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LOST Finale Party

Ahhhhh…LOST. Six years of addiction/dedication/infatuation with this amazing show came to an end last night. I thought the ending could not have been more perfect. It was on my mind all morning and lingers with me today. Purposefully ambiguous and open for interpretation, the LOST finale was like reading the last page of a great (wonderful, unforgettable, fantastic, riveting, thought-provoking…) book. Watching LOST together has been something Geoff have done together since we started our relationship together and we are HUGE LOST fans, so for the final episode, we decided to throw big viewing party for our friends.

I decorated the place a bit with some luggage from the plane crash and some jungle foliage.

Here is Charlie’s Virgin Mary statue and a lil’ polar bear.

The Dharma shark!

And a few Dharma staples.

Pierre Chang’s time traveling bunny rabbit was even there.

This next photo of a bucket of Mr. Clucks chicken is a great introduction to the costume contest!

Mike and Melissa (whom you might recognize) came dressed as the cutest Mr. Clucks employees ever! They were one of the winners of our costume contest.

This is my little sister Sara who was, obviously, pregnant Claire. Its a fake bump, but she actually fooled some people!

Paul and Lesley were Charlie and Sun.

Rhonda as Sayid Jarrah and Seven as Richard Alpert.

I love the authenticity. He wore Isabella’s cross and totally rocked the guy-liner!

Rhonda took first place in our costume contest! I gotta say she made a pretty convincing Sayid!

That’s me with Eric. I was dressed as Dr. Juliet and Eric was Dr. Jack. Scrubs are really comfy by the way!

Ryan and Renee were Jack and the Smoke Monster. Renee your costume was awesome!

Geoff was a Dharma member from the motor pool. He was also the amazing chef for the night, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

All the party-goers who dressed up: Charlie as the Polar Bear (check out those claws!), Dharma motor pool member, Miles, Mr. Clucks employees, Richard, Sayid, Jack, Smoke Monster, Charlie, Sun, Claire, and Dr. Jack.

Baby Eva…as cute as ever.

Chef Geoff was master on the cooking front. From the fried raviolis, to avocado bruschettas, to the delicious fajitas, everything was awesome. I love you Geoff!

Around the 8 o’ clock hour, I held a LOST Trivia game. Here we are during the lightning round.

After that we all sat down to witness the end of LOST. I truly will miss our weekly dosage of the greatness of that show. The more I think about it the more I love the way it ended and think it could not have been more perfect. The theme of the end was all about “letting go” and I think that this episode did that for the viewers. Yes, there were plenty of unanswered questions, but in the end that is not what matters. What an epic work — here’s to LOST!

Click here to see all the photos from the LOST Finale Party

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It’s Official!

You might remember my post about the little dog that followed me home one day. Geoff and I were looking for another home for him, but we just fell in LOVE with the sweet little guy. We decided we simply could not part with him. Well, things are official because today I just got the cute yellow collar I ordered for him and excitedly attached the tag I had made for him. Little Dog is the newest addition to our happy family!

He is seriously cute and so sweet and mellow. He is one of the cuddliest dogs I’ve known. We love him so much and he brings such happiness into our crazy lives.

Charlie is pretty happy about his little buddy sticking around too!

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Because I love them!

Geoff went to buy a BBQ (yay!) and I had an afternoon off today, (well, I’m calling my procrastination of getting work done “an afternoon off”, anyway) and the doggies were being adorable as usual, so I though I’d take some photos and share them with you! You may remember my post about adopting little Charlie from the animal shelter back in February. He is such a happy addition to our home! He’s cuddly, playful and just loves to be around us. Plus, I think he gets cuter every day!

I mean, COME ON! Look at that face! You kill me Charlie.

He was being such a good little model!

The past few weeks our home has had a little visitor! This tiny cutie, who we lovingly refer to as “Little Dog”, followed me home when I was walking Charlie one day. We tried to find his owner, posted signs everywhere and such, but we have a neighbor friend that thinks his owners might have moved away and left him. I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t want him, he is SO SWEET. Such a little cuddle-bug.

Awww. Sweet as he is, we are looking for a home for him as we are trying to keep our home shedding-dog free. But he’s so great we don’t mind hanging on to him until we find a good family for him.

I think Charlie will miss his buddy though!

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And doggie makes three!

Yesterday was such a happy day! We adopted an 8-month old, miniature poodle mix from the Solano County Animal Shelter. He is so happy, energetic and downright CUTE! We named him Charlie. I love animals and have wanted a dog for FOR-EV-ER now, but the timing was never quite right. Well, now that we are settling into our new house (which has a big yard that pretty much goes unused) we started searching the shelters for a lil pooch to call our own. We looked in Sacramento, but we ended up finding our little guy way out in Santa Rosa! We’d seen him online and when we met him in person we fell in love. He was worth the trip!

