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Our Wedding: How to make a mustache-on-a-stick!

Mustachio! I’ve seen the mustache craze circling the wedding blogsphere and I just think they are adorable. So Geoff and I both enthusiastically gave project mustache-on-a-stick the thumbs up. We got together with our very helpful friends to make about 80 of them. I’m happy to share a how-to on how we made our mustachios. (with templates!) Oh, and did I mention very how very inexpensive they are to make?!

Craft felt (two sheets make about 3-5 ‘staches)
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Craft dowels (we used the 1/4″ size)
Mustachio Template (Click here to download)

1. Cut your ‘stache
You need two layers of each mustache for each stick. You can use the templates I created (can you spot the Mario ‘stache?) or just freehand it.

2. Get gluing
Line up your layers and start gluing with hot glue between the two layers about halfway through the mustache. In order to get the felt really stiff, I made sure to use a lot of glue so that it covered the entire shape, not just the edges.

3. Stick it
Insert the stick on the side of the mustache, making sure to glue both sides of the stick to the felt. Finish up applying glue to the rest of the mustache and you are good to go! You can even tie on a ribbon to coordinate with your wedding colors.

4. Take funny photos!
The mustache-on-a-stick makes for hilariously dignified photographs. The shots below are from the test run of the Photobooth we are putting together for the wedding. (Sorry they are slightly indecent). Have fun!

Geoff and Lisa wedding countdown: 5 DAYS! Can you tell I’m a WEEE bit excited?

12 replies on “Our Wedding: How to make a mustache-on-a-stick!”

I’m amazed at your skills and all the details you took care of. I’m just a bridesmaid looking for decoration ideas for my friends wedding. And I came across your wedding and I just had to give you kudos. Great job and looks like it was a FUN wedding. And I’ve been to lots.

I tried Martha Stewart’s way and it was terribly difficult and time consuming. I am making these for all my guests, and I just started this afternoon and made over a dozen in just two hours! I made my own templates (I wanted a Salvador Dali ‘tache) and they look amazing.

Love your mustaches!! Very cool and funny!! I am going to use your idea for an upcoming Etsy Craft Party on June 18th!! So excited. Now I have to figure out the best way to do up a photo booth. Any ideas???

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