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How-To: Starfish Birdcage Veil

DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 001 11aAs soon as Brit knew she was getting married on the beach, she knew that she wanted starfish as a part of the decor. She also loves the birdcage veil and I was happy to help her make one using the same technique I had used to make my own veil for my and Geoff’s wedding. ToolsDIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 001 10aBefore you start sewing pull two long “tails” of thread from the needle and bobbin of your machine.DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 002Set you machine to the longest stitch possible. Begin sewing along one of the raw (short) edge. Do not back stitch. Make sure you are sewing as one continuous stitch and that the thread does not break.
DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 003DIY Birdcage VeilOn the back end, you may notice the netting will start to scrunch up. This is completely ok! In fact, it will help you gather later on.DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 004Keep sewing along one of the long edges, then the other raw edge. When you get the the end, do not backstitch. Also leave long tails of thread on this side too.DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 006aOn one end of the fabric, gently pull one of the “tails” while holding on to the netting. This should gather the fabric. Be careful not to break the thread! Keep gathering until everything is tight.DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 008Once the veil is fully gathered, tie the two sets of tail into a double knot to keep it from coming undone. Clip the ends of the threads.
DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 010aBefore finishing up, we placed the veil on Brit and made sure everything was laying as we liked it to. We had to tuck up a bit of netting on one side.DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 014aTake the scrunched up part of the veil and place it under your needle. Sew back and forth over this area several times to create a flat space. DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 015Here you can seen the “flat part”.DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 016Put a good sized glob of hot glue in this spot and attach your starfish! On the backside, glue down the tops of two alligator clips. (You should be able to buy these little clips at craft stores or on Etsy.)DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 020aCut a small piece of felt in a long oval shape like so.DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 019Clip the felt into the two alligator clips. Lift up the edge of the felt and apply a small dab of glue. Repeat on the other side. DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 022aYour beautiful veil is complete!DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 023DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 024DIY Starfish Birdcage Veil The Goodness 030aa

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How-To: Pretty Fabric Flower Ring Pillow

How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 043AOur next how-to for Brit and Tim’s kitschy Hawaii wedding is this adorable ring pillow. As it will be a ceremony on the beach, there won’t be too much additional decor, so a bright and colorful pillow to carry the wedding rings was a must. For this project, we used a tan colored fabric (it reminded us of sand!) and used the same fabrics from the bunting we’d already made. ToolsHow To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 001aStart by cutting out your petal pieces. You will need to pieces of fabric per petal. 8 pieces for a 4-petal flower, or 10 for a 5-petal flower. Cute them out in a U-shape like below. We cut a few different sizes for the different sized flowers.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 002With right sides together, sew around the rounded part of the petal, leaving the flat side open. Clip the rounded edges, then turn the petal right-side out.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 005aAfter you turn the fabric, iron them flat.
How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 006Repeat with all of your petals until you’ve made them all! How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 007aTime to assemble the flowers! Fold the petal in half like so.
How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 011Sew a line from about halfway along the fold to the middle of the bottom.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 013aRepeat with all of your petals.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 001 2Stack two petals together face-to-face. With a needle and thread, pie through the two petals. Open them up like you are opening a book.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 018aStack the next petal face-to-face with the previous petal and sew through both like before. Keep going until you’ve attached all petals together. Put the first petal and the last petal together, sort of like closing the loop. Sew through like before, then once more through the next set of petals to keep everything thing secure. Wrap your thread tightly a few times around all the petals.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 021aFinally sew through all the layers a few times (from one side to the other) at various angles to secure everything.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 023

Next make your leaves! Cut two leaf-shaped pieces per finished leaf. With right sides together, sew around the outside, leaving one side open. Clip curves, flip right side out, then sew some lines on top like so.

