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Mike + Angie – Storm Chasing!

What happens when you are enjoying a fun picnic with the love of your life and the perfect sunset ends up turning into an intense storm? We were having fun with Mike and Angie at Gibson Ranch the night of this crazy storm at the beginning of June. We were enjoying some nice Rosé in the warm evening weather. We walked down near the creek before the sun was setting and then we noticed the sky getting a little crazy. We were walking out in a field enjoying the sunset and this storm starting pushing in out of nowhere. We were starting to take our last photo and I could not believe we were seeing lightning flash across the sky. We’d set up a flash and just as we were taking the very last shot I looked down at the camera and noticed a gorgeous lightning bolt flashing across the frame I’d just captured. We were just trying to get the beautiful sky and in turn were rewarded with an unforgettable (and very lucky) photo for Mike and Angie’s engagement session. Lisa and I were giddy with joy to share that photo with Mike and Angie and show them the back of the camera. It is funny because we normally never share of the back of the camera but being this excited we had to share. Can you believe it? Mike and Angie we had an amazing time sharing your picnic, plus I will never forget laying on the ground, when it suddenly starts pouring rain, we take one last picture and were able to capture so much love and energy in one photo! We can not wait to see you again in September!

Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 001Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 002Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 005Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 007Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 008Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 009Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 011Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 012Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 014Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 015Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 017Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 019Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 018Gibson Ranch Engagement Session 020

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Courtney + Anthony – married at home!

So many people have many different reasons why their venue speaks to them as the place to get married. For Courtney and Anthony there was no other place to get married. They were getting married where Anthony proposed, where Courtney grew up and where so many other fond memories have started. It was Courtney’s parents house in Nicolaus near the Feather River. It was a beautiful house that was right next to a beautiful orchard, with an old barn for dancing the night away and all their family and friends in tow. If you have not seen Courtney and Anthony’s engagement session. Please go see that first! They live and work on Oahu and invited Lisa and there to capture their love story where it has grown over the last year. Fast forward to the wedding and we were just blown away and all the love put in at the event. Before dinner you could see Anthony carrying a box of wine while Courtney was helping him find it. Courtney herself, dyed and made all the napkins, the table numbers, and signs. A family friend made the beautiful cake, and Chando’s Tacos catered the wedding. If you did not know Lisa and I love Chandos. He even catered our wedding rehearsal, just saying. 

 It was such a fun day as we showed up to see Courtney and Anthony working on getting things ready. Courtney was orchestrating final details while all the guys carried in wine and beer. The kegs were checked, as her dad and close friend had brewed all the beer. A party of epic proportions was brewing, it was clear! Let us know what you think of their beautiful day of fun, family and friends! Thank you so much Courtney and Anthony as we were honored to be there capturing your family be created.

Sacramento River Wedding 043 photoSacramento River Wedding 022 photoSacramento River Wedding 017 photoSacramento River Wedding 004 photoSacramento River Wedding 008 photoSacramento River Wedding 009 photoSacramento River Wedding 154 photo 2Sacramento River Wedding 006 photoSacramento River Wedding 026 photoaSacramento River Wedding 011 photoSacramento River Wedding 012 photoSacramento River Wedding 024 photoSacramento River Wedding 015 photoSacramento River Wedding 030 photoSacramento River Wedding 016 photoSacramento River Wedding 028 photoSacramento River Wedding 036 photoSacramento River Wedding 033 photoSacramento River Wedding 037 photoSacramento River Wedding 038 photoSacramento River Wedding 029 photoSacramento River Wedding 039 photoSacramento River Wedding 041 photoSacramento River Wedding 042 photoSacramento River Wedding 044 photoSacramento River Wedding 045 photoSacramento River Wedding 046 photoSacramento River Wedding 048 photoSacramento River Wedding 047 photoSacramento River Wedding 050 photoSacramento River Wedding 051 photoSacramento River Wedding 055 photoSacramento River Wedding 057 photoSacramento River Wedding 058 photoSacramento River Wedding 060 photoaSacramento River Wedding 063 photoSacramento River Wedding 064 photoSacramento River Wedding 066 photoSacramento River Wedding 070 photoSacramento River Wedding 071 photoSacramento River Wedding 073 photoSacramento River Wedding 074 photoSacramento River Wedding 076 photoSacramento River Wedding 077 photoSacramento River Wedding 079 photoSacramento River Wedding 083 photoSacramento River Wedding 081 photoSacramento River Wedding 084 photoSacramento River Wedding 086 photoSacramento River Wedding 087 photoSacramento River Wedding 088 photoSacramento River Wedding 091 photoSacramento River Wedding 092 photoSacramento River Wedding 093 photoSacramento River Wedding 094 photoSacramento River Wedding 096 photoSacramento River Wedding 098 photoSacramento River Wedding 099 photoSacramento River Wedding 100 photoSacramento River Wedding 101 photoSacramento River Wedding 102 photoSacramento River Wedding 103 photoSacramento River Wedding 110 photoSacramento River Wedding 107 photoaSacramento River Wedding 113 photoSacramento River Wedding 114 photoSacramento River Wedding 111 photoSacramento River Wedding 116 photoaSacramento River Wedding 117 photoSacramento River Wedding 119 photoSacramento River Wedding 121 photoaSacramento River Wedding 123 photoSacramento River Wedding 124 photoSacramento River Wedding 125 photoSacramento River Wedding 126 photoSacramento River Wedding 127 photoSacramento River Wedding 128 photoSacramento River Wedding 129 photoSacramento River Wedding 130 photoSacramento River Wedding 153 photoSacramento River Wedding 135 photoSacramento River Wedding 142 photoSacramento River Wedding 137 photoaSacramento River Wedding 138 photoSacramento River Wedding 139 photoSacramento River Wedding 141 photoSacramento River Wedding 144 photoaSacramento River Wedding 146 photoaSacramento River Wedding 150 photo

