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Ben + Alexa – Farmers Market engagement session!

Ben and Alexa…there are so many sweet things to say! When we first met these two and heard how they fell for each other we asked, where can Lisa and I sign up to be at their wedding! Falling in love at the gym is not an easy thing. Even more so if you think the girl managing the gym is cute. Ben — quiet, calm, cool and collected found sneaky ways to say hello day after day, week after week. It took a little while but he built up the courage to ask out Alexa.

It is funny because I have been thinking about change so much lately. How do we take that first leap into something new. How can we look at change in our lives and be willing to put our hearts and futures on the line and embrace change for the fickle, fun loving beast she is. A new relationship is full of change and new ideas. When you look back at yourself after you have been dating or been married for a couple years, you see that you indeed did change. I have become the man I am today because I was brave enough to walk up to this red headed girl with the biggest smile I had ever seen and ask her for number. I had never done anything like that before. I was afraid and still embraced chance. Years later I still kick and scream at change but it is that same red headed girl that I look back at and know that deep down in my heart that worrisome little boy will always be there. Fear will never leave your side no matter how fast you run from it. You have to understand that you will never stop fear but you can channel it into real change in our lives. It is that moment of embracing fear that we are at our strongest.

Think about that moment when you asked your now fiancée or wife to marry you. Was there a bit of fear at your side. Did you use it as strength and ask that one question that starts more change in your life then you ever imagined? I know I did.

All this being said, Ben and Alexa have grown so much because of each other. For their engagement session we headed to the Sunday Farmer’s Market under the freeway at X st. It was gloomy and that was ok. They just wanted to grab their veggies and a bit of fruit for the week and go about their day. We met up later at their adorable downtown apartment. I have said it before, but a couple’s home is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Seeing who Ben and Alexa were and capturing them in the one place they spend a large part of their lives together makes Lisa and I happy. Ben showed us the bike he made himself out of bamboo and carbon fiber and Alexa introduced to her adorable kitties. We finished our session where these two had their first date, Southside Park. They quickly had us following them around the jungle gym and embracing our inner child. I could not be happier seeing them relive those first moments of them being together and falling in love all over again. Thank you so much Ben and Alexa for inviting us into your lives and giving us a tiny glimpse of who you are.

Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 001Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 003aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 006aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 007Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 008Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 009Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home a 001Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 010Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 011Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 012aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 014Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 015Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 017aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 019aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 021aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 022Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 024Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 025aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 026Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 027Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 028Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 029Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 031Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 032Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 034aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 037aDowntown Sacramento engagement session at home 038Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 039Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 040Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 041Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 044Downtown Sacramento engagement session at home 043

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Nick and Stacy – A cuddle at home in Sacramento

Nick and Stacy love a good adventure together. In fact, that is one of the most important things these two do—enjoy time and have an adventure or two with each other. Now, every adventure doesn’t mean running out of town every moment they can. It can even mean hanging out at home with their new big puppy and having a glass of wine, to a fun evening out to dinner. These two really thought long and hard about a special location for their engagement session and they came up with a place we love. Their home. Their first home together. Photographing in a couple’s home is such a special place because it is where this where a family lives, it is where so much of a couple’s relationship flourishes. Where you sleep, read, hangout with friends and loved ones, and just be together. Home is where Nick and Stacy will live when they get married next year, it is where they already have so many fun memories together. We love it because these photos will always remind them of the memories together in this house. When Stacy told us she was inviting us into their home to capture their engagement photos Lisa and I could not have been more excited. Here are a few of ours favorites!

Sacramento engagement session at home 016Sacramento engagement session at home 002aSacramento engagement session at home 005aSacramento engagement session at home 007Sacramento engagement session at home 009aSacramento engagement session at home 012Sacramento engagement session at home 013Sacramento engagement session at home 015Sacramento engagement session at home 017Sacramento engagement session at home 018Sacramento engagement session at home 019Sacramento engagement session at home 020Sacramento engagement session at home 021Sacramento engagement session at home 022Sacramento engagement session at home 023

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Marissa + Chris – Fun with vintage planes!

