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Brad and Michaela’s bold and fun vintage wedding invitations!

I’m excited to share another invitation design we did for one of our summer weddings – Brad and Michaela! The style of their wedding was SO adorable, wedding photos will be coming up next! For their wedding invitations, Brad and Michaela were looking for something casual, vintage-looking with a touch of rustic. I love the western-style, bold look of the typography paired with the red and white polka dots.

Michael tied all of the inner components with red and white baker’s twine, a very cute touch!

A rustic map to help the guests find their way downtown!

Brad and Michaela even ordered folders for their Shot Spot and we printed them with a cute matching monogram on the front and date on the inside!

Stay tuned for their wedding photographs!

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Mike and Morgan’s black and white modern wedding design

I am SO excited to share some new design we’ve created here at The Goodness! I say “new” lightly because I work on this months before I get to share them with you, but they are worth the wait! Mike and Morgan wanted something classic and modern, that matched the aesthetic of their wedding venue, The Citizen Hotel. It started out with an order for a monogram and evolved into wedding invitations, invitations for a separate reception in Southern California, escort cards, and thank you cards!

Let’s start with the first thing we designed: the monogram! Simple, classic type with a fancy ampersand. We went through quite a few to get the perfect ampersand! It’s the little details that count.

Mike and Morgan, then decided to get invitations done as well. We started with the monogram as a base and went from there. The crosshatch pattern and the “date dot” was a detail that we were able to carry through the entire suite.

Another of my favorite details is the little icons for meals on the RSVP. They came in handy when we created the escort cards! I also love the wraparound address labels on the RSVP envelopes that say, “Let’s Celebrate!”

Mike’s mom liked the invitations so much that she had me design another suite for the reception she was hosting in Southern California. We wanted to keep a similar look, but make them different. These overall had a lighter look to them and again we used the “date dot” and the tag line “A reception for the newlyweds.” throughout to differentiate this suite.

We were on a roll with all the design so Mike and Morgan decided to have us do their escort cards and thank you cards! The escort cards are my favorite! I love that we used the dot element and used the food icons from the RSVP to let the server know what each guest had ordered.

Here they are all set up at the wedding.

Morgan found the little chair holders (so cute) and made a sign that said “Please take your seat”.

We had their monogram printed on their photo folders for The Shot Spot. (our awesome photo booth!)

I LOVE the way that Mike and Morgan incorporated their monogram into the wedding favors. I’ll talk more about those in their wedding post coming up next!

After the wedding, we used one of their wedding photos to create these super cute matching thank you cards.

What’s even cooler, is when you have The Goodness do your wedding design, we get to make your photo stuff match too! These are the CDs for the photography. We even make matching DVD menus! Fun!

Wedding invitation, escort cards, DVD case for the photographs, RSVP from reception invite, and thank you card!

We had so much fun working on this design with Mike and Morgan! Everything turned out great! Next up we are going to share their wedding photos!

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Chris and Shannon’s Autumn & Acorn invitation design

When Shannon approached my about designing her wedding invitations for their fall-time Massachusetts wedding on 10-10-10, I was so excited! You must check out their wedding photos, everything was so beautiful! Shannon and Chris wanted to incorporated that autumn feeling into their wedding by basing the design around an acorn – a symbol of good luck! The wedding venue was The Fruitlands Museum which celebrates the native people of Massachusetts. When I sat down to design them, sort of a folk-art feel began to emerge in the design and it worked perfectly!

Here is the invitation front and back.

Close up of the invitation front.

Here you can really see the acorn-infused folk art pattern I designed to use throughout the invitation suite. I isolated one of the acorn groupings for them to use as sort of a monogram.

Chris and Shannon decided to go with the wraparound address labels which are super-easy to print at home and look great.

The ever popular RSVP postcard — saves on stamps and envelopes!

Finally, the full suite: Invitation, envelopes with wraparound address labels, RSVP postcard, and information card. All pieces were printed on an extra heavy linen card stock that went perfectly with the design. Love it!

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Mike and Melissa’s vintage-rad wedding design

I am SO super excited to share Mike and Melissa’s awesome wedding design! It has been such a journey working on all of this together with them and we could not be happier with the outcome. I loved getting to see everything come together at the wedding too! When they contacted me with their ideas for the design, I was immediately excited. Mike and Melissa wanted a vintage-looking design with a touch of modern edgy-ness while incorporating their colors of magenta and grey.

The Save the Date was the first piece we designed. We took inspiration from vintage carnival and show posters when going through the design process to make this adorable postcard Save the Date.

The back of the postcard has lyrics from The Wedding Singer, one of Mike and Melissa’s all time favorite movies. What is even cuter is that Mike is in a wedding band himself!

