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Kelly and Brad – Sunset engagement session at Folsom Lake!


Kelly and Brad started their relationship being inseparable. It is not every day you meet someone who you want to talk to for hours endlessly sitting at a park. So often are we rushed in our lives  and something as simple as good conversation and laughter can kickstart an amazing relationship. These two started just that way. Adventures and conversation are two things they love. Kelly took Brad to Disneyland for his first time. Which is an adventure in so many different ways. But parks and walking and being together are probably the one thing these two love to do more than anything. We started their engagement session at a park these two love to frequent. It is a perfect place hidden from the road where you are surrounded by trees. You may run into a couple wild turkeys at most. Who would not want a special place like this to get away together. There was even an amazing nature trail just across the creek. We were going across small creeks and hiking around for their beautiful engagement session. I seriously wish Lisa and I had a secluded getaway that was down the street from our place!

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We then went to their other favorite place…Folsom Lake. They both have lived in the area for a while and liked nothing more than enjoying sunset on the lake. Lisa and I both figured that would be easy since it was just down the street from their favorite park. So as the sun was setting we headed over for one of the best sunsets we have seen at Folsom. I still can not believe all of the beautiful pinks and oranges in the sky!


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We could not have been happier being allowed to share in the places that Kelly and Brad love together. We can not wait to see you two again in the fall!

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Christina and Brent’s rainy-day dancefest wedding!

I’m so happy to finally post Brent and Christina’s wedding photos! As you may know Christina is my oldest sister and I am so thrilled that she married the charming, caring, and comic-loving Brent. Not only were Geoff and I bestowed with the honor of photographing the event, but I was also a member of the bridal party! (busy day!) Geoff did an AMAZING job leading the wedding photography. I sure love him lots.

Christina’s day began with all of us getting prettied at Austin B. Morgan Salon in Elk Grove.

Sophia Gersalia of Mary Kay beautified our faces with her awesome cosmetic skills.

Then it was off to the Sacramento LDS temple in Folsom. It was so great to capture the moment of the newlyweds coming out of the temple doors as husband and wife for the first time.

As luck may have it, Mother Nature decided to plop the last rainy weekend of the season right on their wedding day. Well, that just gave us an excuse to buy 9 funky umbrellas and have fun in the rain!

We stopped by Brent’s parent’s farm (the original location of the reception before bad weather news) and were able to capture some fabulous photos out in the field.

This crazy couple kicked off the reception with an impeccably choreographed first dance that had the crowd going wild!

Christina always said that the one thing she wanted people to do at her wedding was dance…and they DID! Matt Brys of Extreme Productions wasВ hilariouslyВ entertaining and knew how to keep the partying alive!

The couple ended the evening with a fantastic sparkling exit!

Congratulations again and welcome to our crazy family, Brent!

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