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Arthur + Jaime – Married!

Sutter Club Wedding 142 photoSutter Club Wedding 001 photoSutter Club Wedding 003 photoSutter Club Wedding 005 photoSutter Club Wedding 008 photoSutter Club Wedding 143 photoSutter Club Wedding 007 photoSutter Club Wedding 009 photoSutter Club Wedding 010 photoSutter Club Wedding 012 photoSutter Club Wedding 013 photoSutter Club Wedding 014 photoSutter Club Wedding 016 photoSutter Club Wedding 017 photoSutter Club Wedding 021 photoSutter Club Wedding 022 photoSutter Club Wedding 023 photoSutter Club Wedding 024 photoSutter Club Wedding 026 photoSutter Club Wedding 029 photoSutter Club Wedding 031 photoSutter Club Wedding 033 photoSutter Club Wedding 032 photoSutter Club Wedding 034 photoSutter Club Wedding 035 photoSutter Club Wedding 036 photoSutter Club Wedding 037 photoSutter Club Wedding 038 photoSutter Club Wedding 040 photoSutter Club Wedding 041 photoSutter Club Wedding 042 photoSutter Club Wedding 044 photoSutter Club Wedding 045 photoSutter Club Wedding 047 photoSutter Club Wedding 046 photoSutter Club Wedding 050 photoSutter Club Wedding 049 photoSutter Club Wedding 051 photoaSutter Club Wedding 056 photoSutter Club Wedding 057 photoSutter Club Wedding 058 photoSutter Club Wedding 060 photoSutter Club Wedding 061 photoSutter Club Wedding 062 photoSutter Club Wedding 064 photoSutter Club Wedding 066 photoSutter Club Wedding 067 photoSutter Club Wedding 068 photoSutter Club Wedding 070 photoSutter Club Wedding 072 photoSutter Club Wedding 073 photoSutter Club Wedding 145 photoSutter Club Wedding 074 photoSutter Club Wedding 075 photoSutter Club Wedding 077 photoSutter Club Wedding 079 photoSutter Club Wedding 080 photoSutter Club Wedding 097 photoSutter Club Wedding 099 photoSutter Club Wedding 101 photoSutter Club Wedding 103 photoSutter Club Wedding 106 photoSutter Club Wedding 107 photoSutter Club Wedding 108 photoSutter Club Wedding 111 photoSutter Club Wedding 146 photoSutter Club Wedding 113 photoSutter Club Wedding 114 photoSutter Club Wedding 121 photoSutter Club Wedding 122 photoSutter Club Wedding 124 photoSutter Club Wedding 125 photoSutter Club Wedding 127 photoSutter Club Wedding 128 photoSutter Club Wedding 129 photoSutter Club Wedding 131 photoSutter Club Wedding 132 photoSutter Club Wedding 133 photoSutter Club Wedding 134 photoSutter Club Wedding 137 photoSutter Club Wedding 138 photoSutter Club Wedding 140 photoSutter Club Wedding 141 photo

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Joe + Monica – a splash of rain!

Tell me that you never want to leave me. You and I, we are here till the end. I am not going to lie that my life is in this amazingly crazy amount of head spinning, as we ask ourselves why we have done this to ourselves. We have chosen to take everything we have come to know as normal and make a change on every angle possible. We have decided to sell our house in Elk Grove, to buy a new house in Sacramento and most importantly to open a new office in Sacramento and get The Goodness a new home. Marriage too is about change, though for the most part we feel it is a much slower and easier change to handle than the bag of crazy change we are carrying on our shoulders right now. Marriage is a slow burning change that you don’t wake up one day and say, “aha, so this is what it is to be married”. Instead, it is this fondness that, for me, grew and grew out of a desire to have my heart filled the particular brand of craziness my wife brought to the table, while she too, for some reason, wanted to be a part of my craziness too. We wanted to keep dreaming up crazy dreams together each new day. I wanted the adventures to continue, and I knew marriage was something that would become amazing, but I did not know why at first. Marriage grew, just as our family is now growing, and allows a new knot to tie us together, a knot that strengthens each day. I look back now and am flabbergasted that almost 1/3 of my life has been spent with Lisa by my side. The time passed is both a blink of the eye, and a trail of endless memories filling my mind with not just joy, but pain too that has strengthened us. I will never forget that we have had hard days together, both in tears, but it was ok, we tell each other that we are still here to support the other. It is ok that we do not know what we are doing, and figuring out each new day what it is to be a husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, boss, and coworker. We have learned to embrace the uniqueness we each have to offer as we fill the others greatest weakness. This is marriage, and it is our love. The crazy thing is we get to see that love, and that crazy so often, which is a reminder that many of us choose a partner that helps make us stronger. Seeing that in Joe in Monica is an understatement. I hope you love their Park Winters love story. It is a story that took one adorable 80yr old landlord to set these two on on a blind date, and here you can witness their marriage. You could not be more thankful for you two having us out at Inn at Park Winters to help capture your family and friends celebrating your love!

