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Elliot + Jen’s snowy Tahoe engagement session.

There was one day that the clouds parted in Tahoe during the holiday week. We were very lucky that we were meeting Jen and Elliot at one of their favorite places to be in the winter, Squaw Valley. The live just a few miles down the road in Truckee. These two are very used to being in the cold and snow, thank goodness! That was exactly what they had in mind, in fact. Elliot was lucky to have skied that morning, I was a little jealous as I knew Lisa would not want to get up early enough for me to snowboard before the engagement session that morning. Being two days after Christmas I think we were all still happy and tired from all the friends and family. These two had just flown back from the east coast to get  ready for the New Year, school and work. The one thing that sets these two apart is their love of the world. Jen has followed Elliot to a few corners of the world and they have loved every step of their journey together. They have lived in Africa together, Australia, Idaho and may even go to Indonesia together. This may all seem luxurious but they are traveling and staying in mining camps. Elliot, a mining consultant, described the camps as not the best place for a girl. That never stopped Jen from wanting to be with Elliot as much as she could.

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This one just makes me smile so much. We could not be happier about going to places that are truly special to our couples. Since Squaw is a place they both go to to get away from everyday life together, how could we not go there? It was beautiful as the Sun had not been out in a few days and over 6 feet of snow had fallen the week before. It did mean though there was a LOT of snow. 


After our visit to Squaw, we headed to Tahoe City. We went for a walk along the beach where Elliot took Jen on a very infamous kayaking trip. They pulled their kayaks over near the shore for a little break and a surprise happened. Elliot had…a ring! How could we not stop by that beach line where these two became engaged? In fact, the pier is a place they love to go to just get away together and relax on the lake. 

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Thank you again Jen and Elliot for sharing two places that mean so much to you in your lives. We could not have been more excited to hike through snow covered beaches and see some of the most beautiful snow covered mountain tops with you. Congratulations on your happy lives together and we can not wait for your wedding in August!

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