After a quick photo session at the Capitol, we met back up with the bridal party in Old Sacramento.

The winter sunset was so lovely.

They held a reception for friends and family at The Firehouse. Nathan’s dad came in from out of town to bake their wedding cake in Nathan’s tiny apartment. Such a sweet contribution to the celebration!

Nathan lookin’ good getting a drink!

Congratulations Nathan and Katie! We loved getting to celebrate with you and capture your intimate wedding day. We wish you many years of happiness together!

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Allison and Anthony’s solar eclipse engagement session in the park

A little over a week ago we had the pleasure of photographing Allison and Anthony. None of us really realized it until that day, but their engagement was scheduled during the solar eclipse! So we got to play with some cool light, and crazy awesome shadows!

One of Allison and Anthony’s favorite things to do is hang out in McKinley park with their dog Filibuster (aka Phil), and roam the streets of East Sacramento, picking out their dream house. Here’s Phil! Such a cutie, though not too keen on holding still for a photo!

Ok, I’ll admit I love this photo because of Phil’s expression. “I love my family and life is GOOD.”

We stopped by Allison and Anthony’s house for a quick wardrobe change and made sure to take some photos in front.

We went back to McKinley park to get some last photos in the awesome sunset light.

Fun fact: Anthony had read something in a book, how when it was first built, McKinely Park had these two rows of palm trees running through the park diagonally, from one end to the other. It stuck in his mind so much, he even had a dream about taking their engagement photos with the palm trees. So we made sure to do just that! Not all the palm trees are still there anymore, but you can still see them, all in a row.

Allison and Anthony we had so much fun with you two and we’re glad we got to experience the solar eclipse with you! We cannot wait for your wedding next year!

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Eric and Maria’s elegant foodie wedding

If you didn’t already see it, head on over to this post to see all the custom design we created for Eric and Maria’s incredible wedding. We are so excited to finally share it! We’ve been holding off because (drumroll….) it’s being featured in the latest issue of Real Weddings Magazine! We are so happy for them and we know a ton of couples are going to be inspired by their clever ideas. Congratulations!

Eric and Maria are just about the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet. They’ve got it all: they are smart, sweet and kind, good looking, and and so in love. We loved getting to be a part of their engagement and wedding. And what a wedding it was! So unique with tons of personal touches, and lots of fun people. The theme for the wedding, as Maria described it, was an elegant farmer’s market. They both love fresh and local food so why not share that with the people they love best?

We began our day with these two as they both got ready in separate rooms at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

The girls and the guys walked over to Capitol park. It was a beautiful day.

Time for Eric and Maria’s super sweet first look!

So, Maria works for the state Assembly members and got us permission to use the upper balconies of the State capitol! It was gorgeous!

This angle has the Cathedral in the background, where they would marry very soon after!

Then it was time to head over to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament to get these two married! The Cathedral is always such a beautiful place to photograph.

We all hopped in the limo and headed to the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg for the reception!

I loooove the Old Sugar Mill. With all of it’s rustic charm, it’s such a great place for photos!

After some quick portraits, it was party time! The reception that Eric and Maria threw for their guests was phenomenal. They war they carried out their “elegant farmers’ market” theme was great! From the rustic decor, with textured burlap runners, galvanized watering cans and lots of beautiful flowers, to the dinner setup with “food stations” just like booths at a real farmers market.

You can read all about the design we created for this wedding, including the favor tags (above) and seating chart and table names (below) on Eric and Maria’s design post.

I LOVE how they did the food! There were stations for each type of food — the bakery, meat, and produce. The guests were encouraged to mingle as they went from station to station.

In lieu of a cake, there was an impressive array of mini pies, baked by Sugar and Spice.

It’s always fun to sneak back outside for a few night shots.

And our last shot of the day, just might be our favorite…as Eric and Maria were walking back to their reception to continue the celebration, Geoff captured this beautiful image of the happy couple headed off to start their new life as man and wife. 🙂

Ceremony Venue | The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Reception Venue | Old Sugar Mill
Coordinator | Catrina Maria Designs
Florist | Kim La Mar-Damiani
Catering | Jackson Catering and Events
Pies | Sugar and Spice
DJ/Entertainment | Premier Entertainment
Bridal Hair | Details Salon
Bridal Makeup | Luxe Image
Wedding Stationery| The Goodness!

