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Clint and Kayla’s almond orchard engagement session

One of the first things Clint ant Kayla asked us before we had even met them was if we could schedule their engagement session to coincide with the blooming almond orchards. What we learned when we met them was that Clint’s family has owned these almond orchards for 5 or 6 (but who’s counting!) generations. Almonds are pretty much in his blood. When we asked them what kind of things they like to do together, it was pretty clear that they spend a good amount of their lives on that farm, and hanging out with family. I absolutely love that we were able to photograph their engagement photos there. First of all, it is gorgeous, but secondly, there is SO much meaning there. Clint gave us the grand tour and told us lots of stories about all the locations and the equipment and his experiences being an almond farmer. It was incredible. We are so happy to share a little bit of their story here.

Clint’s truck is also very important to them! I love this shot, and how the truck looks ridiculously oversized. Trust us, it was huge!

We finished up in the part of the property that Clint called “the graveyard”. It was filled with old tractors, equipment, random parts, gigantic tires, chopped almond wood and more. Clint and Kayla told us that fixing up this mini John Deere was a top priority once they have a little one on the way. 🙂


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