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Happy Halloween from The Goodness!

Last night was so amazingly fun and awesome! My birthday is in a couple days and in all the years I’ve had a birthday near Halloween I have never had a Halloween birthday party. Well, we put an end to that this year! We are suuuuuuuper busy all the time and we don’t get to entertain often, so when we do, we go all out! I has so much fun planning the party, decorating and making treats. We had lots of friends, yummy food, made by Geoff (my personal culinary genius), a costume contest, played games, and we set up our photo booth The Shot Spot! and Here are some photos of the decorations and pics from the party!

Creating this dessert table was one of my favorite parts! I made the cupcakes, but the cake is from Freeport Bakery (THE BEST).

In the pumpkin is Pumkin Pie Dip. Such a hit, sssssooooo yummy. I will be making this for Thanksgiving.

BRAAAAIIIINSSSS! They were really tasty.

In the living room I was going for a haunted house look.

My sister drew me the skeletons in the frame and the “moon” is a lantern from Ikea!

Evil photo.

Covering everything in spiderwebs was a must.

Our mantle, done up Halloween style! The creepy dolls were a Goodwill find.

Our old camera collection fit right in with the decor.

Love these!

One of the best parts of the party was having the Shot Spot set up! We all had way too much fun taking photos. Check out all the costumes—our guests BROUGHT IT! The first one is us, based on one of my favorite childhood movies, Pippi Longstocking! I was Pippi, Geoff was her horse, Alfonzo, Charlie was her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and Little Dog was a banana.

Star Wars family, the Joker and Harley Quinn, double rainbow with unicorns, and Flint Lockwood (LOVE that movie!) with the Queen of Hearts.

Ryan (sad with no costume), Saints player with Ellie from Up, Barmaid with an A’s player, and a Kinko’s employee with a gypsy and a baby pirate.

Dorothy and the Tinman (and their baby was a scarecrow, so cute!), Holy Crap, a sheriff, and a convict with a doctor.

Barmaids, Belle with Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Superman with a mermaid, and a zombie bride and groom.

Me and my three sisters!

My friends Brit and Tim, who recently got engaged in Disneyland. Adorable.

Here are some more pics from the party!

We we had a costume contest and finished things up with my FAVORITE party game, “Names in a Hat”. Seriously, if you have never played this before it is the BEST! So much fun!

This is me trying to get my team to guess Jim Carrey…

Thank you everyone who made the party SO FUN! Thanks to my sisters for helping put up all the decorations and thanks to Geoff for making the food! Oh and I owe it to Pinterest for helping me find so many great ideas! My actual birthday is on Wednesday and I plan on having a Pixar movie marathon and scrapbooking. yay! Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe out there!

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