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Jeff and Marie’s delta town engagement session

We photographed Jeff and Marie’s engagement session in the sleepy old delta town of Locke, CA. First of all, how super adorable are Jeff and Marie? We absolutely love them to death and had such a fun time taking their photos last week. We started off along a beautiful trail near the river but were (VERY) quickly driven away by swarms of blood-sucking mosquitos! It was crazy-near-Everglades-status, people! A trip to the quickie-mart and two cans of bug spray later, we were back in action and able to capture some lovely sun-shiney goodness. 🙂

After that, we headed into town…

…and discovered that Locke is a pretty darn adorable place! The town looks like it has not been touched in, oh 100 years or so, and it was just lovely. Very historic!

Aren’t these two so fierce?! Lovin’ it.

Contrary to what you may have heard, I did NOT go dumpster diving for these arrow-sign-things. 🙂

One of Jeff and Marie’s special requests for their session was to include a field and boy did we ever find the most gorgeous wheat field!

And seriously, how adorable are their outfits? Perfect for the wheat field.

Geoff even snapped off a couple Polaroids, including this cutie here.

This has gotta be one of my favorite photos. I believe Jeff and Marie called it the “rollin’ in the hay” shot:

Jeff and Marie, you two are the best, and so super sweet and nice. Thanks for rockin’ it! We can’t wait for your wedding in October!

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