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Our little family is getting bigger!

Life is always an adventure in our household. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work really hard for our clients. They believe in us so much that they allow us into their lives to tell their story. We have been able to travel far and wide capturing the world through our client’s eyes as they come together creating their families. A wedding really is the start of one of the most special things we have in our society. Family is who we gather to celebrate our unions in marriage. We gather them for so many events that are special in our lives, birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries and more. We are related to those we call family and sometimes our closest friends become our family. Family is where adventure begins for us. It is where our childhoods flourished and our lives started. It only takes two people in love to want to start this crazy thing called a family. The next step of creating a family together has Lisa and I beyond excited to say the least. It is a step that has sleepless nights, runny noses, dirty butts and smiles from wide eyes wanting nothing more but you to comfort them. It’s a step we have both dreamed of together and dreamed of before we found each other. We have spent countless hours talking about the family we could not wait to create together. That being said, we could not be more excited to announce that our next big adventure is coming January, 2014! Baby Bardot is on the way!!!

Up house 0211

As we take on every new adventure capturing our clients creating their families through marriage we had the idea to capture a single image of Lisa almost every week as our baby is growing. Below are a few of our favorites!

BabyBardot1BabyBardot2BabyBardot3The next two are from our 4th wedding anniversary this year!!


BabyBardot5BabyBardot6BabyBardot7BabyBardot8BabyBardot9BabyBardot10If you want to read more about our personal adventures start following our family blog…Hello Bardot!


10 replies on “Our little family is getting bigger!”

So Excited for you, Geoff and Lisa! You deserve so much happiness and I am glad you have had a healthy pregnancy and been able to keep working as hard as you do! Congrats!

Cody and I are so excited for you!! Beautiful blog, so well written, and of course amazing photos. Congratulations!!!

SO happy for the three of you! What a lucky baby, to have such amazingly loving and gifted parents!

(PS: When I saw the pic of Lisa standing in the road – with Big Sur in the background? – I thought, “She would scold her child for being in the road. Ha ha!”)

OMGoodness I can’t tell you how excited I am for you two. I have learned today that I’ve got to visit your blog more because I am just now finding this out! What wonderful news. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Hello Bardot blog too! It looks like such a wonderful process, and Lisa is just a glowing, beautiful mom!

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