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Fabian and Celine – Snow, sun, and South Lake Tahoe!

There are so many ways that Fabian and Celine love each other. They met one fun night out in San Francisco. After exchanging numbers and finding out they were from the same city, they both knew they were in for real trouble. A good kind of trouble! Fast forward to today and these two are head over heels for each other and their respective families. That is right, most weekends these two travel from Sacramento to Vallejo to be with their families together. It is such an important part of both of theirs lives. They have been there for each other through so many ups and downs. Fabian even helped his nieces and nephews create a fun sled run behind the house the rented for the weekend. Not only were these two in Tahoe for their engagement session but they were hanging out with the people that mean more them then anyone else their family! I do want to mention that Celine loves Fabian an extremely large amount. Fabian does not just love the 49rs, he eats, sleeps, and breaths them. So much so that one thing on  his bucket list is to see them at the SuperBowl. Well Celine made sure that they saved the funds to send Fabian on his dream trip to see them! Kinda jealous!

South Lake Tahoe Engagement 002South Lake Tahoe Engagement 001
South Lake Tahoe Engagement 003South Lake Tahoe Engagement 005South Lake Tahoe Engagement 006South Lake Tahoe Engagement 007South Lake Tahoe Engagement 001 2

We then headed over to a gorgeous meadow. I actually used to live down the street from here and had taken Lisa out to see the amazing views you see below. It was a lot of fun taking Fabian and Celine there as well to see this spot that was hidden in South Lake Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe Engagement 008South Lake Tahoe Engagement 010South Lake Tahoe Engagement 011

We are both excited to see you two at the end of April for your beautiful downtown wedding!

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