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Kris and Jessica: a Mendocino wedding getaway!

Last Saturday one of my best friends married his. Kris and Jessica chose to take the closest people to them, 50 family and friends to Mendocino, not for a day but three days of amazingness. Being a part of the festivities was such a heart warming experience for us. It is rare we ever get to put our cameras down at a wedding. Kris and Jessica wanted us to enjoy as much as we could. There will not be any pictures from their delicious welcome party on Friday night or from their wedding day after party. That is right folks after party, I think that is the greatest invention for a wedding that ends at 4pm on a Saturday to keep going into the wee hours. Now I did take many of these photos but will be very honest here, Lisa worked her butt off on Saturday. She was with the girls at just after 8am while us guys were slacking on getting ready. She captured their ceremony as I was one of the groomsmen. It is very very rare I see this side of a wedding. I feel honored to have been able to be on “the other side” for this wedding. I was with close friends seeing their most beautiful day from a perspective I am rarely allowed. Thank you again you two for having us be there in so many ways for you. We hope you are having an amazing time in Hawaii right now.

Waking up to this ocean view was the perfect start to this day. Lisa quickly headed over to see the girls and Kris had left a little something special for Jessica. She and I laughed pretty hard because she was there enjoying shopping for apps and getting her hair done. She was pretty excited about getting married(the iPad).

There is so much color here at The Little River Inn. I loved how the purple and green of the wedding was in full bloom at the Inn.

The view Jessica had was amazing. She was able to wake up and be in very special place to her and Kris. The Little River Inn is special to them as Mendocino and this cozy Inn are their special getaway from everyday life in Sacramento.

Kris, Matt, Waldo and I all got ready in my room. It was great to be with close friends.

It did take Kris though a very, very, very long time to iron his shirt.

This moment right here is why a first look is one of the most beautiful things that you can chose to do on your wedding day. These two pictures were taken at the same moment by Lisa and I. How each one of them are feeling different emotions, and the same emotions at the same time, can only be felt during a first look. There is no better way to enjoy being with each other on your wedding day then having a little bit of quiet time.. Jessica almost made me cry when I saw her tearing up and needing just a moment before Kris saw her.

Thank you again Kris and Jessica. Seeing you two grow so much together has been amazing. We wish you the best in your journey together and know we are here to support you in all the ups and downs of life and marriage.

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Beautiful pictures. Mendacino is such a great place to get married. I loved how they put the cactus with the floral arrangments, very unique. 🙂

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