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Mike + Angie – Storm Chasing!

What happens when you are enjoying a fun picnic with the love of your life and the perfect sunset ends up turning into an intense storm? We were having fun with Mike and Angie at Gibson Ranch the night of this crazy storm at the beginning of June. We were enjoying some nice Rosé in the warm evening weather. We walked down near the creek before the sun was setting and then we noticed the sky getting a little crazy. We were walking out in a field enjoying the sunset and this storm starting pushing in out of nowhere. We were starting to take our last photo and I could not believe we were seeing lightning flash across the sky. We’d set up a flash and just as we were taking the very last shot I looked down at the camera and noticed a gorgeous lightning bolt flashing across the frame I’d just captured. We were just trying to get the beautiful sky and in turn were rewarded with an unforgettable (and very lucky) photo for Mike and Angie’s engagement session. Lisa and I were giddy with joy to share that photo with Mike and Angie and show them the back of the camera. It is funny because we normally never share of the back of the camera but being this excited we had to share. Can you believe it? Mike and Angie we had an amazing time sharing your picnic, plus I will never forget laying on the ground, when it suddenly starts pouring rain, we take one last picture and were able to capture so much love and energy in one photo! We can not wait to see you again in September!

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