Here I am with the adoption papers! We were just waiting for the vet-tech to bring Charlie out to us and make the long journey home!

Our first picture together! Charlie being distracted. He was so excited to leave the pound!

He may look big but it’s mostly fur! He’s so cuddly and fluffy! I like these photos because right before they were taken I asked Geoff, “Take a picture of the three of us.” We don’t have any kids (yet!), so it made me feel like we were officially a little family now. That makes me smile.

Once we got home and he finally got a chance to run free he was having a blast! He ran all over the backyard as fast as he could!

Geoff and I are so excited to have little Charlie in our lives! We can already tell he’s going to be a great dog. He loves to be around people and follows us around the house all day. He likes playing with his ball and cuddling up on the couch with us. We are so happy to have him!

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LOST Premiere Party!

If you know Geoff and I, you are probably already aware that we have been complete LOST junkies since the pilot episode. We love the excitement, we love the mystery, we love the crazy theories, we love the characters, we love the guys running around without shirts on — okay, maybe that’s just me. As we enter the final season of my favorite show, (sniff, sniff) we decided to throw a big party for the premiere, LOST-themed.

We started off with the ever-iconic Dharma Beer. Lots of Dharma Beer.

I trust you fans out there remember Sawyer’s fish biscuits from Season 3?


What is that behind the pile of fish biscuits?

Mmmmm…time for some Dharma Chilli Mac!

The amazing Beth Baugher brought us some LOST cookies.

Here is my darling hubby making some delish cheesy rice balls…

…and he made some “wild boar”, (ie. pulled pork). It was sooooooo gooooood.

And to celebrate my best friend Helena’s birthday (who is just as LOST-crazy as me), I made an Icebox Cake. I original saw this lovely looking desert on Smitten Kitchen and have been kinda obsessed with it since. It is surprisingly easy to make and absolutely delicious! It is basically chocolate wafer cookies layered between lightly sweetened, real whipped cream. You refrigerate the cake overnight and the cookies soften to a cake-like consistency. It was to die for and so simple!

The black-and-white went well with the Dharma motif we had going around the house!

Last night’s episode was great! I can’t wait for next week. And for the series finale, we’re going to throw an even bigger LOST soiree! So excited!

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The Paris Post.

I’m so excited to finally share some of our favorite photos and memorable moments from our trip to England and Paris! Geoff and I left Christmas afternoon on an amazing three-week journey to Europe. It was an unbelievable trip and we have such a fondness for the place, especially Paris. We had some unforgettable experiences and loved simply being together in one of the most beautiful places in the world. P.S. I must warn you, this post will be massive…enjoy!

Our first stop of the trip was Droitwich, England, a tiny town in the midlands where Geoff’s family is from.В Geoff got to drive on the other side of the road for the first time as we traveled some 2 hours in the rain (yikes!) from the London airport to Droitwich. Geoff said it was nothing short of terrifying, but after being on the motorway a while he got used to it. The smaller roads were killer though. Even I was scared.

Droitwich was a cute little place and it was wonderful to meet Geoff’s relatives whom I’d never met before. Geoff spent a lot of time in England as a child (both of his parents were born in the UK) but he hadn’t been back here in 17 years.

A beautiful cathedral in Worcester, not far from Droitwich.

After just a few days in England we hopped a plane to Paris! The drive from the airport to the hotel was so surreal. I couldn’t believe after all the dreaming, planning, and waiting, we were actually there, in such a magical place with the person I loved most in the world. When the Eiffel Tower came into view for the first time I nearly lost it.

This is the view from our apartment. Every single day I’d wake up and just stare out the window, admiring the city, feeling grateful for what we were able to do. Not only that but we had a view of just about every major landmark — la Tour Eiffel (that photo above was taken out this window), Notre Dame, Centre Pompidou, Montmartre — it was breathtaking.

Us at the Eiffel Tower, just before Melinda and Greg’s portrait session. Geoff on his phone, of course.

Oh, the pastries! We could not get enough of them! Just about everyday we were there we stopped at the PГўtisserie for a baguette and something sweet. The bread is incredible, so pure in flavor, soft and crisp. And I’m telling you, the butter in France is to die for. I could have gone all day just eating bread and butter.

For New Years Eve, we headed back to the Eiffel Tower along with about a million other people. The streets were literally flooded with party-goers. I guess it was good for keeping warm’s sake — it was freeeeeeezing!

Look at all the people! The Tower had a cool colored light show that went off every hour. Even though I spent the last 20 minutes before midnight practicing counting backwards in French, there was no count down! Guess we’ll have to hit up New York for that one!