Next up was the wedding invitation. We jumped on the coattails of the Save the Dates to further incorporate the vintage theme. I am so in LOVE with how these turned out. Easily one of my favorite invitation suites! It consisted of three flat-printed cards: the invitation, information card and RSVP postcard. The pink candy striped envelope liners and vintage stamps were icing on the cake. Here is the full suite.

Melissa wrapped the components up in grey and white baker’s twine. The adorable die-cut mailing labels we found were PERFECT!

Invitation and envelope front.

Information card.

RSVP Postcard.

Mike and Melissa ordered one of our guestbooks, so of course, we incorporated the design into the book. It was such a hit at the wedding!

We even had their wedding logo on these cute photo folders that were handed out to hold the Shot Spot prints.

Another thing I designed for the wedding was the seating chart poster. Mike and Melissa used famous couples as the table names. Such a cute idea!

This wasn’t the only way Mike and Melissa incorporated the design elements into the wedding day. Check out some of the other little touches. They used the font from their invitations and the logo to make this cute mailbox for the gift table.

Love the photo frame with the Save the Date and invitation!

Even more incorporating the typeface. Way adorable.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Thank You card. These beauties will be hitting mailboxes very soon. Mike and Melissa wanted to incorporate their wedding photos into their thank you’s. The inside even has a photo from their Shot Spot!

I had SO much fun designing all of this for Mike and Melissa! They brought some awesome ideas to the table and did a FANTASTIC job incorporating the design into the wedding, which is exactly what using The Goodness for your wedding design is all about! Want to learn more about wedding invitation design? Check out our design rates page and contact us if you are interested.

Oh, and you simply MUST come back tomorrow to see all of the wedding photos! There was cuteness galore!

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Welcome to The Goodness!

Lisa Welge Photography is now The Goodness!

We are SO happy to announce our new brand and business name — The Goodness! In 2008, Geoff and I started Lisa Welge Photography shortly after we got engaged. So with my impending new last name, we knew a business name change was on the way too. Needless to say our re-launch has been in the works for QUITE some time now. Hey, good things take time! We wanted something that sounded unique, yet classic, with just a touch of rad. Believe it or not, I was inspired by a pizza place in San Francisco! We dreamt up “The Goodness” last year, finally purchased our fancy new domain,, and with that the design wheels were rolling! I designed the website myself and the awesome guys over at Treeline Interactive coded my design into reality. I also designed all of our marketing materials: the logo, business cards, our new pricing guide and more! I’d love to share some of them — take a look!

The first thing to do when designing our brand was to come up with the logo. We wanted something with a classic, fun look, with a kind of retro quality, but not too far off from the feel of our Lisa Welge Photography brand.

With the popularity (and just plain cuteness) of our previous elephant, we knew they HAD to stay. Our new elephants were born, this time as a couple in love. I think these guys are my favorite part! So cute. And of course, trunks up for good luck!

These are our new business cards. The photos don’t do them justice. They are a silk laminate with spot UV coating and feel great. You must see them in person! Business cards printed through DPI Perfect.

These are our new consultation folders for our initial meeting with potential clients. I SO cannot wait to start presenting these at our upcoming consults! Folders printed through 48Hour Print.

Folder front.

Ellie’s on the inside!

Slipped inside the folder is our brand-spanking new, full-color pricing guide. I put a ton of work into these and am so in love with how they turned out! Inside are lots of photos and descriptions of all of our products and services. Pricing guide printed at Next Day Flyers.

I also designed some thank you cards and anniversary cards which turned out super cute! Cards printed at Catprint. Envelopes from Paper Source.

We also got some awesome pens with our logo!

Another one of my favorite things are these rubber stamps with our logo and elephants. They are great for stamping shipping boxes and envelopes or whatever fun use we find for them! Stamps from

The full identity suite. I love the colors, the cohesiveness, and had so much fun designing everything. So much heart and soul went into creating this and it makes me overjoyed to finally share it with the world.

Overall, we are SO HAPPY with how everything has turned out so far and could not be more excited to be The Goodness. As a husband and wife team, it has been amazing to watch our business grow (while working our butts off!) and having a blast meeting so many amazing couples. We feel so lucky everyday for the wonderful life we share and we can’t wait for all the goodness the future holds for us.

While we will leave our old blog, up and running, it is no longer being updated and all new posts will be on Update your bookmarks! Lisa’s new twitter is and Geoff’s remains Our new Facebook page can be found by clicking here.

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Our Wedding: invitations and cake toppers!

Now that, for the most part, our guests have received them, its finally safe to blog about our wedding invitations. This invitation suite was designed by me (why yes, I DO also do wedding invitation design! Check out the design gallery on the portfolio site and click here for more info). Our wedding will have kind of a carnival/circus/county fair/summer barbeque theme and I want to reflect that in the invitations. Also Geoff and I are pretty untraditional so loopy script typefaces were thrown out the window. I’m really happy with the outcome of the design.

