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Mike and Melissa’s engagement session

Mike and Melissa are one downright amazing couple of people. I cannot even begin to say how happy we are that they chose us to be their wedding photographers. They are completely adorable together and so much fun to hang out with. We’ve bonded over the love of LOST, becoming homeowners together, and a passion for frozen yogurt. Mmmmmm…yog… What is even more awesome is the fact that Mike is a member of The Hits, aka the coolest 80’s-and-more cover band you’ll ever hear! I just wish I’d known about them for our wedding. Yes, I think Geoff and I have definitely fallen for Mike and Melissa. Needless to say, we were suuuuuper excited about their engagement session. We kicked things off at their fantastic new home they purchased last year.

Isn’t thier house adorable? They are pretty cute too, hehe.

After hanging out at the Casa, we headed over to Fremont Park in downtown Sacramento for some awesome swing set action.

Yay for props! Mike and Melissa brought along some colorful lollipops. SO cute you guys!

The infamous cantaloupe.

Our next stop was Rick’s Dessert Diner, one of Mike and Melissa’s favorite sweet spots. Yeeeeeah, if you’ve never been there, go NOW and try one of everything ’cause it’s all amazing. Then when you’re done bring me some too.

To top off the evening, Mike and Melissa thought it would be fun to go bowling. They were absolutely right!

And when the bright lights went down and the blacklights came on, things got really interesting!

We had SO MUCH fun making these photos! Even the people bowling next to us were getting into it! By the way these photos are the real deal — no photoshop, people!

Mike and Melissa, we are so grateful to have gotten to know you two and we are so ecstatic that we get to be a part of your wedding day! Thank you both for an amazing time! We had a blast!

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I am just so blown away with how awesome you are at these. The multiple exposure shots were awesome!

P.S. Loved the random cantaloupe on the bench lol

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