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Mike and Rebecca’s Auburn engagement session

There are so many things to love about this job. One of my favorite is going to little nooks and crannies of the surrounding area that I might not have ever seen. Like Auburn, which happens to be Rebecca’s home town. Such a cute place! For Mike and Rebecca’s engagement session, we photographed them in adorable Old Town and finished up along the GORGEOUS American river. Mike and Rebecca are so playful and fun, we had a blast photographing them in all their love and silliness. 🙂

One of the places we stopped at in Old Auburn was the cute wine bar where they enjoyed spending time. Love these photos!

We walked all over town while Mike and Rebecca showed us some of their favorite spots, like this park.

Auburn’s City Hall is so beautiful!

Then it was time for some nature shots! We got so show Mike and Rebecca this amazing horseshoe tree we spotted earlier. Love it!

Then we traveled down the road to the American River where the light was so pretty!

I like these next two photos because you get to see my shot vs. Geoff’s shot. I love how we complement each other when we are shooting. 🙂

Playing in the water!

It was SO PRETTY at the river! I think we could have photographed Mike and Rebecca there all day!

Congratulations on your engagement Mike and Rebecca! We had a ton of fun with you two and we know the wedding will be no different!

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