With the business Geoff and I run together, elephants hold a soft spot in our hearts now. Plus they go along great with our theme!

Next up, our elephant cake toppers! I LOVE these! They are handmade by the amazing Hilary, the artist/craftslady behind Bunny with a Toolbelt. Check out her Etsy shop here, she makes the most adorable wooden sculptures. Well, when I saw these I knew they would be perfect!

Two weeks to go, people. Geoff and I are so excited! We have lots of little projects to finish up and so many more little details to share! Excitement!

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The Great Wedding Dress Project.

As some of you may know Geoff and I are also engaged and getting married this August! Yay! So, to all my brides out there, if you ever want to talk wedding, I am down! Anywhoo, anyone who knows me well (or even a little bit) knows that I adore making stuff and am one crafty little devil. That’s the reason why we are going the DIY route for most of our wedding stuff including…(fanfare) da, da, da! The Dress! So far it has been a labor of love that I have been working on for the past 6 months. It’s not done yet, but I thought I’d do a little write-up on the process. (Sorry this will be a long post!)

It all started with my inspiration – the tea/cocktail length, natural waisted, fifties-style party dress. I knew I wanted something fun and and I looooooove the retro stylings of fifties fashion. I drew inspiration from an amazing dressmaker, Dolly Thicke of Dolly Couture. Then found and fell in love with this dress by designer Elie Saab.

Can we say SWOON?! I loved the lines and shape and set out on a mission to make a similar dress with my own flair.

I also stumbled across this dress:

Wowza. I instantly loved the idea of the multicolored petticoat and knew this would be a part of my dress as well. (images by the talented Aaron Delesie)

So work started in January with some practice mockups. (Very rough, and excuse the messy backgrounds). I am pretty much creating the whole thing without a pattern, aside from the built in corset.

Here I figured out that I want a gathered skirt, not a circle skirt as pictured above.

Trying to figure out the gathers on the bodice.

A practice petticoat.

After making and adjusting the corset top about 3-4 times I had my custom pattern pieces that fit me like a glove.

So, every gigantic project has to have a stupid mistake and here’s mine. I completed making the corset top and was ready to start adding the top layer of fabric that would become the gathers that crossed under the bust. So I’m pinning away into the corset, getting all my gathers in place and looking good. I’m ready to sew so I unpin everything and notice my dress form is wet. The substance is an unscented slippery goo. Thats when I realize the bust inserts I had use on the bodice were gel filled and I had been sticking about a million pins into them. Gel gunk is all over the inside of the corset. The bodice is ruined. My poor dress form is now oddly discolored. (see photo below)

I can only laugh at myself for being so dumb. BUT, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? The incident only gave me the opportunity to make and even BETTER bodice from scratch.

Bodice done-ish. Onto the skirt. I learned this really cool way of gathering fabric. Take a piece of string and use your longest, widest zig-zag stitch and sew over it. the just pull the string and viola! Instant gathers! This helps big time when you have over 5 yards of fabric to gather.

So after 6 months it’s finally starting to look like a dress! Here it is un-hemmed and way too long.

Here I pinned it up a bit. The length will me more along these lines.

I still have a lot to do. I might add some flowers to the hem and of course need to make the 10+ petticoats all in different colors, which will take a loooong time, but it’s coming along! I’ll post updates when I can. Three months from tomorrow we’ll be married!

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Allan & Lacey’s Guestbook

I’m excited to share Allan & Lacey’s Engagement Session Guestbook! I always have so much fun making these for couples. Allan and Lacey’s wedding is coming up and the end of the month and Geoff and I are both so excited to be shooting the celebration of their marriage. Please enjoy some photos of their book!

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Engagement Session Guestbook

So, you’ve just done anВ EngagementВ Session and you now have a ton of amazing photos. What should you do with them all? Order an Engagement Session Guestbook!В RememberВ those traditional guestbooks filled with boring lines that you never look at again? Say hello to the modern guestbook,В beautifully designed with photos from your engagement session. These books are a great way to showcase all of your favorite photos from your session along with your guests’ love and well-wishes you will want to look at again and again!




Our guestbooks feature a full photo wrap cover, with thick, lay-flat pages.



Guestbooks are designed with plenty of empty space your your guests to write you advice, a well-wishing, or love note, yearbook-style.


Brent and Christina had me design thier wedding invitations as well. When you choose to have your wedding stationary designed with me, this alows me to be able to integrage the design elements from their invitations into your guestbook, and later, your wedding album.06


Brent and Christina even included a little note forВ theirВ guests.