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Hamid + Julie – Food, Soccer, love!

Would you guess that you would meet the love of your life while watching the World Cup at a pub, where you normally would never be? Even more interesting is that each of them were alone because their friends decided to ditch them, destiny maybe?  I do not think Julie had any idea that one evening, while trying to have a beer and enjoy a great game of soccer, this gentleman would be so polite in having to excuse him self to grab his beer. In that moment Julie smiled at the charming man with such polite manners whom chose to quickly smile back in Julie’s direction. As the seamlessly started talking realized realized they could have almost met countless times. They went to school at Davis at the same time for 2 years, had classes mainly in the same building for those two years. They even graduated on the same day, same time, at the same location. They had both lived in the same apartment building down the street from Bonn Lair at different times and the apartments were right on top of each other. Would you believe all of this if you had just met a stranger? I can not say this is fate, but I can say the happiness they bring to each other is clear. Hamid is playful and constantly brings out the smile and energy in Julie. I can not wait to see these two again for their wedding next month! Thank you so much for sharing your love with Lisa and I!

Downtown Sacramento Engagement 005Downtown Sacramento Engagement 001Downtown Sacramento Engagement 003aDowntown Sacramento Engagement 006Downtown Sacramento Engagement 009Downtown Sacramento Engagement 008aDowntown Sacramento Engagement 010Downtown Sacramento Engagement 013Downtown Sacramento Engagement 017Downtown Sacramento Engagement 014Downtown Sacramento Engagement 016Downtown Sacramento Engagement 022Downtown Sacramento Engagement 019Downtown Sacramento Engagement 018Downtown Sacramento Engagement 020Downtown Sacramento Engagement 021Downtown Sacramento Engagement 023Downtown Sacramento Engagement 025Downtown Sacramento Engagement 027Downtown Sacramento Engagement 028Downtown Sacramento Engagement 029

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Mervin + Angie – an emotion filled day!

I hope you are prepared for a wave of emotions. This wedding is one that was planned in only three months, and was filled with so many people that I want in my every day life. You may remember Angie and Mervin from their Sutro Baths engagement session. If you have not seen it, you should! That being said their wedding has made me cry more times than I probably want to admit to anybody. When they first came to us, their wedding was originally planned for September and they were finalizing their date. They were getting married in the same place that Angie has spent countless hours side by side with her father hiking in the woods that surround the venue, Villa Montalvo. The gorgeous trees provided a serene, shaded escape for her father from the bright and sunny Cupertino. Here they could talk, or just walk together needing nothing else but each other by their side. With all that importance there really is no other place in the world that makes sense to have Angie’s father walk her down the aisle. 

