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Family = Love (mini-session wrap-up!)

This year was our first ever go at doing family mini-sessions. Truth be told we stay pretty darn busy throughout the year with weddings, so when we have people contacting us about family portrait sessions, we usually have to say no. But we were so excited this year to put on a portrait session marathon and do a whole bunch of awesome mini-sessions! It was amazing seeing so many of our past wedding clients, now with growing families of their own. We love that we get to photograph these wonderful people during so many special times of their lives. It only makes us feel grateful for our own little family and the joy and love family life has brought into our lives. We also got to meet a bunch of new people too! Here are some of our favorite moments from the mini-sessions we photographed this month. There were families of all types and sizes, which just goes to prove the only thing you need to be a family is love.
Be sure to like The Goodness on Facebook to find out when we will be holding our next mini-session marathon! 008017029 2028030083019 3015 3004 2006009019014018 2028 2a026 2022062027 3032084

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Cara + Colby – Love in the mountains!

These two, I kinda fall in love with them the moment I met them. I even loved Cara’s sister too. It may be why I was so excited about the wedding. It wasn’t because Cara has a twin, it was OMG these three are so much fun I can only imagine how the wedding is going to be. They are a fun, energetic, loving couple that delivered in so many different fulfilling ways. I was honored that Francisco and I were able to see who these two were as individuals, and as a couple, become a beautiful family at Forest House Lodge. That is right, Francisco our amazing associate photographer was there working and shooting his butt off with me at their wedding. It was a perfect October day, especially as the fall is my second favorite season(Winter, I love the snow). The light in California is perfect though in the fall, and the way it pours down into the Sierra Mountains makes me excited to be out there helping couples capture the story of them creating family. I just wanted to say thank you again Cara and Colby for allowing us to be there and we can not wait for you to see the rest of your photos! Your wedding in Foresthill, CA was perfectly you!Forest House Lodge Wedding 001 photoForesthill Wedding 010Forest House Lodge Wedding 006 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 007 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 008 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 009 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 010 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 012 photoaForest House Lodge Wedding 013 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 014 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 015 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 003 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 004 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 016 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 017 photoForesethill Wedding 002 photoForesethill Wedding 003 photoForesethill Wedding 009 photoaForest House Lodge Wedding 023 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 024 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 025 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 026 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 027 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 030 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 029 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 032 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 034 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 035 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 037 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 038 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 039 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 040 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 042 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 043 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 044 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 045 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 046 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 051 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 049 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 050 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 053 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 054 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 055 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 056 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 057 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 059 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 063 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 062 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 067 photoaForest House Lodge Wedding 068 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 069 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 070 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 071 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 072 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 075 photo

So the fact that Colby’s little nephew had tears of joy for his uncle was seriously THE most amazing thing to see from such a young boy.Forest House Lodge Wedding 077 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 078 photoForesethill Wedding 005 photoaForest House Lodge Wedding 080 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 082 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 083 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 084 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 086 photoaForest House Lodge Wedding 087 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 089 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 091 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 092 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 093 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 094 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 095 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 096 photoForesethill Wedding 008 photoaForest House Lodge Wedding 100 photoForesthill Wedding 011Forest House Lodge Wedding 106 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 102 photoForesethill Wedding 001 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 104 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 105 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 107 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 108 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 110 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 113 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 112 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 111 photoForest House Lodge Wedding 114 photo

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Summer + Adam – Fun on the beach!

