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How To: Easy Bunting Tutorial

How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 002aFirst of all, I’d like to introduce you to my BFF Brit and her charming fiancé, Tim. These two are some of my favorite people in the works and I am SO super excited to be a part of their upcoming destination wedding in HAWAII this June! I’ve been assisting in the wedding planning and we are even more excited to be sharing the last few moths of planning and craftiness on the blog! Be sure to visit often as we keep you updated through our How-To section with lots of fun projects and adventures leading up to the big day. We’ve also designed their Save the Dates and Invitations which we cannot wait to share here as well. We will be designing escort cards, menus, table signs, other signage and more, so it will be fun for you to see a little more into the process of how we create design for weddings. Geoff and I are (of course) photographing the wedding and we could not be more excited! Here is a photo from their super-cute beach engagement session which we will share soon!


Brit and Tim’s wedding is going to be an intimate affair of around 50 loved ones on Oahu at Kualoa Ranch (where LOST, Jurassic Park and more were filmed — I will definitely be geeking out over that!) The decor style of the wedding is “Vintage Hawaii Kitsch”, meaning lots of hula girls and surfer boys, tiki gods, pineapples, bright colors, and fun. It has been so much fun to design for. Our first wedding project was a LOT of bunting. 175 feet to be exact! The bunting will line the aisle at the ceremony and will hang from the edges of the pavilion where the reception will be held. Luckily we know of an easy way to make bunting and are excited to share it with you today! Bunting is a great wedding project because you can re-use it for parties and decor later in your life. Geoff and I made some for our wedding 4 years ago and I have used ours lots of times!ToolsHow to Easy Bunting The Goodness 005aGather 8-12 coordinating fabrics. One yard of fabric will make about  30 feet of double sided bunting. Be sure to get Extra Wide Double Fold bias tape. There are lots of colors out there too! Get some thread to match your bias tape and you’ll need a sewing machine.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006aThe key to quick bunting is using a rotary cutter with a pinking blade. This makes cutting a breeze. And because the edges are pinked you can leave them raw. You will need a cutting mat and also have some scissors handy. A metal ruler will help guide you as you cut the triangles, or you can cut a triangle temple from thick mat board. You can download our triangle template here.

Let’s get started! Begin by cutting your fabric into 6″ strips. Fold the fabric in half with selvage edges together, and fold in half again. Cut the folded fabric into 6″ sections using you cutting mat as a guide to make sure your lines are straight.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness cuttingHow to Easy Bunting The Goodness 009Now all your fabric is in strips!How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 011Use our triangle template (you can download it here) to guide your triangle cutting. Lay the top edge of the triangle along the long edge of your strip and the use the rotary cutter to cut along side the template. I cut through about 4 layers of fabric at a time by cutting with a good amount of pressure and a back-and-forth sawing motion. The pinking does not have to be 100% perfect. After you cut one triangle, flip the template upside-down and cut your next triangle. Cut up the whole strip into triangles. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 015If you are better with measurements, you can also use a straight edge to guide your triangle cutting. The tops of the triangles are about 4.5 inches across.  Feel free to make them any size you’d like though!
How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 013How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 012After all of your triangles are cut, lay them out in the order you’d like them to be in your bunting.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 016We put ours in a circle to make them easier to grab as we were pinning them to the bias tape. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 018Time to start pinning! Grab your bias tape and unfold it a little to put your triangle between the layers. If you are using patterned fabric and you want your bunting to be double sided, just put two triangles wrong sides together in the bias tape. Use a pin to keep it in place. We spaced ours about 1.5 inches apart. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 022aWhen you run out of bias tape, simply overlap the next length of tape over the end of the first and pin down. Then keep going until you use up your bias tape or you bunting is the length you desire.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 026Using the longest (normal width zig zag stick on your sewing machine, begin to sew in the middle of the bunting. If you sew with your pins pointing toward the needle they are easy to pull out as you sew along.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 024Here you can see the sewn bias tape. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 025Keep sewing until you get to the end. That’s it!
How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006 2How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 030How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006 3How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 032

I can’t wait to see this bunting in action in Hawaii! Stay tuned for more fun projects from Brit and me as we finish planning her wedding!

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WOW! First off, how awesome is your blog design?! Next, This bunting project is way ahead of my skills, but you should totally make some and sell it to me! Not kidding! I would love to use it on our photobooth backdrop!

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