Life is about balance for me. I have learned time after time that I would be a complete wreck if I did not have it in my life. I focus on business, Lisa focuses on design, I cook our meals, Lisa cleans up the mess I make, I want to plan, and she wants a surprise, it is just balance. This list could go on forever, sorry. It is funny to look back, but balance is a huge part of what I always needed in my life. Balance helps create harmony in so many peoples lives. To me, marriage is all about this crazy thing — who would have known? It most certainly has taken me a few years to realize that without balance you are in an endless argument with yourself. You have to let go and just let life be harmonious. You can’t always be on the receiving end of a relationship, and sometimes you may only be on what seems to be the giving end of a relationship, but the balance in both is what makes the journey all worth while. I look back at times where I thought I was the only one giving but once I had time to look back and reflect I was able to see that both sides were giving and taking in different ways. I was right and I was wrong. (Even though we both only wanted to be right.) Time, and a patient wife, have let me see that. Some of us give more while some of us take more, some are more emotional,  or the crier, the lover, the fun one, the outgoing one, the quiet one, the passionate one, the determined one, the loud one, or in my case, the one with the laugh that everyone remembers, but we are all degrees of these and in our partner we find our balance and our equal. I see that my wife is my balance, my opposite emotion when I need her to be, and the same emotion when I need her. Balance doesn’t always mean that you have someone who is the opposite creating harmony, but that you have someone creating balance and harmony through both opposing, and being the same positive pole that you feel or need at any given time. Sadness sometimes needs sadness and sometimes needs happiness to balance it in life. You never know which it is but a great partner is the one you need at that time. You may just not realize it right away. My wife does this for me and sometimes I think she doesn’t know she does this. You do! 

All this being said when you hear Chris and Marissa talk about each other, balance comes up a lot  in their relationship. She is the right brain, he is the left. She is the artist, and he is the smooth talking state assembly consultant. They find balance in their adventures, in their home together, in life and in work together. They just love having fun together. When we talked about locations that are special to them, they did not come up with a place but an idea. The idea that they have so much fun traveling, flying, and going on adventures together led us to shoot their engagement session at a little air strip with some old vintage airplanes. Getting permission to shoot there was an adventure for them, getting to the spot was an adventure in so many ways for all of us, and the shoot was an adventure of these two slowing life down even for just over an hour to fall in love all over again with each other. It didn’t stop there as they were off to meet friends after this to have yet another adventure, an evening out and about. Thats what life is about for these two. Never stopping and making sure every moment together is a journey to the next adventure. It makes me wonder what is more fun; the adventure or the time in between spent getting to the next adventure. I know the answer is both, because it is the adventures with their family and friends that they love, and the journey together that makes them push each other into the next adventure.

Thank you again for letting us capture who you two are, we could not be more thankful and inspired by you. Thank you for making me think about the balance I have in my own life.

Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 001aVintage Airplane Engagement Session 003Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 004Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 006Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 008aVintage Airplane Engagement Session 009Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 010Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 011Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 014Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 015Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 017Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 018Vintage Airplane Engagement Session 019094

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Jason + Allison-Old Sacramento, smiles, flags, and bikes!

These two are adventurous. I really mean wildly adventurous. From jumping out of planes, running marathons, snowboarding or skiing, cycling, riding motorcycles, these two seriously do it all. How can you blame them from falling in love for each other as the enjoy so much of the same. Allison and Jason are very always there for each other. Jason has been injured once or twice throughout the years and Allison was there nursing him back to health. Since Jason is a bit rough on himself, it is no surprise how we was able to get away with faking his leg was sore the day he proposed. They had just finished a bike ride with their friend and his friends daughter and packed up the truck. Jason grabbed Allion’s hand and asked if she would walk with him to stretch out his legs. He brought her out into the middle of the park, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The elated Allison said yes. Here are some photos of them just enjoying a fun evening together out and about Old Sacramento. 

Old Sacramento Engagement Session 002 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 003 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 004 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 005 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 006 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 009 photoaOld Sacramento Engagement Session 008 photoUntitled 001Old Sacramento Engagement Session 011 photo

Jason served for over 10 years in the Army. He had the opportunity to serve, protect and do some amazing things for us. One thing he loves is the American flag. We had to make sure to get at least one good picture of the humungous flag flying outside the Delta King! 

Old Sacramento Engagement Session 012 photo

Motorcycles! This is Jason’s bike; a clean 600 Ninja. The funny thing is that Allison wants him to get a new bike. I mean what an amazing fiancée right? Who would have known the reason behind that is so that she gets this bike. Now that is a wonderful future wife though I will say. Thoughtful, honest, and loves to be with her fiancé as much as possible!
Old Sacramento Engagement Session 013 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 014 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 016 photoa

Thanks again sharing for sharing your story with us Allison and Jason. We can not wait to see you two again for an amazing winter wonderland!

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Keith + Danielle : it only took a fortune cookie!