Park Winters 005 photoPark Winters 002 photoPark Winters 003 photoPark Winters 007 photoaPark Winters 008 photoPark Winters 009 photoPark Winters 010 photoPark Winters 012 photoPark Winters 013 photoPark Winters 014 photoPark Winters 015 photoPark Winters 016 photoPark Winters 017 photoPark Winters 018 photoPark Winters 019 photoPark Winters 020 photoPark Winters 021 photoPark Winters 022 photoPark Winters 024 photoPark Winters 025 photoPark Winters 026 photoPark Winters 027 photoPark Winters 028 photoPark Winters 029 photoPark Winters 030 photoPark Winters 031 photoPark Winters 032 photoPark Winters 033 photoPark Winters 035 photoPark Winters 036 photoPark Winters 037 photoPark Winters 038 photoPark Winters 039 photoPark Winters 053 photoPark Winters 040 photoPark Winters 043 photoPark Winters 044 photoPark Winters 045 photoPark Winters 047 photoPark Winters 050 photoPark Winters 051 photoPark Winters 054 photoPark Winters 048 photoPark Winters 055 photoPark Winters 057 photoPark Winters 058 photoPark Winters 059 photoPark Winters 062 photoPark Winters 061 photoPark Winters 064 photoPark Winters 065 photoPark Winters 066 photoPark Winters 068 photoPark Winters 069 photoPark Winters 070 photoPark Winters 072 photoPark Winters 073 photoPark Winters 074 photoPark Winters 075 photoPark Winters 076 photoPark Winters 078 photoPark Winters 080 photoPark Winters 082 photoPark Winters 083 photoPark Winters 084 photoPark Winters 085 photoPark Winters 086 photoPark Winters 088 photoPark Winters 090 photoPark Winters 091 photoPark Winters 092 photoPark Winters 093 photoPark Winters 094 photoPark Winters 096 photoPark Winters 098 photoPark Winters 099 photoPark Winters 100 photoPark Winters 101 photoPark Winters 102 photoPark Winters 103 photoPark Winters 105 photoPark Winters 107 photoPark Winters 108 photoPark Winters 109 photoPark Winters 110 photoPark Winters 121 photoPark Winters 120 photoPark Winters 122 photoaPark Winters 125 photoPark Winters 126 photoPark Winters 128 photoPark Winters 129 photoPark Winters 131 photoPark Winters 132 photoPark Winters 133 photoPark Winters 134 photoPark Winters 135 photoPark Winters 138 photoPark Winters 140 photoPark Winters 141 photoPark Winters 142 photoPark Winters 145 photoPark Winters 143 photoPark Winters 147 photoPark Winters 149 photoPark Winters 150 photoPark Winters 151 photoPark Winters 152 photoPark Winters 153 photoPark Winters 154 photoPark Winters 155 photoPark Winters 157 photoPark Winters 158 photo

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Britni + Shane – Spring time fun!

Britni and Shane are married! These two have both been making some amazing steps together as a couple. The first step was their meeting at their High School Reunion. Who would of guessed that would be the place you would find the love of your life. They ended up not only hanging out but going back to Britni’s parents property with all of their friends for a big party after the reunion. It just so happens her parents have a “small” 80 acre parcel where it is easy for tons of their friends to just enjoy being together. It took that one night to kick-off these two supporting each other as soul mates. They recently bought a house they are fixing up together, the same week they were married Shane became a fire captain, and their close friends and family gathered for an amazing celebration. You can see that they have a lot of fun loving supportive friends and family once you get to their party. I am not going to lie those firefighters really know how to party! Their wedding was at Arden Hills in Sacramento which was a perfect setting for their party!