How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 025aArrange everything as you like it on the top of one of the 9-inch squares. Pin everything in place.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 027Next, tack on each petal with a few hand-sewn stitches. Stitch the center of each petal to the [pillow top. Be careful to only sew through the bottom layer of each petal to keep your stitches hidden. Also do not stitch too close to edge of the pillow fabric because your will need some seam allowance.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 032aPin back an petals the get close to or extend over the edge of the pillow fabric. You want to make sure you do not sew through anything!How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 001 3With right sides together, pin the two pillow squares together. Then sew around the outside, leaving about 4 inches open so you can turn the pillow right side out. Clip your corners like so, then turn your fabric.
How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 037aPin the center of your ribbon to the center of the pillow. Be sure to pin through both layers. Sew and backstitch over the ribbon. You should be sewing through both layers of pillow fabric.How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 040aStuff your pillow, then hand-sew the opening shut. All done!How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 041Now all that is left to do is tie a couple rings on a walk down the aisle!How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 001 4How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 001 5Isn’t Brit’s ring lovely? So classic, dainty, and beautiful!How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 001 7How To Pretty Petal Ring Pillow 047

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Brit and Tim’s beachy Santa Cruz engagement session

BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 090

As you may have seen in our colorful DIY bunting tutorial, we have an exciting new feature on The Goodness blog! My BFF Brit and her fiancé Tim are planning their destination wedding in Hawaii for this upcoming June! I have known Brit for a little over two years now, but it feels like we’ve know each other forever. We always joke about how we had “friend crushes” on each other when we met while working at Apple, and how we were destined to be besties because we are always finding new ways that we are alike. 🙂 Our moms are both named Priscilla, how random is that!?

Anywhoo, allI can say is that these two are one of the most adorable couples you will meet. They met on Brit’s very first day at Sacramento State and bonded while while working for the campus radio station, KSSU. The have been dating and generally being awesome together for about 5 years now. They recently bought their first home in Land Park where they are in walking distance from, like a million cool places. (Jealous? Me? Never!) Being as big of Disney fans as we are, Tim even proposed to Brit in front of Snow White’s fountain in Disneyland and they walked around blissfully in their bride and groom Mickey hats for the rest of the day. Awwww!

She Said Yes

With the ring on her finger, it was time to start planning their upcoming nuptials! Here are a few words from Brit about her experience planning the wedding.

My fiancé and I decided to get married in Hawaii because of a mutual dream we each had when we visited Hawaii when we were younger, over a decade ago. We both dreamed of getting married on a beach in Hawaii. It was meant to be all those years ago. Planning a destination wedding requires patience and a plan. (I definitely had the latter, patience came with time.) Choosing and communicating with vendors that are far away might not be as simple as vendors in your neighborhood, but as long as communication is open and consistent, you will be happy! I found an amazing team to help with my wedding and am confident that everything will come together on the big day. As you know I am brining my BFF Lisa and Geoff along to photograph the wedding, is there any other choice?

Next I found the venue. I could not be more happy with the gorgeous location for our wedding! We are getting married on the island of Oahu at the gorgeous Kualoa Ranch. Our ceremony will be on Secret Island, where we will be walking down the aisle on the sand and have ocean waves in the background. We will take boats across the fish pond to the ceremony and then take boats back to the reception site.

Before we get much further into the wedding, I am excited to share Brit and Tim’s engagement session! They both wanted to do photos at the beach, to echo their upcoming wedding in Hawaii. They also wanted something very cute and colorful with a fun vintage flair! So we gathered up some fun props and headed out to beautiful sunny Santa Cruz.

BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 007We started our session in Capitola, which is just an adorable area with so many colorful houses!BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 013BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 019aBT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 020BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 032Next we headed out to the one place in Santa Cruz you must stop at whenever you go, Marianne’s Ice Cream. A couple of yummy cones will always put you in a good mood!BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 034BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 036Love this girl, isn’t she adorable?! BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 046aNext Brit and Tim changed outfits and we headed over the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with a giant bunch of colorful balloons in hand. BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 052I think Tim looks quite dapper in his bow tie!BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 064BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 066Our last stop of the afternoon was to the beach. The plan was to have a picnic in the sand as a nod to their destination wedding in Hawaii. I love how this setting is undeniable Californian though. It describes the state that is their home and also the place where they are getting married!BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 071aBT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 073BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 089BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 093BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 101Hula girl soda anyone?BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 084aBT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 077BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 126aLOVE.BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 112BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 113BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 123BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 130aNothing beats being wrapped up in a blanket on the beach while the sun goes down. Simply wonderful.BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 133BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 141BT Vintage Beach Engagement Photos Santa Cruz 138Brit and Tim we love you guys SO MUCH and are SO EXCITED to be a part of your wedding. Readers, stay tuned to the blog as we post more planning details, wedding projects, and how-to’s for Brit and Tim’s big day!

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How To: Easy Bunting Tutorial

How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 002aFirst of all, I’d like to introduce you to my BFF Brit and her charming fiancé, Tim. These two are some of my favorite people in the works and I am SO super excited to be a part of their upcoming destination wedding in HAWAII this June! I’ve been assisting in the wedding planning and we are even more excited to be sharing the last few moths of planning and craftiness on the blog! Be sure to visit often as we keep you updated through our How-To section with lots of fun projects and adventures leading up to the big day. We’ve also designed their Save the Dates and Invitations which we cannot wait to share here as well. We will be designing escort cards, menus, table signs, other signage and more, so it will be fun for you to see a little more into the process of how we create design for weddings. Geoff and I are (of course) photographing the wedding and we could not be more excited! Here is a photo from their super-cute beach engagement session which we will share soon!


Brit and Tim’s wedding is going to be an intimate affair of around 50 loved ones on Oahu at Kualoa Ranch (where LOST, Jurassic Park and more were filmed — I will definitely be geeking out over that!) The decor style of the wedding is “Vintage Hawaii Kitsch”, meaning lots of hula girls and surfer boys, tiki gods, pineapples, bright colors, and fun. It has been so much fun to design for. Our first wedding project was a LOT of bunting. 175 feet to be exact! The bunting will line the aisle at the ceremony and will hang from the edges of the pavilion where the reception will be held. Luckily we know of an easy way to make bunting and are excited to share it with you today! Bunting is a great wedding project because you can re-use it for parties and decor later in your life. Geoff and I made some for our wedding 4 years ago and I have used ours lots of times!ToolsHow to Easy Bunting The Goodness 005aGather 8-12 coordinating fabrics. One yard of fabric will make about  30 feet of double sided bunting. Be sure to get Extra Wide Double Fold bias tape. There are lots of colors out there too! Get some thread to match your bias tape and you’ll need a sewing machine.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006aThe key to quick bunting is using a rotary cutter with a pinking blade. This makes cutting a breeze. And because the edges are pinked you can leave them raw. You will need a cutting mat and also have some scissors handy. A metal ruler will help guide you as you cut the triangles, or you can cut a triangle temple from thick mat board. You can download our triangle template here.

Let’s get started! Begin by cutting your fabric into 6″ strips. Fold the fabric in half with selvage edges together, and fold in half again. Cut the folded fabric into 6″ sections using you cutting mat as a guide to make sure your lines are straight.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness cuttingHow to Easy Bunting The Goodness 009Now all your fabric is in strips!How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 011Use our triangle template (you can download it here) to guide your triangle cutting. Lay the top edge of the triangle along the long edge of your strip and the use the rotary cutter to cut along side the template. I cut through about 4 layers of fabric at a time by cutting with a good amount of pressure and a back-and-forth sawing motion. The pinking does not have to be 100% perfect. After you cut one triangle, flip the template upside-down and cut your next triangle. Cut up the whole strip into triangles. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 015If you are better with measurements, you can also use a straight edge to guide your triangle cutting. The tops of the triangles are about 4.5 inches across.  Feel free to make them any size you’d like though!
How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 013How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 012After all of your triangles are cut, lay them out in the order you’d like them to be in your bunting.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 016We put ours in a circle to make them easier to grab as we were pinning them to the bias tape. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 018Time to start pinning! Grab your bias tape and unfold it a little to put your triangle between the layers. If you are using patterned fabric and you want your bunting to be double sided, just put two triangles wrong sides together in the bias tape. Use a pin to keep it in place. We spaced ours about 1.5 inches apart. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 022aWhen you run out of bias tape, simply overlap the next length of tape over the end of the first and pin down. Then keep going until you use up your bias tape or you bunting is the length you desire.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 026Using the longest (normal width zig zag stick on your sewing machine, begin to sew in the middle of the bunting. If you sew with your pins pointing toward the needle they are easy to pull out as you sew along.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 024Here you can see the sewn bias tape. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 025Keep sewing until you get to the end. That’s it!
How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006 2How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 030How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006 3How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 032