So these two did not meet yesterday or last year, they met many years ago at Summer Camp. They were both instructors at different camps, and ended up in a fun group of college age kids having a fun summer. They were camp counselors, plus Adam and his friends were fun Australians. Who wouldn’t want to hangout with the fun guys from the other camp right? Fast forward to a trip Summer made to Australia where she rings up a couple old friends (yes Adam was one of those friends) to visit while she was down under. If you are not aware already that meeting with Adam changed both their lives. It was not long that Summer was packing her bags and moving from Nevada all the way to Sydney. I could not blame her one bit either for the move. If you can catch up with an old friend, look into their eyes and have the most amazing conversations and just know you don’t want it to end with that person, why not move down into the other hemisphere and follow love. If it was me I would of done it. I quit a job, put everything I owned in the back of my truck, moved (only 110 miles) all for love. I will say my bet paid off, and as you can tell so did Summer’s. It paid off as she has that heart warming man by her side who always brings a smile to her face, he even made my heart melt seeing how they were together. They are playful, fun, energetic and just plain ole good people. Adam had just finished a half iron man a couple days before we met, plus Summer is an acrobat if you didn’t know. It was really sweet at the end of their engagement session Adam asked for one thing, he wanted a picture of Summer doing a handstand. He loves taking pictures of the cool places they go to with her doing handstand. We could not have been happier to even get them both doing them on the beac together. I will say once last small thing, yes that is a crazy nudists with a strategically zipped up jacket. He was not happy anybody was on his beach. I wasn’t sure if he saw the other 15 clothed people on the beach but hey, every engagement session is an adventure when you get to meet the angry nudist!Half Moon Bay Engagement session 001 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 002 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 005 photoaHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 006 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 008 photoaHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 010 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 011 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 013 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 014 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 015 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 016 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 017 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 018 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 020 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 022 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 023 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 024 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 027 photoHalf Moon Bay Engagement session 026 photo

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Anthony + Courtney – fun in Wakiki and North Shore!

If you do not know these two, they are pretty adorable. The story of how they met, fell in love, and got to this point today, I love a ton. It is because I too was the lucky man who somehow found the love of his life at work. This month, 9 years ago, Lisa and I started dating and it is crazy to think of all the adventures we already have behind us together and how so many more lay ahead. There are a few more things we love about these two, not going to lie. How could Courtney not fall for this lovable guy who loves good food and wine, while Anthony fell in love with this fun adventurous girl who gets him to hike to mountain tops regularly in Hawaii. 

These two work hard, and when they can, they relax just as hard, practice their amazing hobbies (which Lisa and I are beyond fond off — ukulele and calligraphy, need we say more?), climb mountains, find fun new restaurants (you two have to eat at Opal along with anyone else who visits North Shore!), and just enjoy being together. You may have guessed by now these two live on Oahu. They both live there for work, probably for the next few years, and spend most of their time in the office. Many of the mornings, they run around Waikiki and Ala Moana Beach Park, which Lisa and I enjoyed running around one morning and it was dreamy even at 6:30am. Since they are in Hawaii, Anthony received a Ukelele as a gift, and being someone who played a bit of guitar picked it up and has enjoyed learning ever since. If you did not know Lisa loooooves her Ukelele as well. She even wrote out the chords for her favorite Christmas Song you can read about here. We had a blast hearing Anthony strum away during the engagement session hanging out on the beach of North Shore, Oahu watching the sunset. Could it really have been a more dreamy day? Clearly Lisa and I are already loving how fun these two are. Then comes Courtney who loves her Calligraphy and being able to practice any chance she has. It is amazing how therapeutic Calligraphy can be, as it is a lost art you are seeing make a beautiful revival. There are so many other amazing things to say about these two but I want the next few images to tell you about their relationship today. To see how one makes the other smile, and laugh only tells my heart, my mind, and my soul that I am the luckiest man alive seeing how in love these two are. In that same moment I am lucky enough to be able to look at my wife and know why I love mine too. To say that Anthony makes Courtney laugh is an understatement I can say as a fact. Anthony will make a lot of people laugh, he is fun, boisterous and a lot of fun to go out eating and drinking with. There is something though when these two get together that just makes them both glow. Thank you again for having us capture you in your neighborhood in Waikiki and Honolulu. Seeing your coffee shops, your streets, your restaurants, and your parks there on Oahu was really special to Lisa and I. We can not wait for your wedding next year and wish you all the best on all your new adventures together!

