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Cara & Colby – Swept away in Coloma

Many of us dream of marrying our High School sweethearts. Colby and Cara took that dream and turned it into a beautiful adventure together. They have fallen in love, moved across the country together, spent summers kayaking down the American River, and even spent a month traveling in a van all over New Zealand. Adventure really does not stop with these two. Colby even turned proposing to Cara into an adventure. He made her Birthday into a scavenger hunt where Cara was running around to different places based on riddles she was receiving from Colby. She ran around getting coffee from her favorite shop, had her nails done, went shopping for a dress, and ended up at their favorite restaurant in Coloma where they spent countless hours hanging out after long days reminiscing over the days experiences. This time there were 50 or so friends and family waiting there on her birthday. Little did she know they were there to help Colby propose. Everyone shuffled Cara to a small stage in the restaurant where Colby stood awaiting her arrival. As she took his hand Colby quickly dropped to one knee and proposed to his now fiancee. I had so much fun getting to know these two as we hiked around the river where they once spent endless hours falling for one another other each new day. When we talked about where to meet for an engagement session the first place that came to my mind was Coloma. So much has happened through the years with these two and a river was often involved. We started near Sutter’s Mill where the ever changing American River splits the valley with endless views of rolling hills. Thank you again Cara and Colby for sharing your story with us. We can not wait for your wedding this fall!
Coloma Engagent Session 002 photoColoma Engagent Session 004 photoaColoma Engagent Session 005 photoColoma Engagent Session 006 photoColoma Engagent Session 008 photoColoma Engagent Session 009 photoColoma Engagent Session 010 photoColoma Engagent Session 016 photoabColoma Engagent Session 014 photoColoma Engagent Session 013 photoColoma Engagent Session 017 photoColoma Engagent Session 018 photoColoma Engagent Session 020 photoColoma Engagent Session 023 photoColoma Engagent Session 024 photoColoma Engagent Session 025 photoColoma Engagent Session 027 photoColoma Engagent Session 026 photo

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Geoff & Sarah – A Romantic DIY Hazlwood Wedding

Geoff and Sarah, we have to say thank you for making us laugh, smile, and cry throughout your wedding. When we arrived in the early afternoon the heat was quickly getting to everyone. Some of us were slightly warmed already by the downpour of sun rays the day before. It was a warm glowing afternoon in the hills of Los Gatos filled with the sound of sisters and friends bustling about Hazlwood setting up decorations and fixing up place settings on the tables. When Geoff and Sarah told us they were doing everything for the wedding, they were not kidding. Her sister made endless mini cupcakes. They sweated over centerpieces, put together bouquets of wildflowers, and painstakingly perfected cut out paper stars for their gorgeous ceremony backdrop. The towering redwoods were beautiful enough but who could not love peering through a beautiful couple to see a starry afternoon filled with love and smiles. These two had chosen to not see each other at all before their wedding. They only wanted one thing to make sure they were ready to wed — a small moment to pray and be together. Hands held tight, arms locked, they stood while Sarah quickly let a couple tears run down her cheek. Lisa and I both looked back at our own wedding seeing ourselves now in front of us with big eyes of joy about to get married again. That is how we felt about these two wonderful people that loved each other so much and worked so hard to have the wedding they always dreamed of. We knew how much of themselves they put into, not just the wedding day, but into their relationship up to this point. To see that look on someone else’s face and immediately feel how much they love the other person in front of them is a feeling that will fill your heart with love for them and those around you that you love. I go to work every day knowing that each new couple we meet keeps our hearts overflowing with joy as we are lucky enough to see so many people embracing each other and allowing us to see why they fall in love with each new day. There is not a wedding that goes by that I don’t learn a new lesson on how and why I love my wife. Thank you so much Geoff and Sarah for letting us capture your wedding at Hazlwood. Thank you for trusting us and loving the work we do. It was such an amazing day in Los Gatos. We hope you had an amazing time in Santa Cruz relaxing together and can not wait to hear about your trip to Belize when you go this summer!Hazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 001 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 002 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 006 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 005 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 004 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 009 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 011 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 013 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 014 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 016 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 018 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 019 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 022 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 025 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 027 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 028 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 029 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 030 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 0222 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 033 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 034 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 035 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 036 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 038 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 039 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 042 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 043 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 046 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 050 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 052 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 054 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 058 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 059 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 060 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 062 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 065 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 067 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 068 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 069 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 070 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 071 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 074 photoaHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 075 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 076 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 077 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 078 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 079 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 080 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 081 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 083 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 082 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 084 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 085 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 086 photoHazlwood Wedding Los Gatos 087 photo