Arden hills wedding 008 PhotoArden hills wedding 004 PhotoArden hills wedding 010 PhotoArden hills wedding 003 PhotoaArden hills wedding 012 PhotoArden hills wedding 015 PhotoArden hills wedding 016 PhotoArden hills wedding 018 PhotoArden hills wedding 022 PhotoArden hills wedding 020 PhotoArden hills wedding 021 PhotoArden hills wedding 030 PhotoArden hills wedding 029 PhotoArden hills wedding 023 PhotoArden hills wedding 024 PhotoArden hills wedding 026 PhotoArden hills wedding 028 PhotoaArden hills wedding 034 PhotoaArden hills wedding 036 PhotoArden hills wedding 038 PhotoArden hills wedding 039 PhotoArden hills wedding 041 PhotoArden hills wedding 043 PhotoArden hills wedding 044 PhotoArden hills wedding 045 PhotoArden hills wedding 047 PhotoaArden hills wedding 048 PhotoArden hills wedding 049 PhotoArden hills wedding 050 PhotoArden hills wedding 051 PhotoArden hills wedding 052 PhotoArden hills wedding 053 PhotoArden hills wedding 054 PhotoArden hills wedding 055 PhotoArden hills wedding 056 PhotoArden hills wedding 057 PhotoArden hills wedding 058 PhotoArden hills wedding 059 PhotoArden hills wedding 061 PhotoaArden hills wedding 062 PhotoArden hills wedding 063 PhotoArden hills wedding 064 PhotoArden hills wedding 065 PhotoArden hills wedding 067 PhotoArden hills wedding 066 PhotoArden hills wedding 068 PhotoArden hills wedding 069 PhotoArden hills wedding 070 PhotoArden hills wedding 071 Photo

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Mike + Melanie – Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding

What happens when you have a gym-owning, Crossfit guru and a down-to-earth State Capital working beauty, who also just so happens to be Raiderette, fall in love? Well, what happens is the story we will see next. These two were just married at the Sacramento Grand Ballroom. Getting to see Melanie sing Going to the Chapel with her father and mother while driving to the same church they were married in had to be one of the most breathtaking moments of the day. You could see how they were elated to pass the torch to their daughter, to carry on a legacy of love, commitment and happiness. That anyone can make marriage work, but there is a bit of work involved to make the every day perfect. Plus OMG, check out Mike’s face when he saw Melanie for the first time walking down the aisle. I can not believe how perfect their ceremony was along with their gorgeous reception and the Sacramento Grand Ballroom.Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 009 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 002 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 005 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 006 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 003 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 010 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 011 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 012 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 015 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 016 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 018 PhotoaSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 019 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 020 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 021 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 023 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 024 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 027 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 022 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 028 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 030 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 029 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 031 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 032 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 033 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 034 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 035 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 036 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 038 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 039 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 041 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 042 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 043 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 044 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 045 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 047 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 048 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 050 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 051 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 080 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 055 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 057 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 059 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 060 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 062 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 063 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 064 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 065 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 066 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 067 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 068 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 069 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 071 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 072 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 074 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 075 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 076 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 077 PhotoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 078 Photo

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Stacy + Nick – A colorful DIY Clarksburg wedding!

Nick and Stacy were married at the end of May and could not have been happier to spend a beautiful day with their family and friends at Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA. When you first meet these two you know they were made for each other. You meet Stacy and she brings a smile immediately to your face as you can see how excited and passionate she is about life, love and good design. Yep a girl after our hearts when it comes to design. Then there is Nick. Standing at 6’9” he has a  presence that almost speaks for itself. Nick however is the cool, calm, collected man who only towers over you in height but embraces you as a friend from the first moment you meet him. They wanted a fun and colorful day for their wedding and Stacy made sure that happened. She made everything, she even had cute boxes labeled and organized with all the fun decor she created. With a little help from her friends and Clarissa, Nick and Stacy’s day of coordinator. Thanks so much for letting Lisa and I capture the start of your adorable family. We could not be happier for you!

Old Sugar Mill Wedding 002 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 001 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 011 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 004 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 006 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 008 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 009 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 010 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 013 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 015 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 017 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 020 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 022 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 024 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 023 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 025 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 027 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 028 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 030 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 033 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 034 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 036 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 037 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 038 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 039 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 040 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 042 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 044 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 045 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 046 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 047 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 048 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 050 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 051 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 053 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 055 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 058 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 059 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 061 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 060 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 062 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 065 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 067 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 068 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 071 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 072 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 073 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 074 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 076 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 077 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 078 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 080 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 082 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 083 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 084 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 087 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 088 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 091 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 092 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 094 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 095 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 096 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 098 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 099 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 100 PhotoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 102 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 104 PhotoaOld Sugar Mill Wedding 105 Photo

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Keith + Danielle : it only took a fortune cookie!


