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A portrait session in Paris!


Justin and Lindsey are two amazing people! We actually met them when we had dinner with the amazing Stacy Reeves of L’Amour de Paris and her husband Jason. Lindsey along with Stacy happen to be amazing photographers, fellow Americans but living in Paris, and just wonderful people. Lindsey’s business is Pictours Paris. Lindsey was kind enough to offer us some babysitting if we ever wanted it while we were in Paris working on our children’s book. We loved having Bear with us every moment of every day but thought how nice it would be to have a fancy lunch together, just the two of us. I emailed Lindsey and Justin and came up with a great idea. I wanted to know if she would like photos of the two of them together. As a photographer we all love photographs of ourselves but do not have the chance to regularly have our photograph taken. It just so happened that Lindsey and Justin were excited to have some photos and to watch Bear. I think all of us were winning on both sides of this proposition. I was able to photograph an amazing couple and have an adult lunch with my wife and they were able to have photographs and enjoy an afternoon with a fun little three month old! We could not have been more appreciative for the chance to capture these two in love in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The first photograph is actually the hall to get to their apartment. They even brought their little dog Oliver with them! We love dogs and who could say no to a cute four legged friend.

Paris Portrait Session 001Paris Portrait Session 002Paris Portrait Session 004aParis Portrait Session 007Paris Portrait Session 006a

What more could one ask for but for the chance to walk in someone’s neighborhood with them. You get to see the nooks and crannies that make where they live special and unique. There is one nook in their neighborhood that is very dear to them both. It is only a couple blocks away from their beautiful apartment and this spot is never a sight for sore eyes. It is slender, tall, and made of a lot of metal. La Tour Eiffel is where work is, where rest is with a spring picnic, and where life together is for these two. When Lindsey told me how important the Eiffel Tower was in their everyday lives, I jumped for joy. It is important for pictures to be more than beautiful photographs but to have them tell a story of who you are at that moment in time. This next photo is one of my favorites from our morning together and really says a lot about who they are, where they live and what is one of the most significant things in their life today.
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Claude and Kristin’s French-American wedding

Ok my lovely blog readers, get ready for the best “how they met” story, ever. Seriously, it is straight out of a movie…

Kristin accompanied her little brother on a trip to Europe. One night in Paris, the two siblings spent the night apart, each doing their own thing. Kristin ended up at a nearby bar, where the bartender introduced her to the charming Claude. The two hit it off right away and spent such an amazing evening together, that Claude offered to show them around Paris the next day. Well, they just could not get enough of each other, so Claude met up with Kristin and her brother in Amsterdam and finally at their last stop of the trip, in Prague. Kristin went home to California and Claude went back to Paris. When for the average person, that could have been the end of the story, don’t think for a second that 5000 miles and an ocean could keep these two apart. They simply could not be without each other, so Claude came to the U.S. to visit a couple times before Kristin decided she couldn’t be without him any longer. She packed her bags and moved to Paris to be with the man she loved. It’s all so terribly romantic. What is even better, is that Geoff and I were in Paris when Kristin emailed us about their wedding. We were actually staying just a couple blocks away from their apartment! We met in a cafe near the Place de Bastille and fell in love with their unbelievably romantic love story. So, I don’t really have to tell you how EXCITED we were about this wedding!

Claude and Kristin decided to have their wedding back in California, but wanted to have a fun destination for their guests, so the decided to get married near Lake Tahoe at the Sugar Bowl resort. It was so beautiful there! The wedding was really a coming together of friends and family from all over the world. There were people there from Norway, Holland, Sweden, France (of course), and Indonesia, just to name a few.

Kristin is such a sweet girl. She is so nice and happy and so very much in love with Claude.

Oooh, la, la!

TrГЁs magnifique! Talk about an amazing view!

Claude and Kristin’s ceremony was so sweet. It was performed in both French and English and getting to hear their story again was wonderful. It was full of many laughs and happy tears.

These of French gentlemen were definitely not used to, as they called it, the American smile, but they were such great sports for us photographers!

After the ceremony and some photos, we all headed back to the lodge for the ceremony.

How beautiful is this backdrop for celebrating? Love it!

Appropriately, all of the tables were named after some of Paris’ most famous monuments and attractions.

Honestly, the toasts are one of my favorite parts of the day and this wedding had some fantastic speeches. I think the highlight was Claude’s best man’s toast. So funny and heartwarming. His comedic timing was impeccable! Especially for english being his second language. He even mentioned how, in preparation for being Claude’s best man, he even practiced his American smile for the photographer. We think he did great!

For dessert, Claude and Kristin had a Croquembouche, the traditional french wedding cake. It is a cone shape, covered in profiteroles (cream puffs) and drizzled in sugary syrup. The inside even lit up!

Claude and Kristin, we feel beyond lucky that we got to meet you and capture your wedding day. You love story is completely amazing and so inspiring. We hope our future travels bring us back to Paris and we get to see you both again sometime! Congratulations!

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