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How To: DIY Bow tie on-a-stick (and more!)

We are SUPER excited to announce a special section on The Goodness blog: Wedding How-To’s! Every month we’ll have a project, DIY, or download to inspire some creativity and give you some fun wedding ideas. Our first How-To is the bow-tie on-a-stick! These make super fun photo booth props, (in fact, we’ll be adding these to our set of props for The Shot Spot!) but there are so many crafty things you can do with the basic bow as well. Let’s get started!

Cut out a piece of fabric roughly twice as tall and twice as wide as your desired bow size. Ours is about 12″w by 6″h.

Fold in and iron a little bit on one end. This will make sure no raw edges of the fabric are showing on the final bow.

Fold down and iron the top and bottom.

Fold in the side with the raw edge and then the other. Iron down the sides, if needed.

They should overlap a bit and this part should be in the center of the bow.

Now, cut another little piece of fabric a couple inches wide. This will be the center of the bow.

Fold and iron in the raw edges to make it look nice.

Scrunch up the middle of the bow in a nice even zig-zag formation. Add good sized a glob of hot glue into the folds on the BACK of the bow

Take your small strip of fabric and place one end into the glue you just put down. Proceed to wrap the strip fairly tightly around the bow.

Glue down the end of the center strip to the back of the bow and trim the ends.

If the ends stick out at all, use a little hot glue to seal them down.

Put a big dab of glue in the middle and press the dowel into it.

Cut a small piece of fabric (felt works the best).

Put glue over the stick and sides of the bow. Attach the felt and press down.

Voila! You are done!

But wait! There are so many ways you can use these cute little bows! How about an adorable hair bow? You can get these little alligator clips on Etsy or at most craft stores. Simply slip one side into the center loop and clip into your hair.

Wouldn’t these be wonderful bridesmaid’s gifts?

Just as easily you can make a bow headband. Just slip the headband through the center loop and wear.

One last cute idea for you…DIY shoe clips!

These are made using clip-on earring pieces, which I picked up at my local craft store. You’ll also need a little piece of felt.

Attach the earring clip to the bow like so. then glue some felt over the top to keep in place. The flattest part of the earring clip should be on the outside.

Now go glam up a boring pair of pumps!

I’m sure you could think of so many ways to use this easy DIY bows. Add it to a belt for a chic fashion accessory, use as a gift-wrap decoration, stitch one on to a tote bag, and so much more. Please leave a comment if you think of any more fun ideas. Have fun with your bows!


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