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Evan and Lynn’s St. Helena garden engagement session

Down-to-earth has more than one meaning for describing Lynn and Evan. Not only are they sweet, kind, and modest, but they also have a passion for things that grow from the ground. In college, Evan studied environmental science and Biology and they now grow a lot of their own fruits and vegetable themselves in a community farm in Davis, CA where they currently live. They are even getting married at a culinary school in Sonoma! They chose the beautiful town of St. Helena for their engagement session and the first place we went was, quite fittingly, the Culinary Institute of America.

Right outside the building is a beautiful garden where we’d watch the culinary students pop out, snip a few herbs, then head back into class. We knew it would be a perfect spot for some photos of Lynn and Evan.

The next place we went was Duckhorn Vineyards, just a little bit up the road. This was one of Lynn and Evan’s favorite wineries to visit, where they like to spend time with friends that work there.

Everywhere we walked Evan would point out the names of the different plants. Eventually we started quizzing him for fun. “What’s this one, Evan?” 🙂

Thanks for showing us an awesome time in St. Helena, Evan and Lynn! We can’t wait for your foodie wedding later this year!


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