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Rachael + Peter – fun on the lake!

Are there a million ways to make a person smile? It is not a question I ask myself on a regular basis, but it is instead something Lisa and I experience all the time as we meet new couples. We are forced to see love, not for it’s similarities but its differences that enable us to all have an individual experience of what love is, and a shared idea of what love is. We each smile and create smiles for ourselves, loved ones and even strangers in passing, but it is the choice of whether or not you wear that smile each day that really creates a ripple of change. Your smile to a stranger could alter their day from ordinary to extraordinary and you never know it, but in that same instance that returned smile could have done the same thing to you. You future altered because you chose to smile at someone you did not know.  There can be so many pieces of life and love that tie us together. Peter and Rachael fell in love at a time when working out was their lives. Rachael today is an amazing dancer, while Peter may be an amazing Business Manager, he is still in the gym early in the morning at a time I do not believe exists. He supports Rachael with her crazy schedules, and makes her laugh and smile sometimes uncontrollably. We saw it over and over again from both Peter and Rachael. His goofiness is what makes Rachael happy. They are also the most comfortable in workout clothes. It makes sense, Rachael lives in them and Peter would not mind it if he could wear them to work. Thank you so much for sharing your evening with Lisa and I in West Shore Lake Tahoe. We could not be more excited to celebrate their wedding day this winter in Tahoe! 

West Lake Tahoe Engagement session 001 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 002 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 004 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 005 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 006 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 007 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 009 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 010 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 011 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 013 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 015 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 016 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 017 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 018 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 019 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 020 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 022 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 023 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 024 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 025 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 026 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 027 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 028 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 030 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 031 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 032 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 035 photoWest Lake Tahoe Engagement session 033 photo

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Michelle + Spencer – a fun love story!

I am going to start with how Lisa met Michelle and Spencer because you just might call it fate. It was a beautiful Friday evening in South Lake Tahoe as the sun was just setting perfectly over the mountains creating one of the most gorgeous sunset skies. We needed some diapers so Lisa ran to the store and before driving back to the condo we rented (we had a wedding the next day) she wanted to get a great picture of the sun setting. She drove around the neighborhood a bit before finding the perfect spot. She grabbed a couple photos and noticed this sweet couple was trying to get someone to take their picture to show the sunset but as you may know, it is very difficult to get both the subject AND sunset to show up in a photo. Lisa quickly went over to the car and looked to see what she had. There were no fancy cameras, no fancy flashes, everything was at the condo because we were getting ready for tomorrow’s wedding. She did however have a light strong enough to help get the photo. She asked them if their photo had come out okay only to find out that they had literally JUST gotten engaged! “Oh my God! I just wanna hug you!” Lisa excitedly exclaimed to the girl. She cried back, “Okay!” and with that hug she met Michelle and Spencer. Armed with her big light she helped this adorable couple get that all important “we just got engaged!!” photo. 

Flash forward two months and Lisa gets a call from the amazing Michelle. She and Spencer were interested in taking engagement photos. How could we say no to that request? As you know us we want nothing more than to look for a great personal space to take their photos. The had just moved up to Tahoe from San Jose the week Lisa had met them and Spencer proposed. Where they met, many years ago was at a hockey game. Hockey is kind of a big deal for these two, but we will go into that another time. I will say though Spencer is working hard as the President of the Junior Hockey team in South Lake Tahoe. It took a few years for these two to start dating but when they did they fell head over heels for each other. I can not believe we were able to end our engagement session in the same place Spencer proposed and the fact that Lisa was there to capture their first photo together after they were engaged. It only takes a bit of luck but for some reason we get to be surrounded but the most amazing couples in love! Thank you so much for letting us capture these photos of your Lake Tahoe engagement session, Michelle and Spencer. We had such a fun time getting to know you and it was such a pleasure seeing you in the new place you call home. How can you not love Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe Engagement session 001 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 003 photoaLake Tahoe Engagement session 005 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 006 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 007 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 008 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 009 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 001 photo 2Lake Tahoe Engagement session 011 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 012 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 013 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 015 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 016 photo

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Sean + Kelly – North Lake Tahoe Engagement