Of COURSE we had to visit the Apple Store!

And American icon #2 — McDee’s. Bet you can’t get a beer with your extra value meal in the states! Seriously even the McDonald’s is better in France!

We visited the Paris Catacombs, where the bones of Parisians lie along the walls of tunnels underground the city. It what very cool and very creepy.

At the Louvre.

LadurГ©e has THE best macarons EVER. Not to mention the other delicious goodies like the cream-puff pastry filled with raspberry cream and rose petal icing known as Le Saint HonorГ© Rose-Framboise. I am still drooling. You bet there were a total of three trips to LadurГ©e.

One Dimanche matin we went to the street market about a block away from our apartment. This put our farmer’s markets to shame! Tons of fruits and veggies of course, along with all kinds of meats, cheeses, dairy, honey, seafood, cooked meals, clothes, knick-knacks, everything! We enjoyed a petit roast chicken with potatoes cooked in the juices that day for lunch. Sooooo gooood…

Notre Dame.

Hotel de Ville aka city hall. Gorgeous. Bright lights twinkled on the rooftop we could see from our apartment window.

Another trip to the Eiffel Tower, this time to go up top. So sad it was closed for maintenance in January! We got a nice view from the second floor though.

Speaking of spectacular views, Montmatre was amazing. It’s the highest point in Paris, only the Eiffel Tower will get you up higher. The SacrГ©-CЕ“ur was a beautiful cathedral — I liked it even better than Notre Dame.

On the way back to the Metro I spotted the “I Love You Wall” in a tiny little park. It is described as a place for lovers to have a meeting place; a space where love comes together in every language. Can you spot the English “I Love You”?

On the metropolitan and very modern end of Paris is La Grande Arche de la DГ©fense, a monument to humanity as opposed to war victories.

Thumbs up!

Here is said Arch dedicated to military victory. A bit more famous though.

Did we get crepes every single day? Just about! This was our go-to spot for freshly made crepes at the Place de Bastille, just around the corner from where we were staying. My favorite is the tired and true sucre citron — lemon juice and sugar. So simple. So good.

The monument we’d see everyday as we’d head out. After spending over two weeks there it felt like home.

Eclairs from Fauchon featuring Miss Mona Lisa and Brigitte Bardot, our long lost relative! Ok not really. But my new married name is Lisa Bardot and all over the place we were getting asked if we were related to Brigitte! Hey…I just realized this photo is saying my name…Lisa…Bardot…cool!!!

C’est dГ©licieux!

On the VERY CROWDED Metro at rush hour. The Metro = awesome. We took it everywhere — such a great way to get around.

The street performers in the Metro were great too! One day there was, I swear, a twelve-piece orchestra! This little band of three were playing one of my favorite songs, Hallelujah.

I couldn’t finish talking about Paris without (once again) mentioning the FOOD! I think the highlight of the trip was all the scrumptious things we got to eat. I would have never of guessed it but the BEEF WAS AMAZING! So tender and flavorful! Everything I put in my mouth was a million times better that anything I’ve ever eaten in the US. The quality of food is incredible. The grocery stores were incredible (oh and if you go to France and you love food and cooking, definitely check out the food section at Le Bon Marche, called La Grande Epicerie de Paris. Or don’t. It will spoil grocery shopping for you forever). Our favorite restaurant we went to was Le Gaspard de la Nuit, just a few doors down form our apartment. The food is exquisite and the service is amazing. We even made friends with the owner, Myriam who was just a joy to know. Below are a couple pics from a wonderful Italian restaurant we ate at on our last night in Paris. Unforgettable cuisine.

Our last stop was a quick trip to London! It really was quick too — two nights!

The first night we were there we went to see Wicked, which I have been dying to go see since I found out it was going to be a musical. It was fantastic!

Trafalgar Square. Geoff has a picture of himself here as a kid surrounded by pigeons. I guess there were more pigeons back then — all we could find was this one, who was very well-fed, it seems.

Buckingham Palace! God save the Queen!

Doing what we do best.

We climbed the 311 steps of “The Monument”, the tallest freestanding stone column in the world, dedicated to the Great Fire of London. It said the height of The Monument was the exact distance from that spot to the place the fire started.

From the top — Tower Bridge. (It was not falling down.)

They gave us little certificates for climbing up!

Crazy huge ravens at the Tower of London.

Ahhhhh…it was the most incredible trip. One of many more to come we hope. Geoff and I both love everything about everything we did, but most of all, experiencing it all together. Thank you, my love, for taking me on this amazing journey, I love our adventures together and I love you!!

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Bonjour de Paris!

