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Janny + Steven – wine, dessert, and dinner in Napa!

Janny and Steven met over movies and fell in love having fun together. They met through mutual friends as they both worked for the State of California but didn’t know each other. Lucky for Steven they both loved food. They quickly took to enjoying dinners and going to coffee shops. They even ran into me one day after a wedding at a coffee shop! I love getting to see our clients out and about together. So here is where the true love stuff starts. Janny LOVES the Backstreet Boys. I am not saying this lightly at all. In fact Steven has supported Janny with her love of the Backstreet Boys and has gone to multiple concerts with her. Since these singers became such a big part of their lives it makes sense that after a recent concert it was time for Steven to ask Janny to marry him. After Janny came home from the concert Steven proposed in the house they had just bought together. Janny was smitten to say yes and excited to plan their wedding together. You now know these two love food and a bit of wine, so we started their engagement session just outside their favorite restaurant in Yountville. 

Napa Valley Engagement Session 003 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 001 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 002 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 004 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 007 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 009 Photo

This time of year is always so beautiful. The flowers are blooming all over and even these fragile icelandic poppies were just perfect. It is crazy how this small window of time if such a simple and beautiful time of year. We were so excited to be in Napa Valley sharing the afternoon with these two!Napa Valley Engagement Session 010 Photo

From poppies to gorgeous fields of yellow just down the street. How could one really not love the spring? It really does mean change is coming for the year and allows for a fresh clean start!

Napa Valley Engagement Session 012 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 011 Photo
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Thank you so much for showing us the little city that you two enjoy getting away from it all!