Oahu Wedding Photographer 001Oahu Wedding Photographer 002Oahu Wedding Photographer 004Oahu Wedding Photographer 006Oahu Wedding Photographer 008Waikiki Wedding Photographer 002Oahu Wedding Photographer 009Waikiki Wedding Photographer 003Oahu Wedding Photographer 012Oahu Wedding Photographer 014Oahu Wedding Photographer 013Waikiki Wedding Photographer 007Waikiki Wedding Photographer 006Oahu Wedding Photographer 017Oahu Wedding Photographer 020Oahu Wedding Photographer 021Oahu Wedding Photographer 023Oahu Wedding Photographer 024Oahu Wedding Photographer 025Oahu Wedding Photographer 026Oahu Wedding Photographer 028Oahu Wedding Photographer 029Oahu Wedding Photographer 031Oahu Wedding Photographer 032Oahu Wedding Photographer 033Oahu Wedding Photographer 034Oahu Wedding Photographer 035Oahu Wedding Photographer 036Oahu Wedding Photographer 037Oahu Wedding Photographer 040Oahu Wedding Photographer 038Oahu Wedding Photographer 039

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Tanvi + Stuart – a colorful day in Danville!

Love truly is an adventure, and our couples invite us into their lives to capture one small piece of that story. A wedding is a small, amazing moment of time, that I see, not as a starting point but as step forward into deeper adventures in life, love, and crazy. How deep each couple  wades, and if they want to swim out to where they can not see the bottom is a choice we each make. What I love about marriage is that there is no right answer to so many of the questions we have about the life and future a couple creates that day. What truly matters for me is that I can smile and wake up each day to a new adventure with my best friend and wife hand in hand together as equals. We help lift, push, pull and prod to get to the next day together. I look at each day as a new day, one with no past, and one with an uncertain future, and a day I am willing to live as full as I can make it. Together we can do it.

To say Tanvi and Stuart’s wedding was an adventure would be to understate it entirely. They chose to have not one, or two days to celebrate, but three beautiful days of ceremonies, parties, family, friends, dancing, eating, and love. I will tell you there was a lot of everything on that list for three days straight last month and it was filled with more color and delight than we even anticipated. We were honored with having the whole photography team to be a part of capturing their wedding story. Francisco, Lisa and I were filled each new day with dreams of colorful attire, bountiful meals, and so many kind people enjoying themselves. Each new day our previous dream because the beauty we are wanting to share today. These photos are just from their wedding day. We have plenty more to share at a later date! I will let you know there was fire, a white horse, knives, dancing, and more ahead of you. Thank you so much  Tanvi and Stuart for allowing us to capture your beautiful day in Danville at the Crow Canyon Country Club.