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Matt and Asia’s Minecraft wedding

Get ready for an amazing celebration of some geeky gamer love! Matt and Asia are simply the most perfect couple ever. They met through their church (Matt said he fell for her watching her dance, awww) but they truly bonded over the game of Minecraft. They built a house together in the digital world and have been inseparable ever since, both in the game and in real life. Matt even proposed to Asia up on stage at MineCon with the help of the game’s creators. So it was no surprise that Matt and Asia would plan a Minecraft themed wedding, and wow, did they ever. They worked hard and put together an incredible event, which truly reflected their love for Minecraft, ahem, each other! We felt so lucky to capture such an awesome day, both in photos and with a wedding film (at the end of this post). It was a labor of love with lots of DIY and help from some fellow Minecraft lovers. Matt, Asia and friends created the pixel-trees from cardboard boxes and used them to decorate the structural pillars, genius!

The wedding was held at Beatnik Studios in Downtown Sacramento. With its exposed brick walls echoing scenes from the game, what could have been more perfect?

The amazing giant sculptures, which were used at MineCon, were lent to Matt and Asia from artist Greg Aronowitz.

That’sssss a very niccccccce wedding you’ve got there… It’d be a ssssshame if anything were to happen to it…

There was some artwork from the game to help non-Minecrafters to get a feel for what it’s all about.

This is so cool. If you remember from the proposal, JunkBoy, Mojang’s (the creators of Minecraft) Art Developer designed this lovely graphic for Matt to use to pop the question. Jones Soda seriously hooked it UP for the wedding! They provided plenty of bottles featuring different things from the game.

Matt’s vision for the centerpieces was inspired by the grass blocks from the game.

We designed the couple a photo guestbook with little Minecraft touches.

Asia’s “diamond” necklace.

She’s so beautiful!

I love how Asia and her bridesmaids were all wearing red TOMS! So cute and comfy, too.

These 8-bit neckties could not be any more perfect.

“Steve” was an honorary groomsman.

Despite the fact that Matt and Asia had been hanging around together all morning, getting things ready, they still did a first look and I am SO GLAD. It was such an adorable, sentimental moment.

Matt said, “Aww, you’re the best creeper ever.” Ahhh, geek love… 🙂


Time for get married! The ceremony was full of so much fun and hilarity! You must check out their wedding video to get a taste of it! “Will you take this nerd to be your husband?” was among the words spoken.

Matt and Asia got to toast with the Jones bottles they’d saved from the proposal.

Minecraft cake!

Also try PIE!l What’s not to love?

Seriously, such a FUN day! All who attended had a blast and we all loved learning more about Matt and Asia’s love for each other. Thank you so much to Matt and Asia for choosing us to capture your beautiful day! Please do take a look at the Short Film we created of this wonderful day. Matt and Asia, we love you!

[vimeo video_id=”42874494″ width=”850″ height=”478″ title=”Yes” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”c9ff23″]

Vendors and Special Thanks

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Beatnik Studios
Florist | Jackie’s Flowers
Cake | Jennifer Bakes
Custom Sodas | Jones Soda
Music for film provided by | c418
Bride’s Necklace | J!NX
Minecraft Sculptures | Greg Aronowitz

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Steve and Kimber’s Scrabble vineyard wedding

Steve and Kimber, what a fun couple! When we met with them we knew they were going to be a lot of fun! We loved getting to learn all about them and their love for one of the greatest games of all-time, Scrabble! Their wedding at Wilson Vineyard included the game plus many funny and heartwarming touches.

Kimber’s mom helped her get ready. She took this photo of Kimber’s “bridezilla” face!

Kimber could not be more FAR from a bridezilla! This picture is very telling of her sweet, relaxed nature.

Getting ready for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to stop watching the game!

Steve is HILARIOUS! He kept us entertained all day. 🙂

Steve and Kimber so awesomely decided to do a first look. What better way to greet your groom than with a booty grab!?

After some photo-taking, it was ceremony time!

We just posted all of the Scrabble-themed design we did for them including these programs! It was great to see them in action!

Kimber and her dad pulled up to the ceremony to make their grand entrance from this awesome car!

Lots of teary eyes!

Steve had all the guests cracking up.

Steve and Kimber did an amazing job personalizing their wedding and incorporating their LOVE of Scrabble everywhere they could!

Steve and Kimber took the monogram we created for their invitations and used it to create these wine glass favors for the guests.

Scrabble tiles adorned the tables.

The newlyweds danced their way in for the grand entrance.

I think someone had a cake overload.

Steve and Kimber, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day!

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Wilson Vineyard
Florist | Cameron Park Florist
Officiant | Cindie Wilding
Catering | TLC Catering
DJ/Entertainment | Supernatural Soundz
Ceremony Musician | Quinn Hedges
Photo Booth | The Shot Spot by The Goodness!В