So the first thing you should know is how these two started dating. One day Keith went over to Danielle’s with chinese food and a movie. He had bought a fortune cookie beforehand and taken out the fortune and replaced it with his own. It was to ask her out to his fraternity’s formal. After dinner Keith ever so carefully offered a bowl of fortune cookies to Danielle but she declined. Keith persisted and still Danielle declined. He had to actually put it in her hand to have her take one. Luckily though for Keith she opened the cookie and everything started to make sense. Thank goodness the fortune brought them both some very good luck and an extremely sweet relationship.

Capital park CSUS engagement 001 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 002 photo

Keith and Danielle also brought Roscoe. This little guy was running around having a great time at the park!

Capital park CSUS engagement 003 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 004 photo

They also told us about this mural they loved in downtown. Funny thing was that same mural was one Lisa and I loved and had always wanted to go to for photos. Well when these two told us they loved the mural we had to stop by before we headed to CSUS. The place where this whole relationship started.Capital park CSUS engagement 005 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 006 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 007 photo

CSUS…since they met here through their fraternities it was very important to end at Sac State. It was such a nice evening and we could even see the moon! Capital park CSUS engagement 008 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 009 photoCapital park CSUS engagement 010 photo

Thank you so much Keith and Danielle for sharing your story and having us here to capture who you to are. We can not wait to see you again soon!

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Jaesa + Ross – a stroll in Mckinley Park

Jaesa and Ross love having a day out in the park together. If they are not with their adorable puppies at their house or driving around a golf course they are probably enjoying a Sunday together watching football or baseball. These two love to get away and go on mini adventures with each other to Tahoe and Santa Cruz. I can not believe how good these two are at always doing date nights and getting out and having fun together. In fact, on a trip to Santa Cruz Ross had a pretty amazing plan setup. After his Nephew’s party he really wanted to go to play a round of golf. The thing is, Jaesa loves coming along to drive the golf cart around and just be with Ross. She is kind of an amazing girl, plus really, who does not love to race around in a golf cart? Well, on that particular trip Ross had other plans. He got down on one knee and completely surprised Jaesa with a ring. Here we are now with these two living in their first house together with their two adorable dogs Sara and Oakley, a sweet maltipoo and a gorgeous white german shepherd.

Mckinley Park Engagement 002Mckinley Park Engagement 001Mckinley Park Engagement 003Mckinley Park Engagement 005Mckinley Park Engagement 006Mckinley Park Engagement 007

Lisa and I were both very surprised to see a little heart in the ground. I can tell you it most certainly not new. We had to stop for a cute photo with it!Mckinley Park Engagement 008

After hanging out at the park it was time to drive down the street to their adorable East Sacramento home. There is something about a cute picture on your porch that makes me smile. There are already so many memories there and plenty more to come. It is how your family and friends enter to see you, it is how you start and end parts of your day. So much happens there.

Mckinley Park Engagement 009Mckinley Park Engagement 010

Jaesa and Ross happen to have an awesome orange tree in their backyard. They even picked a couple for us!

Mckinley Park Engagement 012

After that out came the puppies! Sarah is a ton of fun bustling with energy!

Mckinley Park Engagement 014

There there is Oakley who is very much Ross’ girl. I had never seen such a pretty German Shepherd before!

Mckinley Park Engagement 013Mckinley Park Engagement 015Mckinley Park Engagement 016

After hanging out with the puppies we had one last important thing to do. Hangout in some Giants gear and have a bit of fun! Ross actually works for a company that manages softball competitions and if you did not know these two LOVE sports. Thanks again you two for an amazing afternoon!

Mckinley Park Engagement 017

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Christina & Brent…teaser!

Congratulations to my eldest sister Christina who recently got engaged to one of my favorite guys, Brent! Saturday we headed up to El Dorado Hills for her engagement session. Here’s a little tease, more photos are coming soon. There were so many amazing images!

Christina and Brent

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Cale & Lana

I had so much fun photographing Cale and Lana. They are such a fun couple and so easy to work with. We went to a park in downtown Sacramento that had the most awesome playground! My fiancee Geoff and I shot this session together and I finally got to work with my new Canon 5D Mark II (which is flipping amazing, by the way!).

I seriously loved this session! Cale and Lana are so naturally photogenic not to mention totally in love. Cale is mucho handsome and Lana isВ absolutelyВ beautiful. Get a load ofВ theirВ hotness below. You can click the link to see all the photos, but I’ve posted my favorites below. Happy New Year!


Cale and Lana Session Photos