As you may know we are having a grand time in Paris! So many beautiful things to see, wonderful food to eat and interesting people to meet. I just wanted to post up a couple of photos I took tonight from our apartment window. Just a reminder, we will be out of the office and email response will be slow and voicemail response will be in a couple weeks. We wish you a very Happy New Year or as they say in France, Bonne AnnГ©e!

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Out of the Country!!!

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you are enjoying the day with friends and family and having a great time! In just a few hours, Geoff and I are boarding a plane to England! We’ve got a couples portrait session scheduled with Melinda and Greg in Paris and we’ll be back in January. SOOO we’ll be pretty good about responding to emails, but it may take about three weeks to return voicemails. Know that we still love you and we’ll talk to you when we get back!

Until then, I leave you with a ridiculous photo Geoff took of me when we got our Christmas tree. Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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We are Homeowners!!!

After a 5 month process, Geoff and I are SO excited to say that we are HOMEOWNERS!!! We just got the keys to our very first home together in Elk Grove. We are moving from our ~500 square foot, one bedroom apartment in midtown to a 2059 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3 bath 2 story home. We needed the space desperately! We are so excited to set up our home office, and our client meeting and premier space as well as put those creative decorating skills to work! I’m sure we’ll have plenty of before/after photos to share as we work on updating and awesome-ifying our straight-out-of-1990 house. SO exciting! Thank you to everyone for your support and help during this process! It’s moving time!!!

The house! Not crazy about the paint color. I dream of a sunny yellow house with white trim. We also want a porch on the front!

House hug!

Geoff carrying me over the threshold! Been dreaming of this moment for so long!

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Our Wedding: Part 3 | The DETAILS!

When it comes to wedding planning, “they” always tell you not to get caught up in the details. Well I say the details are the fun part! Being engaged got me so excited not only about marrying the man I love, but about all the fun craft projects in store! I’m am HUGE on do it yourself (why buy when you can DIY?) and Geoff was on board with the projects and even willing to help. You already know I made my own wedding dress, veil, bridesmaids dresses and invitations and all the paper goods. Well, there is more, my friends.
Our wedding’s theme was fair / carnival / circus / summer BBQ but mostly the theme was FUN. We just wanted everyone to have a great time, and indulge their inner kid a little bit. Start with the tables. All of our centerpieces were kids board games. We had everything from Operation to Hi Ho Cherry-O to Perfection to Hungry Hungry Hippos to Battleship and so many more!

Our escort cards were High Hill Ranch’s DEEElicious caramel apples.(Ummm…apple farm, no question!) They fit in perfecltly with our theme. We also had homemade caramel corn made by my mother (she makes the BEST) and animal cookies, snow cones, and cotton candy. Cocktail hour was a sugar rush for sure!

Each place setting had a placemat we made, about 140 of them, cut out from different green patterned fabrics. When I get around to it, I want to make a quilt or a picnic blanket from them.

In addition to the games we had our DIY mustaches on a stick at all of the tables and orange and yellow Dahlias in Strauss Creamery (the best dairy EVER, period) cream bottles.

Speaking of flowers Brandi of Party Petals created our beautiful bouquets and ’bouts. She did such a great job, Geoff and I give her the highest recommendation!

Our decorations would not have been complete without the BALLOONS! I loved the pops of color they brought, How can you not love balloons, they are just so fun and cheery.

Geoff took on the task of making our (cup)cake stands. We scoured the thrift stores for candlesticks and platters, pie pans, trays and anything else that was flat and pretty. A couple tubes of epoxy and several cans of spray paint later, and you have our cake stands. I loved how each one was unique and they were all very affordable to create! (I WILL make a tutorial soon!) By the way if you want the BEST CUPCAKES IN SACRAMENTO (ok, ok, best anywhere) check out Babycakes on J street. Geoff and I go there a couple times a month at least. They are sooooo yummy. Easy choice for the wedding!

Our elephant cake toppers were purchased from bunny with a toolbelt on I do plan on buying one of her adorable sculptures for each of our children.
Of course I designed our guestbook! I took the design from our invitations and incorporated it into our own guestbook. Its very similar to the ones we offer our clients. Geoff and I still love reading through all the messages our guests left us.





This post wouldn’t be complete without talking about Geoff’s ring. Or should I say RINGS. Geoff’s first ring, the one he wears the most, we bought from seller Stout Woodworks. It is made out of Zebrawood, so beautiful and completely unique. Geoff is always getting comments. Now, although it is a lot sturdier than you might think, a wooden ring is not always practical so that is why we also purchased a titanium ring from another etsy seller Zoe and Doyle. We love that both rings are handmade and one of a kind. I LOVE the ring shots Sarah took of all the rings.

One more wedding post to go! Coming up next…the PARTY!