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Dane and Erin’s engagement session at home

One of the best things about doing an engagement session is choosing a location that has special meaning to you. For Dane and Erin, who just bought their first home in East Sacramento, what could be more perfect of a location? What is even cuter, is we finished the photo shoot at each of their homes growing up, which just so happen so be on the same street! We love shooting couple’s homes. It’s such a personal place where so much of their lives together are spent.

Dane and Erin’s house is so adorable! It was built in the 50’s so they made sure to include a lot of retro and kitsch in their decor.

I love the pink flamingos in their front yard!

After we took photos at Dane and Erin’s home together, we headed up to El Dorado Hills to take photos at the home that each of them grew up in! How awesome is it that they grew up on the same street less than a mile away from each other? First stop was Dane’s house. A swing, a hammock, and a tree house — could we ask for anything more!?

How amazing is this tree house that Dane’s dad built!?

Then we headed over to Erin’s parent’s house. This view was so beautiful!

Erin’s dad has this incredible ’56 Chevy that we were lucky enough to take a few photos with.

Maybe one day I’ll have a backyard that looks like this. So pretty.

Love this one!

Dane and Erin, thanks for taking us in to your homes (literally). We had so much fun getting to know you! The wedding is going to be so much fun, we can’t wait!

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I adore pictures that are taken at home!!! I imagine that looking back on them will bring back so many amazing memories, especially when a family no longer lives in that house. 🙂

Lisa & Geoff… you two are amazing! We absolutely love every picture & especially appreciate that you got to capture us in the three most important places to us. Can’t wait for our next adventure together… the big day!

What a beautiful couple! The pictures are amazing and I can’t wait for their wedding! So happy for Dane and Erin, a perfect match 🙂

I’m so happy for my brother and Erin. They are so perfect for each other and so meant to be! Love the pictures and love you two!

I have to admit…I was really impressed with the pictures. I knew they would be good but I had no idea they would be as good as they are. They really brought a smile to my face and yes…I loved them at the three homes. Home is where the heart is.

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