Sean and Kelly love Lake Tahoe as it is there getaway place from the everyday life, down in the valley. Luckily enough Sean’s parents have a cabin in Truckee to enable the easy escape! Our original plan was to meet at Donner Lake and enjoy the scenery there. It happened we all chose the one day when it decided to finally rain in California. If you did not know, California is in a really nasty drought. Lisa and I sat in our car an hour early just hoping the rain was going to stop. It just kept falling from the skies swirling over us with no relent. Thankfully I happen to know the area very well. As we were driving in we made our plans for come cool spots to take photos overlooking the lake. I also knew I had to be coming up with a backup plan because what really mattered to these two was being in the outdoors, and being there together. Since the rain never stopped we drove up the road to a couple of my hidden gem locations! We had breathtaking views of the Sierra Mountains along with beautiful high alpine fields to run around in. I was so happy we turned a rainy day into one filled with sunshine and beauty! Thank you so much for trusting us to take care of you two. We had a lot of fun getting to know you and have your engagement session in Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe Engagement 001 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 004 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 007 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 010 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 012 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 014 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 016 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 019 photoLake Tahoe 001Lake Tahoe Engagement 018 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 023 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 025 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 029 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 030 photoLake Tahoe 002Lake Tahoe Engagement 034 photoLake Tahoe Engagement 035 photo

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Kitty + Trent – North Lake Tahoe fun!

Kitty and Trent had a great idea to start their engagement session at one of their favorite places in North Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach. I love seeing couples light up because they are having a chance to walk in some of their past footsteps. Memories come back alive during a session like this and you get to see people light up. Saying these two could light a smile on each other’s faces is an understatement. I love the way they make each other laugh and smile so playfully. They were high school sweethearts, now living over 300 miles apart preparing to have the most amazing wedding next year with the people they love. We are very thankful Kitty and Trent for having us up in Kings Beach for your engagement session! We wish you the best in this next year of life, love, school, and craziness!
Kings Beach Engagement Session 002 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 001 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 006 photoaKings Beach Engagement Session 008 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 011 photoaKings Beach Engagement Session 012 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 013 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 014 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 015 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 016 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 017 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 018 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 019 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 020 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 021 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 022 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 024 photoaKings Beach Engagement Session 025 photoKings Beach Engagement Session 026 photo

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Dominic + Christy – A small snow storm on Donner Lake!

It all started one night at a bar in North Lake Tahoe where Dominic and Christy met. Soon they were skiing and snowboarding together and getting away to have fun. Quickly they became inseparable and Tahoe became the place they loved together. It was that very same bar that Dominic proposed to Christy exactly one year from when they met. How could we not go back to Tahoe to photograph their engagement photos? Little did any of us know that there would be a fun surprise snow storm awaiting us! 20 degree weather is no problem when you’ve got your love to keep you warm. 🙂 We started at their cabin in Donner for a couple cute photos of them both dressed to impress. I was pleasantly surprised as Dominic came out in his tux and Christy in her fun gold sequins!

Donner Truckee Engagement 001Donner Truckee Engagement 002Donner Truckee Engagement 003Donner Truckee Engagement 004

We then drove down the street to the Donner Lake. This is where these two like to have a bit of fun in the summer. This, however, is not sumer time. In fact this is when we were hit by the snowstorm the hardest. We got out of the car and snow was actually going sideways with a strong wind from the west. That did not stop these two from having a blast! 

Donner Truckee Engagement 005Donner Truckee Engagement 006Donner Truckee Engagement 007Donner Truckee Engagement 009Donner Truckee Engagement 008Donner Truckee Engagement 010

We decided we had all had fun and were getting a bit cold. A quick change was in order to head to downtown Truckee. It was amazing as the sun decided to poke it’s head out just in time for us!

Donner Truckee Engagement 011Donner Truckee Engagement 012Donner Truckee Engagement 013Donner Truckee Engagement 014Donner Truckee Engagement 015Donner Truckee Engagement 004 2Donner Truckee Engagement 016Donner Truckee Engagement 017

I still can not believe we went from howling winds to beautiful sunset in just an hour! Who would have ever guessed this is how their amazing afternoon would have ended. Thank you again Christy and Dominic, we can not wait for your wedding in September!

Donner Truckee Engagement 018