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Anthony + Courtney – fun in Wakiki and North Shore!

If you do not know these two, they are pretty adorable. The story of how they met, fell in love, and got to this point today, I love a ton. It is because I too was the lucky man who somehow found the love of his life at work. This month, 9 years ago, Lisa and I started dating and it is crazy to think of all the adventures we already have behind us together and how so many more lay ahead. There are a few more things we love about these two, not going to lie. How could Courtney not fall for this lovable guy who loves good food and wine, while Anthony fell in love with this fun adventurous girl who gets him to hike to mountain tops regularly in Hawaii. 

These two work hard, and when they can, they relax just as hard, practice their amazing hobbies (which Lisa and I are beyond fond off — ukulele and calligraphy, need we say more?), climb mountains, find fun new restaurants (you two have to eat at Opal along with anyone else who visits North Shore!), and just enjoy being together. You may have guessed by now these two live on Oahu. They both live there for work, probably for the next few years, and spend most of their time in the office. Many of the mornings, they run around Waikiki and Ala Moana Beach Park, which Lisa and I enjoyed running around one morning and it was dreamy even at 6:30am. Since they are in Hawaii, Anthony received a Ukelele as a gift, and being someone who played a bit of guitar picked it up and has enjoyed learning ever since. If you did not know Lisa loooooves her Ukelele as well. She even wrote out the chords for her favorite Christmas Song you can read about here. We had a blast hearing Anthony strum away during the engagement session hanging out on the beach of North Shore, Oahu watching the sunset. Could it really have been a more dreamy day? Clearly Lisa and I are already loving how fun these two are. Then comes Courtney who loves her Calligraphy and being able to practice any chance she has. It is amazing how therapeutic Calligraphy can be, as it is a lost art you are seeing make a beautiful revival. There are so many other amazing things to say about these two but I want the next few images to tell you about their relationship today. To see how one makes the other smile, and laugh only tells my heart, my mind, and my soul that I am the luckiest man alive seeing how in love these two are. In that same moment I am lucky enough to be able to look at my wife and know why I love mine too. To say that Anthony makes Courtney laugh is an understatement I can say as a fact. Anthony will make a lot of people laugh, he is fun, boisterous and a lot of fun to go out eating and drinking with. There is something though when these two get together that just makes them both glow. Thank you again for having us capture you in your neighborhood in Waikiki and Honolulu. Seeing your coffee shops, your streets, your restaurants, and your parks there on Oahu was really special to Lisa and I. We can not wait for your wedding next year and wish you all the best on all your new adventures together!

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