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Luis and Lizeth’s Cinco de Mayo Wedding

I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this wedding was. I may be a little biased, I do have a some of Mexican blood in me, and the culture, the art, the color, the music, all of it, holds a special place in my heart. 🙂 We just shared all of the fun and colorful wedding design we helped Luis and Lizeth create and we are so excited about the wedding being featured on Ruffled Blog! Be sure to check them out!

Upon walking into Luis and Lizeth’s home on the morning of the wedding, it was immediately apparent how very “them” this celebration would be. Sure, there were piles of colorful tissue paper scattered about the living room, and tin cans in Spanish leftover from the centerpieces on the table and in the kitchen. It was easy to guess how much effort – and time – was put into crafting decor at their home. But this wasn’t just a wedding on Cinco de Mayo and so they had decided to have a Mexican theme. Not at all. This was a true reflection of Luis and Lizeth and what they really love. Who they really are. Their everyday shelves were decorated in ceramics and trinkets in vivid hues.

Their walls were adorned with pictures of Frida Kahlo along side family photos.

Getting to photograph in a client’s home is always a treat. It’s so wonderful how much you can learn about who a couple really is. It got me even more excited about the wedding! Everything was simply perfect. I had so much fun going exploring the house to photograph the details.

An intricately painted wooden box filled with little pieces of tissue paper was home to the wedding rings and ceremony coins.

In true DIY form, Lizeth did her own hair and makeup — and looked amazing.

I dont think I could BE any more in love with Lizeth’s bouquet. The colors! The succulents! The stems wrapped in embroidered fabric! Yes please!

That is, until you see the bridesmaid’s bouquets, each completely unique and in it’s own rainbow hue.

The bridesmaids all wore dresses purchased and brought home from Mexico.

While I was having the time of my life with the ladies, Geoff was at a nearby hotel with Luis and his groomsmen. He’d just returned from setting up lots of decor at the reception. He was excited to get dressed and could not wait to see Lizeth.

Each guy had a boutonniere to coordinate with their partner’s bridesmaid bouquet.

As groomsmen gifts, Luis handed special flasks that not only went with the theme of the day but each one was a symbol of each groomsman.

He was one guapo looking guy!

Luis and Lizeth decided to see each other just before the ceremony. It was definitely one of the most adorable first looks!

The looks on their faces were priceless.

Into the church we all went for the main event. I know they couldn’t have planned this, but even the church was colorful!

A family member was handing out the multicolored papel picado inspired program fans we designed for Luis and Lizeth.

A Mariachi band serenaded the congregation. So amazing!

Three little flower girls dressed in traditional Mexican dresses handed out paper flowers to the guests along the aisle.

Luis you are so full of win.

After these two were hitched we headed to the reception to get a few more portraits. The afternoon light was lovely!

This giant Aloe plant made my day.

Dear readers, I’m not kidding, my jaw literally dropped when I walked in the room. Luis and Lizeth transformed a modest community center into a gorgeous, vibrant, and fun space that you can’t help but smile when you enter. There was no mistake that loads of fun would be happening there.

Pretty much everything was DIY’ed by Luis and Lizeth, or helpful loved ones.

Papel Picado everywhere!

Of course they had one of the most bright and striking candy and desert bars ever.

Can you believe this cake?

Lots of yummy Mexican pan dulce or sweet bread.

The Mariachi band joined the reception outside….

…while a live band was playing inside!

And OMG you guys, the FOOD! ::drools a little thinking about it::

After their adorable first dance it was time for Luis to change into some traditional clothing…

…as it was time to start the snake dance…

…which continued as Luis drank tequila from his boot as everyone tried to remove his shirt and throw him in the air.

The day these two walked into our lives was amazing. From the first moment that Luis and Lizeth were telling us how their heritage is not just an important part of their lives, but how it WAS their life, (and wanted help showing this to their friends and family), to the big day and seeing how all their hard work payed off, we were excited to help capture who they were. It still makes me giddy thinking how many of their guests thought their Save the Date was their wedding invitation because it was so unique and so Luis and Lizeth. Luis then told us how excited they were to share their real invites with all their guests (Lisa and I had literally just put them in the mail an hour before this conversation), I just remember being elated at hearing this at their engagement session. Guests were already excited and they had no idea it would be as amazing as you just saw. Thank you Luis and Lizeth for being who you are and trusting us to help you share a small piece of you with your friends and family.

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