I can’t wait to see this bunting in action in Hawaii! Stay tuned for more fun projects from Brit and me as we finish planning her wedding!

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How-to: Gilded leaf place card (& happy thanksgiving!)

Gilded Leaf Place Card 002 2a

Here at the Bardot household, Geoff and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family. We hosted dinner for 27 and had so much fun! In our family, everybody brings a dish so that the host is not burdened with cooking the ENTIRE meal and I think this is the best way to do it. Geoff brined and roasted the most delicious turkey, and made his homemade mac-and-cheese, peas with pancetta and shallots, cornbread casserole, peppered butternut squash, and a salted caramel apple tart. I cooked a few sweets and was in charge of decorations, logistics and being the overall hostess.

For this month’s how-to, I thought it would be fun to share how I made this year’s place cards. They were actually super easy, and kind of a last minute addition. (Procrastinate? Me? Never!) Everyone really liked them though! While we used these for Thanksgiving dinner, I could easily see these being used at a fall wedding, or even a woodsy, outdoor reception.


Gilded Leaf Place Card 001aStart by collecting some leaves from the yard, like I did. There are always lots this time of year! Be sure to clean them of any dirt or water. It’s also best to wait until they are mostly dry so that they don’t curl too much after you paint them. Put down a painter’s cloth to protect the ground and lay out your leaves.Gilded Leaf Place Card 003aSpray paint the tops only until you’ve got good coverage. You don’t need a ton of paint or multiple coats.Gilded Leaf Place Card 004Gilded Leaf Place Card 005Allow them to dry until they are no longer tacky. Mine only took a few minutes.Gilded Leaf Place Card 007a

By the way, through this project, I have discovered how awesome metallic spray paint is! I’m already devising other ways I can use it…Gilded Leaf Place Card 009

While your leaves are drying, you can get to work on the name tags. Get a sheet of card stock (an off-white color is nice) and cut it into strips about 3/4″ wide. Cut the strips into pieces about 1.75 inches long. They don’t need to be perfect! Then snip off two corners from one end to make the tag shape.
Gilded Leaf Place Card 010aPunch a hole on the end of each tag.Gilded Leaf Place Card 013

Using a fine tip marker or ink pen, write out each guest’s name on the tags. Be sure the tags are all facing the right direction. If you don’t have nice handwriting, you could print out the names from your computer before you cut up the paper.
Gilded Leaf Place Card 014Tie the twine to the tag using a square knot. (Right over left, left over right!) Then tie an open knot onto the end of the twine. Stick the leaf’s stem through the loop, making sure the name tag is right side up and facing the correct direction.Gilded Leaf Place Card 016a

Tighten your knot, snip off the ends, and you’re done! Easy and super inexpensive.Gilded Leaf Place Card 019a

Metallic little leaves, all in a row! Now we are ready to set the table!Gilded Leaf Place Card 020

Like I said, I had a blast with the metallic spray paint. This year’s decor theme was harvest + metallics. I spray painted some pumpkins and adorned the centerpiece with glitter floral stems from the craft store and mercury glass votives.Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 003

Some of the spray-painted pumpkins had a little flair. This chevron design was created using painter’s tape on a white pumpkin.Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 011aBardot Thanksgiving Decor 024The polka dot on the little pumpkins were made using circle labels I had in the office.Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 021aHere are is one of the gilded leaf place cards in action!Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 016Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 026aFrom our home to yours, we hope you had a very wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of quality time spent with the ones you love most!

