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Josh and Nichole’s High Hand Nursery engagement session

As far as engagement session’s go, this definitely has to be one of my fav’s. I’m so thrilled to finally share it with the blog world. 🙂 I asked Josh and Nichole if they had an idea of where they’d like to take photos and Nichole mentioned High Hand in Loomis. We’d never been there before but WOW what a place! From the gorgeous nursery with plants and colors galore to rug shop to the awesome art gallery, it was a photographer’s paradise. Combine that with the adorable Josh and Nichole who are so happy and excited and cute (I could go on!) and you get one amazing afternoon.

The light was SO AMAZING that day. Josh and Nichole soaked it up perfectly.

Doesn’t Josh have the friendliest face?

Could this photo be any more perfect? I think not.

I love this photo! I remember taking it and and just being in awe. Josh and Nichole are so awesome. We cannot wait for their wedding coming up in just a few short weeks! Its going to be a blast!

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