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Because I love them!

Geoff went to buy a BBQ (yay!) and I had an afternoon off today, (well, I’m calling my procrastination of getting work done “an afternoon off”, anyway) and the doggies were being adorable as usual, so I though I’d take some photos and share them with you! You may remember my post about adopting little Charlie from the animal shelter back in February. He is such a happy addition to our home! He’s cuddly, playful and just loves to be around us. Plus, I think he gets cuter every day!

I mean, COME ON! Look at that face! You kill me Charlie.

He was being such a good little model!

The past few weeks our home has had a little visitor! This tiny cutie, who we lovingly refer to as “Little Dog”, followed me home when I was walking Charlie one day. We tried to find his owner, posted signs everywhere and such, but we have a neighbor friend that thinks his owners might have moved away and left him. I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t want him, he is SO SWEET. Such a little cuddle-bug.

Awww. Sweet as he is, we are looking for a home for him as we are trying to keep our home shedding-dog free. But he’s so great we don’t mind hanging on to him until we find a good family for him.

I think Charlie will miss his buddy though!

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