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How To: DIY Bow tie on-a-stick (and more!)

We are SUPER excited to announce a special section on The Goodness blog: Wedding How-To’s! Every month we’ll have a project, DIY, or download to inspire some creativity and give you some fun wedding ideas. Our first How-To is the bow-tie on-a-stick! These make super fun photo booth props, (in fact, we’ll be adding these to our set of props for The Shot Spot!) but there are so many crafty things you can do with the basic bow as well. Let’s get started!

Cut out a piece of fabric roughly twice as tall and twice as wide as your desired bow size. Ours is about 12″w by 6″h.

Fold in and iron a little bit on one end. This will make sure no raw edges of the fabric are showing on the final bow.

Fold down and iron the top and bottom.

Fold in the side with the raw edge and then the other. Iron down the sides, if needed.

They should overlap a bit and this part should be in the center of the bow.

Now, cut another little piece of fabric a couple inches wide. This will be the center of the bow.

Fold and iron in the raw edges to make it look nice.

Scrunch up the middle of the bow in a nice even zig-zag formation. Add good sized a glob of hot glue into the folds on the BACK of the bow

Take your small strip of fabric and place one end into the glue you just put down. Proceed to wrap the strip fairly tightly around the bow.

Glue down the end of the center strip to the back of the bow and trim the ends.

If the ends stick out at all, use a little hot glue to seal them down.

Put a big dab of glue in the middle and press the dowel into it.

Cut a small piece of fabric (felt works the best).

Put glue over the stick and sides of the bow. Attach the felt and press down.

Voila! You are done!

But wait! There are so many ways you can use these cute little bows! How about an adorable hair bow? You can get these little alligator clips on Etsy or at most craft stores. Simply slip one side into the center loop and clip into your hair.

Wouldn’t these be wonderful bridesmaid’s gifts?

Just as easily you can make a bow headband. Just slip the headband through the center loop and wear.

One last cute idea for you…DIY shoe clips!

These are made using clip-on earring pieces, which I picked up at my local craft store. You’ll also need a little piece of felt.

Attach the earring clip to the bow like so. then glue some felt over the top to keep in place. The flattest part of the earring clip should be on the outside.

Now go glam up a boring pair of pumps!

I’m sure you could think of so many ways to use this easy DIY bows. Add it to a belt for a chic fashion accessory, use as a gift-wrap decoration, stitch one on to a tote bag, and so much more. Please leave a comment if you think of any more fun ideas. Have fun with your bows!


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How to: Make a Face Stocking!

Last year for Christmas I got a silly idea to make stockings that looked like Geoff and I and our two dogs. I drew a little picture and started sewing. They aren’t perfect but for my first try, they turned out pretty darn cute!

This year, my friend and Goodness worker-bee, Brit, asked if I could help her make some of the stockings for herself, her fiance, Tim, and their Scotty dog, Jacques. So I thought it would be fun to share how we created them! You can definitely get one of these done from start to finish in an evening and they would make FANTASTIC Christmas gifts! Here is all the stuff you’ll need to make a face stocking:

1/2 yard fabric for outer “skin” (or fur)
1/2 yard of quilter’s batting
1/2 yard of fabric for lining
1/8 yard of fabric for toe of stocking and hanging loop
Felt for hair, eyes, fur (if making a pet)
Embroidery thread for nose, lips, eyelashes
Black doll eyes (if making a pet)
A little bit of creativity to personalize the face!

Here is a template for the stocking shapes and hair. Use this as a guide, but feel free to customize and get creative!

