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Kris and Jessica’s San Francisco love story

It became very real the day they decided to start dating. These two had known each other for many years, they had been roommates, they had been friends, but this day was different. It was their first date, a trip to San Francisco. They drove around the city together, finding new places and seeing things Jessica loved about San Francisco from her college days. Knowing that SF was not just special, but where their love started, we knew we had to see what they loved so much about this beautiful city.

We started in famous Clarion Alley. They both enjoy art so much. It was a lot of fun seeing what they both liked and loved in the alley. There were even a few artists out and about creating that Sunday. I just love this shot of the two of them enjoying what they like to do together.

From there we headed to a favorite stop of theirs, Golden Gate park. Kris is still a bit sad he did not get to see the famous buffalo, but this was a trip about making memories by reliving their first date. Kris I promise next time we will get to see the buffalo!

Seeing these two so happy really made my day. You may not remember but Kris was the best man in our wedding. I have known him now for almost 8 years and have been a big part of each others lives. We have helped each other make it through plenty of ups and downs. These next few pictures helped define for me why these two really are meant for each other.

Just one word…sweet!

This one is Lisa’s favorite by the way. the light was gorgeous that day.

The last stop of this day was the most important. We were going out to the Marin Headlands to watch the sunset. This was the very same end to their first date three years before. They enjoyed hanging out taking pictures of each other in the old abandoned military posts and soaked in the views. All of us were excited to go back there together.

Kris and Jessica you two really mean a lot to us. You are so much more than friends. You challenge us to be better people, you inspire us to work harder, and show us how to let go and have fun. Thank you for being there for us and believing in us for so long. Can not wait for your wedding at the end of the month!


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