Associate Photographers

Associate Photographers


An associate is a highly experienced photographer that photographs weddings under The Goodness brand. Booking an associate is perfect when Geoff and Lisa might be already booked on your wedding date, or for couples that may be working with a limited budget. Our associates have mentored with and been trained thoroughly by Geoff and Lisa so the style of shooting is very similar. All the while, you’ll still be receiving the same amazing experience that The Goodness is renowned for. 


Meet our lead associate, Francisco.

Francisco has been photographing weddings for over 7 years and has been working with The Goodness for the past 5 years. XXXXXXXX more stuff here. Francisco is a Newlywed himself, he married his lovely wife in December of 2016. 

You can view Francisco’s portfolio below and catch up on his recent work on the associate blog. 

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