So the first thing you should know is how these two started dating. One day Keith went over to Danielle’s with chinese food and a movie. He had bought a fortune cookie beforehand and taken out the fortune and replaced it with his own. It was to ask her out to his fraternity’s formal. After dinner Keith ever so carefully offered a bowl of fortune cookies to Danielle but she declined. Keith persisted and still Danielle declined. He had to actually put it in her hand to have her take one. Luckily though for Keith she opened the cookie and everything started to make sense. Thank goodness the fortune brought them both some very good luck and an extremely sweet relationship.

Capital park CSUS engagement 001 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 002 photo

Keith and Danielle also brought Roscoe. This little guy was running around having a great time at the park!

Capital park CSUS engagement 003 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 004 photo

They also told us about this mural they loved in downtown. Funny thing was that same mural was one Lisa and I loved and had always wanted to go to for photos. Well when these two told us they loved the mural we had to stop by before we headed to CSUS. The place where this whole relationship started.Capital park CSUS engagement 005 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 006 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 007 photo

CSUS…since they met here through their fraternities it was very important to end at Sac State. It was such a nice evening and we could even see the moon! Capital park CSUS engagement 008 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 009 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 010 photo

Thank you so much Keith and Danielle for sharing your story and having us here to capture who you to are. We can not wait to see you again soon!

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Jaesa + Ross – a stroll in Mckinley Park

Jaesa and Ross love having a day out in the park together. If they are not with their adorable puppies at their house or driving around a golf course they are probably enjoying a Sunday together watching football or baseball. These two love to get away and go on mini adventures with each other to Tahoe and Santa Cruz. I can not believe how good these two are at always doing date nights and getting out and having fun together. In fact, on a trip to Santa Cruz Ross had a pretty amazing plan setup. After his Nephew’s party he really wanted to go to play a round of golf. The thing is, Jaesa loves coming along to drive the golf cart around and just be with Ross. She is kind of an amazing girl, plus really, who does not love to race around in a golf cart? Well, on that particular trip Ross had other plans. He got down on one knee and completely surprised Jaesa with a ring. Here we are now with these two living in their first house together with their two adorable dogs Sara and Oakley, a sweet maltipoo and a gorgeous white german shepherd.

Mckinley Park Engagement 002Mckinley Park Engagement 001Mckinley Park Engagement 003Mckinley Park Engagement 005Mckinley Park Engagement 006Mckinley Park Engagement 007

Lisa and I were both very surprised to see a little heart in the ground. I can tell you it most certainly not new. We had to stop for a cute photo with it!Mckinley Park Engagement 008

After hanging out at the park it was time to drive down the street to their adorable East Sacramento home. There is something about a cute picture on your porch that makes me smile. There are already so many memories there and plenty more to come. It is how your family and friends enter to see you, it is how you start and end parts of your day. So much happens there.

Mckinley Park Engagement 009Mckinley Park Engagement 010

Jaesa and Ross happen to have an awesome orange tree in their backyard. They even picked a couple for us!

Mckinley Park Engagement 012

After that out came the puppies! Sarah is a ton of fun bustling with energy!

Mckinley Park Engagement 014

There there is Oakley who is very much Ross’ girl. I had never seen such a pretty German Shepherd before!

Mckinley Park Engagement 013Mckinley Park Engagement 015Mckinley Park Engagement 016

After hanging out with the puppies we had one last important thing to do. Hangout in some Giants gear and have a bit of fun! Ross actually works for a company that manages softball competitions and if you did not know these two LOVE sports. Thanks again you two for an amazing afternoon!

Mckinley Park Engagement 017

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Allison + Anthony – their perfect start to 2013!

January 5th was a beautiful day, as winter was most certainly in the air. Allison and Anthony were both preparing for such an amazing day. It was a day that started with football (soccer), a bit of sun poking through the clouds, and a super sweet first look over looking all of Sacramento. Even luckier — rain started sprinkling just as their ceremony began. Some may think rain on a wedding day is a bad thing, since they were getting married by candlelight under protection of the gorgeous terrace at The Citizen Hotel it was not an issue. In fact rain is said to be good luck! We could not be more excited to share with you a few pictures of Allison and Anthony.

