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Britni, the survivor

Today, we are happy to share something very special and close to our hearts. We met Britni a few years ago when we were just starting out in our wedding photography business. Britni was the event coordinator at Catta Verdera Country Club and we met when we shot one of our first weddings there. She was absolutely the sweetest, kindest person in the world and was such a champion for us and our photography. It was always such a joy to work with her every time, and her belief in us gave us confidence. We were heartbroken when we learned she had left her position there and even more so when we learned the reason why. Britni had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was such a shock to learn that this had happened to someone so young and vibrant. She received treatments last year and everything seemed like it was going well and she was on her way to a recovery. Then, just recently she found out that the treatments were unsuccessful and she’d need to undergo chemotherapy and this time, she’d lose her hair.

She emailed Geoff and I to take some portraits with her boyfriend, Nick, and his son, Nicholas before chemo. Also Nick and Nicholas were going shave their heads with Britni and she wanted to get an after picture too. Of course we were so happy to do this for her! In fact we offered to come and photograph the shaving too (we called it the “Shave Party”!). We met up on a Thursday for the portraits, fittingly at Catta Verdera, where Britni and Nick met. We asked how their week had been and Britni joyously announced that Nick had proposed and they were getting married on Monday! We were so happy for them!

Brinti is such a beauty and manages to stay SO positive all the time!

Nicholas is one adorable ball of energy!

A little ove a week later we went to Britni and Nick’s home for the shave party! Here is our obligatory “before” picture!

Little Nicholas was next.

An then it was Britni’s turn…

When it was time for the last hairs to go, Britni took the reins.

I think she looks even more beautiful.

We also put together a little video of the whole thing!

[vimeo video_id=”40691595″ width=”850″ height=”478″ title=”No” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”c9ff23″]


Britni, we cannot thank you enough for asking us to capture something so immensely special. Thank you for letting us share your story. Readers, Britni has kept a diary of her journey with cancer at her blog, The Princess and the “C”. Please send all of your thoughts, wishes, and support for a speedy recovery. We love you Britni!


12 replies on “Britni, the survivor”

This is so beautiful and very touching. I think Britni looks beautiful, and her courage and strength are shining through these pictures. Good luck to her and her family.

Must say, this made me tear up a bit! Britni is still amazingly gorgeous with her shaved head! She is totally going to rock this look! Prayers for a fullo recovery!

Thanks for sharing Britni’s story. Her eyes, while beautiful in all photos, just seem to reach out and touch you from the photos where she has really short hair. Good luck, strength and wishes for a long and healthy life to her…

Thank you for sharing this amazing event. Britni…you are so beautiful! Stay strong. Sending healing wishes your way.

I love looking at local artistic/photographers because I too love taking pictures. So when I came upon this session, it literally brought me to tears. You guys did an amazing job. I love how you capture the moment so well. You guys are definitely on my list of favorites.

I definitely cried at this post. You guys have captured such a hard and difficult time in a family’s life so beautifully. You’ve made it a celebration rather than a tragedy. Amazing job.

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