Let’s start with the easiest one, The Boy.

Start by cutting the stocking shapes. We made our stocking template out of a paper grocery bag. Cut two of each: skin, batting and lining.

We made the eyes first. Simple shapes to create Tim’s blue eyes. Sew all the pieces together with a little embroidery thread and a touch of fabric glue.

Use a couple stitches to create catchlights in the eye.

Cut our the hair using the template as a guide. It’s a great idea to give the hair your own cut to match your boy! Lay the eyes and hair on your template and draw the other features. You can refer to this when you are doing your embroidery.

Sew on the eyes (a dab of glue helps too), then embroider the nose and mouth. Cut out eyebrow shapes and sew them on with your sewing machine. Pin the hair in place and sew lines to give the hair some definition.

Sew the hair on the back in the same way. It’s kind of like you are drawing with the lines of stitching. Tim is ready to become a stocking!

Attach the batting to the wrong side of the face layer. Baste around the very outer edge to hold the batting in place.

Cut out the toe piece from your contrasting fabric and pin it on the face layer at the toe. Sew a line along the edge as pictured.

Take your lining fabric and sew right sides together along the top of the stocking.

Do this for both sides.

Lay the two layers together like this. Sew all the way around the outer edge, leaving a hole in the liner near the bottom of the foot. Clip the curves and then flip the whole thing right side out using the hole you left. Sew up the opening of the hole in the lining.

Stuff the liner back into the stocking. Sew a top stitch around the opening of the stocking about a half inch from the top. Almost done! Create your hanging loop from a piece of the same fabric as the toe. Sew along the edge and flip inside out.

Use a zig zag stitch to attach the loop to your stocking. Hang it on your fireplace and enjoy!

The Girl is a lot like The Boy, but gets a little tricky with all that pretty hair. We made hair shapes using a paper bag to make templates and cut out three pieces: the back, the front, and the bangs.

Sew a few lines of stitches near the outer edge of the hair, then pin to the stocking and sew more lines to attach the hair to the face layer. VERY IMPORTANT! Do not sew the hair over the edge of the face layer. Leave a gap of that layer near the edge free. This will make more sense in a minute, I promise!

Finish attaching eyes and embroidering features. You can do more of a girly lip and even some eyeliner or eyelashes. Have fun and make it you!

Here is what I meant about not sewing the hair all the way to the edge. You’ll need to pin back the hair to baste on your batting.

Again, sew along the outer edge to attach the batting to the face layer.

This is where it gets a little different than The Boy stocking. Sew the front and back of the face layers together, right sides together. Leave the top open. Clip the curves and turn right side out. The seams should look like the second photo. Unpin the hair.

Sew along the edge of the hair to attach the two sides. Near the opening of the stocking, try to get as close to the seam of the face layers as possible. Trim off any excess.

Turn the face layers inside out. Sew the lining layers right sides together, leaving the top open and hole in the foot to flip the stocking inside out.

Stuff the lining into the stocking. They should be right sides together at this point. Sew along the opening of the stocking.

Flip the whole thing inside out and close the hole in the foot of the lining. Stuff the lining back into the stocking and sew a top stitch around the opening.

Make a loop to match the toe fabric and sew it in place. Done!

The Dog is probably the most fun to make and lets you be really creative with design and materials! Here are the three dogs I have made, Jacques (Brit’s Scotty dog), Charlie (our Poodle mix), and Little Dog (our…we think he’s a chihuahua-terrier mix? Who knows!). For Jaques and Charlie we used a fuzzy, low pile fur for the stocking part, accented with bits of faux fur for ears and hair. Little Dog is made of corduroy! Our dogs’ collars match their real-life collars, while Jacques sports a Scottish plaid in festive red and green. Get creative!

Start by cutting out your layers of fur, batting and lining.

Baste the batting to the fur layer.

Cut out the toe piece…

…and matching collar! You can see a little peek of the sketch we did before we got started.