The Goodness Citizen Hotel Wedding 001 2The Goodness Citizen Hotel Wedding 003aI leave you with this last image. We could not have been happier that Allison and Anthony were thrilled to brave the chilly air atop their balcony for one last photo of the night. Congratulations  again, we wish you both the best!The Goodness Citizen Hotel Wedding 005

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Allison and Anthony’s solar eclipse engagement session in the park

A little over a week ago we had the pleasure of photographing Allison and Anthony. None of us really realized it until that day, but their engagement was scheduled during the solar eclipse! So we got to play with some cool light, and crazy awesome shadows!

One of Allison and Anthony’s favorite things to do is hang out in McKinley park with their dog Filibuster (aka Phil), and roam the streets of East Sacramento, picking out their dream house. Here’s Phil! Such a cutie, though not too keen on holding still for a photo!

Ok, I’ll admit I love this photo because of Phil’s expression. “I love my family and life is GOOD.”

We stopped by Allison and Anthony’s house for a quick wardrobe change and made sure to take some photos in front.

We went back to McKinley park to get some last photos in the awesome sunset light.

Fun fact: Anthony had read something in a book, how when it was first built, McKinely Park had these two rows of palm trees running through the park diagonally, from one end to the other. It stuck in his mind so much, he even had a dream about taking their engagement photos with the palm trees. So we made sure to do just that! Not all the palm trees are still there anymore, but you can still see them, all in a row.

Allison and Anthony we had so much fun with you two and we’re glad we got to experience the solar eclipse with you! We cannot wait for your wedding next year!

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Eric and Maria’s elegant foodie wedding

If you didn’t already see it, head on over to this post to see all the custom design we created for Eric and Maria’s incredible wedding. We are so excited to finally share it! We’ve been holding off because (drumroll….) it’s being featured in the latest issue of Real Weddings Magazine! We are so happy for them and we know a ton of couples are going to be inspired by their clever ideas. Congratulations!

Eric and Maria are just about the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet. They’ve got it all: they are smart, sweet and kind, good looking, and and so in love. We loved getting to be a part of their engagement and wedding. And what a wedding it was! So unique with tons of personal touches, and lots of fun people. The theme for the wedding, as Maria described it, was an elegant farmer’s market. They both love fresh and local food so why not share that with the people they love best?

We began our day with these two as they both got ready in separate rooms at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

The girls and the guys walked over to Capitol park. It was a beautiful day.

Time for Eric and Maria’s super sweet first look!

So, Maria works for the state Assembly members and got us permission to use the upper balconies of the State capitol! It was gorgeous!

This angle has the Cathedral in the background, where they would marry very soon after!

Then it was time to head over to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament to get these two married! The Cathedral is always such a beautiful place to photograph.

We all hopped in the limo and headed to the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg for the reception!

I loooove the Old Sugar Mill. With all of it’s rustic charm, it’s such a great place for photos!

After some quick portraits, it was party time! The reception that Eric and Maria threw for their guests was phenomenal. They war they carried out their “elegant farmers’ market” theme was great! From the rustic decor, with textured burlap runners, galvanized watering cans and lots of beautiful flowers, to the dinner setup with “food stations” just like booths at a real farmers market.

You can read all about the design we created for this wedding, including the favor tags (above) and seating chart and table names (below) on Eric and Maria’s design post.

I LOVE how they did the food! There were stations for each type of food — the bakery, meat, and produce. The guests were encouraged to mingle as they went from station to station.

In lieu of a cake, there was an impressive array of mini pies, baked by Sugar and Spice.

It’s always fun to sneak back outside for a few night shots.

And our last shot of the day, just might be our favorite…as Eric and Maria were walking back to their reception to continue the celebration, Geoff captured this beautiful image of the happy couple headed off to start their new life as man and wife. 🙂

Ceremony Venue | The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Reception Venue | Old Sugar Mill
Coordinator | Catrina Maria Designs
Florist | Kim La Mar-Damiani
Catering | Jackson Catering and Events
Pies | Sugar and Spice
DJ/Entertainment | Premier Entertainment
Bridal Hair | Details Salon
Bridal Makeup | Luxe Image
Wedding Stationery| The Goodness!