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Mike and Rachel’s Mt. Tam hiking engagement session

If you were not out here in Northern California you may have missed out on a stormy several days about a week ago. However, the weekend ended with one of the most beautiful days in a while. We headed to Stinson beach to meet Mike and Rachel for their engagement session. They had the idea to take some of the photos at the very spot where Mike proposed, at the end of a hike up Mt. Tam.

“We love to hold hands,” Mike and Rachel told us.

Coupla goofballs! But that’s why we like them. 🙂

Mike and Rachel did forewarn us there would be a bit of a hike…

Luckily they took it easy on us. They made sure we stuck to the trail. We saw many beautiful things and a 20 min hike to the top to get some photos became a few hours of exploring, laughing and capturing these two re-live the hike they took on the day Mike asked Rachel that very important question.

When we did finally get to the top, well, it was breathtaking…

Goofballs I tell ya!!

Fun fact: We ran into this turkey on the hike back who was showing off for the ladies….ooooo yeahh…

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