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Russell + Kelly : home, whiskey, Piper, and the Drive-Ins

This couple’s beginnings were many years before they actually started dating. They met at summer school, even though they did not go to the same school. Russell’s friend actually got them all to start hanging out together. They would hangout, go to the, pool, basketball games, and the drive-ins (more on that later) and had an amazing summer together. These two always stayed friends after this fun High School summer. Nine years later however is how this story really starts. Russell had gone off to Peace Corps after college in Africa. Kelly and a few of his friends were brave enough to go and visit and this is when Russell finally made his move. After Russell came back once from his two year trip these two knew they were starting something special. As Russell was leaving for another year away from Kelly, and having gotten to spend time in not only Africa but now a little bit of time in the US he knew she was the girl for him. Not too long after Russell left for another year away Kelly decided to go and visit again but this time for a month. I know having a long distance relationship is not easy, even though mine with Lisa was only 100 miles of distance I can only imagine how hard it was for these two being separated by two continents. Once Russell was back in the US you can probably guess that their relationship only continued to blossom. They have now bought their first house together (where Russell proposed their first night with keys in hand) That is why we started their engagement session in that very place. We also started it with one of their favorite things, a glass of whiskey! Russell has his Rye whiskey and Kelly has her Jameson. What a perfect pair!Drive in engagement session 009 photoaDrive in engagement session 003 photoDrive in engagement session 002 photoDrive in engagement session 004 photoDrive in engagement session 005 photo

This is Piper their beautiful dog! She is beyond friendly and never barked once. She did however provide kisses! One can not complain about a loving dog!

Drive in engagement session jpg 001Drive in engagement session 012 photoDrive in engagement session 007 photoDrive in engagement session 006 photoDrive in engagement session 010 photoDrive in engagement session 011 photo

After a few photos at the house it was time to head to the Drive-in. This is where these two spent a few summer night back when they were 16 together. It was fun to see how happy they both were talking about hanging out with each other all those years ago!

Drive in engagement session 013 photoDrive in engagement session 014 photoDrive in engagement session 015 photoDrive in engagement session 016 photoDrive in engagement session 017 photo

Who would have known there was a gorgeous field of flowers under the movie screen. Once Lisa found it we headed over. These two were full of laughs as Kelly would hop on Russell’s back and lead each other around. It is always so fun to see who our couples really are. It was beyond fun as we were allowed a real glimpse into all the love that these two have for each other.

Drive in engagement session 018 photoDrive in engagement session 019 photoDrive in engagement session 020 photoDrive in engagement session 021 photoDrive in engagement session jpg 001 2

Thank you so much for sharing your home and your love with us. We can not wait to see you two this August!

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