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Wahed & Ashley – a spring Clos LaChance Wedding

Wahed and Ashley were married this last weekend at Clos LaChance Winery. It was this perfect spring day where a breeze had come in allowing the temperature to drop for a cool evening ceremony in May. We had such a wonderful time getting to know Ashley’s fun and boisterous father along with the rest of the family and friends celebrating with them at Clos LaChance.  Here is a small post of some of our favorite wedding photos from the day!Clos Lachance Wedding 001photoClos Lachance Wedding 003photoClos Lachance Wedding 004photoClos Lachance Wedding 007photo copyaClos Lachance Wedding 009photoClos Lachance Wedding 010photoaClos Lachance Wedding 011photoaClos Lachance Wedding 019photoClos Lachance Wedding 017photoClos Lachance Wedding 021photoClos Lachance Wedding 023photoClos Lachance Wedding 024photoClos Lachance Wedding 025photoClos Lachance Wedding 026photoClos Lachance Wedding 028photoClos Lachance Wedding 032photoaClos Lachance Wedding 030photoClos Lachance Wedding 034photoClos Lachance Wedding 033photoClos Lachance Wedding 035photoClos Lachance Wedding 036photoClos Lachance Wedding 037photoClos LaChance Wedding 127photoClos Lachance Wedding 042photoaClos Lachance Wedding 044photoaClos Lachance Wedding 046photoaClos Lachance Wedding 047photoClos Lachance Wedding 048photoClos Lachance Wedding 050photoa

Clos Lachance Wedding 051photoClos LaChance Wedding 128photoClos Lachance Wedding 056photoClos Lachance Wedding 057photoClos Lachance Wedding 058photo
Clos LaChance Wedding 130photoClos LaChance Wedding 135photoClos Lachance Wedding 126photoClos Lachance Wedding 068photoClos Lachance Wedding 069photoClos Lachance Wedding 073photoClos Lachance Wedding 124photoaClos Lachance Wedding 076photoaClos Lachance Wedding 078photoClos Lachance Wedding 079photoClos Lachance Wedding 088photoaClos Lachance Wedding 089photoClos Lachance Wedding 090photoClos Lachance Wedding 093photoaClos Lachance Wedding 097photoClos Lachance Wedding 098photoClos Lachance Wedding 099photo

This next image makes me smile so much! Little Jagger had a lot of fun taking photos all night. He even almost catches the garter. I could not believe how much fun this little guy had. He even had all the ladies signing moves like jagger to him!Clos Lachance Wedding 100photoClos Lachance Wedding 101photoClos Lachance Wedding 102photoClos Lachance Wedding 106photoaClos Lachance Wedding 107photoClos Lachance Wedding 109photoClos Lachance Wedding 110photoClos Lachance Wedding 111photoClos LaChance Wedding 131photoClos LaChance Wedding 132photoClos Lachance Wedding 115photoClos Lachance Wedding 116photoClos LaChance Wedding 133photoClos Lachance Wedding 108photoClos Lachance Wedding 119photoClos LaChance Wedding 134photoClos Lachance Wedding 122photo

We wish you two the best in the start of your marriage. We loved getting to spend the day at Clos LaChance with you both and Zeus too!

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Kimberly + Patrick – Married at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Kimberly and Patrick were married at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. It is a place that has all the world of meaning for their family. That is the one thing I love about searching out a venue, make it mean something to you. For Lisa and I we were married at the half way point between Tahoe and Sacramento where I would meet Lisa and pick her up and drive her back up to Tahoe. I mostly did that in the winter due to snow but loved seeing the smile on that beautiful girls face. For Kimberly and Patrick the church had been in the family for over 50 years. Patrick’s grandparents were married here even. The sadly are no longer here with us but that memory will forever live on through their life, and their marriage. This are the moments that you keep to forever remember the family you have and the family you love. Thank you so much Patrick and Kimberly for having Lisa and I capture you two becoming a family together!

Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 001Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 002Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 004Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 006Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 033Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 034Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 017Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 018Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 009Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 011Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 015aKimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 016Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 019Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 020Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 021

As far as parties go these two really knew how to get it started. They had Larry from Extreme Productions bring a Karaoke machine for their guests. Patrick was the first to sing and had everyone loving it. Too much fun was had that night!

Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 023Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 022Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 024Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 025aKimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 027Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 028Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 029Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 031Kimberly and Patrick westminster presbyterian 030