Bay Area Indian Wedding 003Bay Area Indian Wedding 002aBay Area Indian Wedding 004Bay Area Indian Wedding 005Bay Area Indian Wedding 006Bay Area Indian Wedding 008Bay Area Indian Wedding 009Bay Area Indian Wedding 014Bay Area Indian Wedding 013Bay Area Indian Wedding 015Bay Area Indian Wedding 011Bay Area Indian Wedding 012Bay Area Indian Wedding 016Danville indian Wedding 001Bay Area Indian Wedding 017Bay Area Indian Wedding 020Bay Area Indian Wedding 019Bay Area Indian Wedding 021Bay Area Indian Wedding 022Bay Area Indian Wedding 023Bay Area Indian Wedding 018Bay Area Indian Wedding 024Bay Area Indian Wedding 026Bay Area Indian Wedding 027Bay Area Indian Wedding 029Bay Area Indian Wedding 032Bay Area Indian Wedding 031Bay Area Indian Wedding 028Bay Area Indian Wedding 033Bay Area Indian Wedding 034Bay Area Indian Wedding 035Bay Area Indian Wedding 038Bay Area Indian Wedding 037aBay Area Indian Wedding 039Bay Area Indian Wedding 041Bay Area Indian Wedding 042Bay Area Indian Wedding 043Bay Area Indian Wedding 044Bay Area Indian Wedding 046Bay Area Indian Wedding 047Bay Area Indian Wedding 048Bay Area Indian Wedding 049Bay Area Indian Wedding 050Bay Area Indian Wedding 051Bay Area Indian Wedding 052Bay Area Indian Wedding 053Bay Area Indian Wedding 054Bay Area Indian Wedding 055Bay Area Indian Wedding 057Bay Area Indian Wedding 058Bay Area Indian Wedding 059Bay Area Indian Wedding 062Bay Area Indian Wedding 063Bay Area Indian Wedding 066aBay Area Indian Wedding 067Bay Area Indian Wedding 068Bay Area Indian Wedding 069Bay Area Indian Wedding 070Bay Area Indian Wedding 074Bay Area Indian Wedding 072aBay Area Indian Wedding 075Bay Area Indian Wedding 076Bay Area Indian Wedding 077Bay Area Indian Wedding 078Bay Area Indian Wedding 079Bay Area Indian Wedding 080Bay Area Indian Wedding 083Bay Area Indian Wedding 085Bay Area Indian Wedding 086Bay Area Indian Wedding 091Bay Area Indian Wedding 087Bay Area Indian Wedding 089Bay Area Indian Wedding 092Bay Area Indian Wedding 093Bay Area Indian Wedding 095Bay Area Indian Wedding 098Danville indian Wedding 003Bay Area Indian Wedding 099Danville indian Wedding 002Bay Area Indian Wedding 101Bay Area Indian Wedding 104aBay Area Indian Wedding 105Bay Area Indian Wedding 107Bay Area Indian Wedding 108Bay Area Indian Wedding 109Bay Area Indian Wedding 110Bay Area Indian Wedding 111Bay Area Indian Wedding 112

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Michelle + Spencer – a fun love story!

I am going to start with how Lisa met Michelle and Spencer because you just might call it fate. It was a beautiful Friday evening in South Lake Tahoe as the sun was just setting perfectly over the mountains creating one of the most gorgeous sunset skies. We needed some diapers so Lisa ran to the store and before driving back to the condo we rented (we had a wedding the next day) she wanted to get a great picture of the sun setting. She drove around the neighborhood a bit before finding the perfect spot. She grabbed a couple photos and noticed this sweet couple was trying to get someone to take their picture to show the sunset but as you may know, it is very difficult to get both the subject AND sunset to show up in a photo. Lisa quickly went over to the car and looked to see what she had. There were no fancy cameras, no fancy flashes, everything was at the condo because we were getting ready for tomorrow’s wedding. She did however have a light strong enough to help get the photo. She asked them if their photo had come out okay only to find out that they had literally JUST gotten engaged! “Oh my God! I just wanna hug you!” Lisa excitedly exclaimed to the girl. She cried back, “Okay!” and with that hug she met Michelle and Spencer. Armed with her big light she helped this adorable couple get that all important “we just got engaged!!” photo. 

Flash forward two months and Lisa gets a call from the amazing Michelle. She and Spencer were interested in taking engagement photos. How could we say no to that request? As you know us we want nothing more than to look for a great personal space to take their photos. The had just moved up to Tahoe from San Jose the week Lisa had met them and Spencer proposed. Where they met, many years ago was at a hockey game. Hockey is kind of a big deal for these two, but we will go into that another time. I will say though Spencer is working hard as the President of the Junior Hockey team in South Lake Tahoe. It took a few years for these two to start dating but when they did they fell head over heels for each other. I can not believe we were able to end our engagement session in the same place Spencer proposed and the fact that Lisa was there to capture their first photo together after they were engaged. It only takes a bit of luck but for some reason we get to be surrounded but the most amazing couples in love! Thank you so much for letting us capture these photos of your Lake Tahoe engagement session, Michelle and Spencer. We had such a fun time getting to know you and it was such a pleasure seeing you in the new place you call home. How can you not love Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe Engagement session 001 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 003 photoaLake Tahoe Engagement session 005 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 006 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 007 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 008 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 009 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 001 photo 2Lake Tahoe Engagement session 011 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 012 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 013 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 015 photoLake Tahoe Engagement session 016 photo