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Martha + Frank – soccer and love!

Capital Park Engagement Session 001 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 002 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 003 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 004 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 007 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 008 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 009 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 010 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 011 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 012 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 013 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 014 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 016 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 017 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 018 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 019 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 020 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 021 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 022 photoCapital Park Engagement Session 024 photo

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Our little family is getting bigger!

Life is always an adventure in our household. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work really hard for our clients. They believe in us so much that they allow us into their lives to tell their story. We have been able to travel far and wide capturing the world through our client’s eyes as they come together creating their families. A wedding really is the start of one of the most special things we have in our society. Family is who we gather to celebrate our unions in marriage. We gather them for so many events that are special in our lives, birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries and more. We are related to those we call family and sometimes our closest friends become our family. Family is where adventure begins for us. It is where our childhoods flourished and our lives started. It only takes two people in love to want to start this crazy thing called a family. The next step of creating a family together has Lisa and I beyond excited to say the least. It is a step that has sleepless nights, runny noses, dirty butts and smiles from wide eyes wanting nothing more but you to comfort them. It’s a step we have both dreamed of together and dreamed of before we found each other. We have spent countless hours talking about the family we could not wait to create together. That being said, we could not be more excited to announce that our next big adventure is coming January, 2014! Baby Bardot is on the way!!!

Up house 0211

As we take on every new adventure capturing our clients creating their families through marriage we had the idea to capture a single image of Lisa almost every week as our baby is growing. Below are a few of our favorites!

BabyBardot1BabyBardot2BabyBardot3The next two are from our 4th wedding anniversary this year!!


BabyBardot5BabyBardot6BabyBardot7BabyBardot8BabyBardot9BabyBardot10If you want to read more about our personal adventures start following our family blog…Hello Bardot!


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Marissa + Chris – Fun with vintage planes!

Life is about balance for me. I have learned time after time that I would be a complete wreck if I did not have it in my life. I focus on business, Lisa focuses on design, I cook our meals, Lisa cleans up the mess I make, I want to plan, and she wants a surprise, it is just balance. This list could go on forever, sorry. It is funny to look back, but balance is a huge part of what I always needed in my life. Balance helps create harmony in so many peoples lives. To me, marriage is all about this crazy thing — who would have known? It most certainly has taken me a few years to realize that without balance you are in an endless argument with yourself. You have to let go and just let life be harmonious. You can’t always be on the receiving end of a relationship, and sometimes you may only be on what seems to be the giving end of a relationship, but the balance in both is what makes the journey all worth while. I look back at times where I thought I was the only one giving but once I had time to look back and reflect I was able to see that both sides were giving and taking in different ways. I was right and I was wrong. (Even though we both only wanted to be right.) Time, and a patient wife, have let me see that. Some of us give more while some of us take more, some are more emotional,  or the crier, the lover, the fun one, the outgoing one, the quiet one, the passionate one, the determined one, the loud one, or in my case, the one with the laugh that everyone remembers, but we are all degrees of these and in our partner we find our balance and our equal. I see that my wife is my balance, my opposite emotion when I need her to be, and the same emotion when I need her. Balance doesn’t always mean that you have someone who is the opposite creating harmony, but that you have someone creating balance and harmony through both opposing, and being the same positive pole that you feel or need at any given time. Sadness sometimes needs sadness and sometimes needs happiness to balance it in life. You never know which it is but a great partner is the one you need at that time. You may just not realize it right away. My wife does this for me and sometimes I think she doesn’t know she does this. You do! 

All this being said when you hear Chris and Marissa talk about each other, balance comes up a lot  in their relationship. She is the right brain, he is the left. She is the artist, and he is the smooth talking state assembly consultant. They find balance in their adventures, in their home together, in life and in work together. They just love having fun together. When we talked about locations that are special to them, they did not come up with a place but an idea. The idea that they have so much fun traveling, flying, and going on adventures together led us to shoot their engagement session at a little air strip with some old vintage airplanes. Getting permission to shoot there was an adventure for them, getting to the spot was an adventure in so many ways for all of us, and the shoot was an adventure of these two slowing life down even for just over an hour to fall in love all over again with each other. It didn’t stop there as they were off to meet friends after this to have yet another adventure, an evening out and about. Thats what life is about for these two. Never stopping and making sure every moment together is a journey to the next adventure. It makes me wonder what is more fun; the adventure or the time in between spent getting to the next adventure. I know the answer is both, because it is the adventures with their family and friends that they love, and the journey together that makes them push each other into the next adventure.

Thank you again for letting us capture who you two are, we could not be more thankful and inspired by you. Thank you for making me think about the balance I have in my own life.

Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 001aVintage Airplane Engagement Session 003Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 004Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 006Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 008aVintage Airplane Engagement Session 009Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 010Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 011Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 014Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 015Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 017Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 018Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 019094

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I heart tiny things

Autumn Brown is my next door neighbor and is completely awesome. Her place always features new and interesting objects and artwork. She has even been showcasing monthly installments of the work of local artists in her living room. How cool is that?
Today was Second Saturday Art Walk in downtown Sacramento and Autumn created the coolest terrariums ever and asked me to photograph all the miniature scenes going on inside them. These are amazing – I love houseplants that tell stories, don’t you?В Check out some of my favorite terrarium photos below. Autumn’s work was showing at VOX in West Sacramento.








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Welcome to!

It has been a big couple of days! Yesterday I launched the new and today I am proud to announce my new blog. Not only is it finally under my own domain, but this layout is waaay better that my old blog, with its skinny columns that only let me post little bitty photos. So limiting! The new blog’s got a wide column so you get to see the photos BIG! Love it! I thought I would debut the wide-ness by showing off one of my favorite photos from a portrait session I recently did. (More of this session coming soon!) I think his expression pretty much sums up how I feel about the changes on my sites. JOY!


Design Uncategorized…New and Improved!



I am so excited to launch the new site! I’ve been working on it for quite some time now and I am very proud of my baby! Take a look, I hope you like what you see. Next up, a fancy new blog…

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Oh…what a beautiful day!

Things have been pretty amazing and busy for me lately, but IВ couldn’tВ help but take some time to oogle over how b-e-a-utiful it was outside today. I treated myself to a little nature walk down by the river. I haveВ alwaysВ enjoyed exploring my surroundings and observing all the little things I might not always notice. Seriously, It has been a LONG time since I have done this. Of course I had to capture some images to share the beauty. Enjoy! Oh, and go out and daydream at some clouds!








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Christina & Brent…teaser!

Congratulations to my eldest sister Christina who recently got engaged to one of my favorite guys, Brent! Saturday we headed up to El Dorado Hills for her engagement session. Here’s a little tease, more photos are coming soon. There were so many amazing images!

Christina and Brent

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New business cards…yay!

Today in the mail IВ receivedВ my fancy new business cards I spent the better half of the week designing and I am super proud of them! I’ve been working on improving the branding of Lisa Welge Photography which has begun with my new domain,, my awesome new business cards, and soon, an updated website as well.В 


The front showcases my ever popular elephant logo.


Seeing these new cards makes me oober happy! Ahhh…love.


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Be back soon! Vegas here we come!

I am so excited to be attending WPPI 2009! It is being held in Las Vegas and is one of the industry’s biggest В convention and trade show. We’re getting to meet with tons of awesome vendors, attend a workshop, and meet with plenty other professional photographers. Can we say excited!!?

We wanted to give you the heads up that I will be away from February 13 -17. We’re most likely going to have limited internet access, so if I am unable to return your email right away, don’t take it to heart! I really want to talk to you and will respond as soon as possible.

Las Vegas, here we come!