You will see that Angie’s best friend sang to her father a Chinese folk song while Angie danced with him. The thing you would never know is that she spent weeks with a vocal coach learning how to sing. What if I told you that the vocal coach only spoke Chinese and and Nisha did not. That is right, she spent endless nights for her best friend learning to sing, and sing in Chinese from someone who could not easily speak to her as neither of them spoke the same language. If this is not love for your best friend, I honestly do not know what is. I have loved getting to know this, and so much more about Angie and Mervin. I know what makes them smile, laugh, and cry. I know why their friends love them. I know why their families hold them close. Angie and Mervin are not long lost friends, or friends of friends I have known in passing, but two people who came into our lives one day over a call on Skype. They are two people who were willing to trust Lisa and I with their bare open hearts. They trusted us with their love and passion for each other, their calm desire to be with their family forever, and trusted us with their abundance of friends who all wore their hearts on their sleeves for both Angie and Mervin. There are standing ovations for Mervin’s father Jack and his amazing speech and possibly tears of joy from so many others moments ahead for you to see below. It is in these photos I too have lost my calm and let go tears of joy and happiness.  

I can not be more thankful to type this as those tears still roll down my cheek. I am honored we had the opportunity to tell this story. It is when people trust us with their love and hearts that photographs become more then just dots tying our memories together. One photo can become true portals into rich moments we can relive for the rest of our lives. Thank you for sharing your hearts with us Angie and Mervin, we can not wait to share even more photographs with you from your beautiful wedding at Villa Montalvo!

Villa Montalvo Wedding 008Villa Montalvo Wedding 007Villa Montalvo Wedding 009Villa Montalvo Wedding 001Villa Montalvo Wedding 003aVilla Montalvo Wedding 004Villa Montalvo Wedding 012aVilla Montalvo Wedding 013

I run into these guys running off to get an undershirt because Mervin forgot it at home in all the craziness. It is easy to forget such a simple thing when there are so many amazing things going on around you. It also showed me from the moment Lisa and I saw Mervin and Angie that their friends are going to be a lot of fun!

Villa Montalvo Wedding 014Villa Montalvo Wedding 015Villa Montalvo Wedding 017Villa Montalvo Wedding 020Villa Montalvo Wedding 021Villa Montalvo Wedding 022Villa Montalvo Wedding 024Villa Montalvo Wedding 027aVilla Montalvo Wedding 028Villa Montalvo Wedding 029Villa Montalvo Wedding 030Villa Montalvo Wedding 031Villa Montalvo Wedding 037Villa Montalvo Wedding 038Villa Montalvo Wedding 039Villa Montalvo Wedding 041aVilla Montalvo Wedding 042Villa Montalvo Wedding 043Villa Montalvo Wedding 045Villa Montalvo Wedding 052Villa Montalvo Wedding 054Villa Montalvo Wedding 056Villa Montalvo Wedding 060Villa Montalvo Wedding 050aAngie and Mervin 003Villa Montalvo Wedding 059Villa Montalvo Wedding 062Villa Montalvo Wedding 063Villa Montalvo Wedding 064Villa Montalvo Wedding 065Villa Montalvo Wedding 070Villa Montalvo Wedding 073Villa Montalvo Wedding 074Villa Montalvo Wedding 075Villa Montalvo Wedding 080Villa Montalvo Wedding 081Villa Montalvo Wedding 083Villa Montalvo Wedding 082Villa Montalvo Wedding 088aVilla Montalvo Wedding 091Villa Montalvo Wedding 092Villa Montalvo Wedding 093Villa Montalvo Wedding 094Villa Montalvo Wedding 095Villa Montalvo Wedding 097Villa Montalvo Wedding 110Villa Montalvo Wedding 098Villa Montalvo Wedding 102Villa Montalvo Wedding 104Villa Montalvo Wedding 105Villa Montalvo Wedding 106Villa Montalvo Wedding 113Villa Montalvo Wedding 114Villa Montalvo Wedding 115Villa Montalvo Wedding 118Villa Montalvo Wedding 121Villa Montalvo Wedding 120aVilla Montalvo Wedding 124Villa Montalvo Wedding 125aVilla Montalvo Wedding 126Villa Montalvo Wedding 127Villa Montalvo Wedding 129Villa Montalvo Wedding 130Villa Montalvo Wedding 131Villa Montalvo Wedding 132Villa Montalvo Wedding 133Villa Montalvo Wedding 134Villa Montalvo Wedding 135Villa Montalvo Wedding 138aVilla Montalvo Wedding 140Villa Montalvo Wedding 142Villa Montalvo Wedding 143Villa Montalvo Wedding 145Villa Montalvo Wedding 144Villa Montalvo Wedding 146