Sew on the toe piece and collar to both sides of the stocking.

Now comes the fun part! Start to cut out the pieces you will need to make your dog look like your dog! For Jacques, we cut out a mustache, eyebrows, side fur, tongue, nose, ears, and another piece of the fur layer fabric to give some definition to his LONG nose. It might take a few tries to get it perfect. Lay out everything on your stocking before sewing anything permanently.

Once you are ready, start sewing! Just like with The Girl, don’t sew any pieces all the way up to the edge of the stocking. Make sure to leave enough for the seam allowance when you are joining front to back.

All of the features are sewn on!

Sew the lining to the top of the stocking.

Important! Just like with The Girl’s hair, pin back all of the facial features that extend over the edge of the stocking so they don’t get sewn into the seam! Attach the two sides like so.

Sew around the edge, leaving a hole in the foot of the lining like in the photo below. Clip the curves.

Flip the whole thing right side out and sew up the whole in the foot. Stuff the lining back into the stocking and sew your top stitch around the opening.

Time to make our loop for hanging!

Sew the loop into place and this doggy is done!

We had a blast making these adorable stockings that will be enjoyed for years to come! Have fun creating your own face stockings for your family!

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Our Wedding: I made a veil (with a quick how-to!)

When life is redonkulously busy, some of the wedding details get left until the last minute. Tonight, I made my birdcage veil. I am really happy with the outcome, so I thought I’d post a quick tutorial!

Basically, the ingredients were one yard of russian netting, a fake flower from the craft store, cute little scrapbooking flowers and hot glue. With the sewing machine, I gathered the netting on both of the short ends, and also along one long side. I gathered this all together in a pleasing shape then sewed like crazy over all of it, making a flat area to attach the flower.

To make the flower part, I dissected a faux flower, took all of the plastic bits out, then hot glued together enough layers of petals together to get the look I wanted. Then I glued in the little yellow flowers. (you can glue in anything you want, really, i.e. below)

Geoff said this was too random to wear with the real veil, so I think it will have to make an appearance at the reception. Yesssss. Really, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

I glued the fabric to the gathered part of the netting with the hot glue. Then I added two alligator clips, for attaching the veil to my hair. I promise a much better tutorial soon for making hair flowers in this manner, they are so much fun!

Voila! Veil you have it! (ooh, bad pun.) Oh and that thing at the bottom of the picture below, its my dress. Its DONE! I am so excited! A post about it is coming soon I promise! I just need to take some good photos of it. 4 days to go, people!!!

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Our Wedding: How to make a mustache-on-a-stick!

Mustachio! I’ve seen the mustache craze circling the wedding blogsphere and I just think they are adorable. So Geoff and I both enthusiastically gave project mustache-on-a-stick the thumbs up. We got together with our very helpful friends to make about 80 of them. I’m happy to share a how-to on how we made our mustachios. (with templates!) Oh, and did I mention very how very inexpensive they are to make?!

Craft felt (two sheets make about 3-5 ‘staches)
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Craft dowels (we used the 1/4″ size)
Mustachio Template (Click here to download)

1. Cut your ‘stache
You need two layers of each mustache for each stick. You can use the templates I created (can you spot the Mario ‘stache?) or just freehand it.

2. Get gluing
Line up your layers and start gluing with hot glue between the two layers about halfway through the mustache. In order to get the felt really stiff, I made sure to use a lot of glue so that it covered the entire shape, not just the edges.

3. Stick it
Insert the stick on the side of the mustache, making sure to glue both sides of the stick to the felt. Finish up applying glue to the rest of the mustache and you are good to go! You can even tie on a ribbon to coordinate with your wedding colors.

4. Take funny photos!
The mustache-on-a-stick makes for hilariously dignified photographs. The shots below are from the test run of the Photobooth we are putting together for the wedding. (Sorry they are slightly indecent). Have fun!

Geoff and Lisa wedding countdown: 5 DAYS! Can you tell I’m a WEEE bit excited?