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Marissa + Chris – Fun with vintage planes!

Life is about balance for me. I have learned time after time that I would be a complete wreck if I did not have it in my life. I focus on business, Lisa focuses on design, I cook our meals, Lisa cleans up the mess I make, I want to plan, and she wants a surprise, it is just balance. This list could go on forever, sorry. It is funny to look back, but balance is a huge part of what I always needed in my life. Balance helps create harmony in so many peoples lives. To me, marriage is all about this crazy thing — who would have known? It most certainly has taken me a few years to realize that without balance you are in an endless argument with yourself. You have to let go and just let life be harmonious. You can’t always be on the receiving end of a relationship, and sometimes you may only be on what seems to be the giving end of a relationship, but the balance in both is what makes the journey all worth while. I look back at times where I thought I was the only one giving but once I had time to look back and reflect I was able to see that both sides were giving and taking in different ways. I was right and I was wrong. (Even though we both only wanted to be right.) Time, and a patient wife, have let me see that. Some of us give more while some of us take more, some are more emotional,  or the crier, the lover, the fun one, the outgoing one, the quiet one, the passionate one, the determined one, the loud one, or in my case, the one with the laugh that everyone remembers, but we are all degrees of these and in our partner we find our balance and our equal. I see that my wife is my balance, my opposite emotion when I need her to be, and the same emotion when I need her. Balance doesn’t always mean that you have someone who is the opposite creating harmony, but that you have someone creating balance and harmony through both opposing, and being the same positive pole that you feel or need at any given time. Sadness sometimes needs sadness and sometimes needs happiness to balance it in life. You never know which it is but a great partner is the one you need at that time. You may just not realize it right away. My wife does this for me and sometimes I think she doesn’t know she does this. You do! 

All this being said when you hear Chris and Marissa talk about each other, balance comes up a lot  in their relationship. She is the right brain, he is the left. She is the artist, and he is the smooth talking state assembly consultant. They find balance in their adventures, in their home together, in life and in work together. They just love having fun together. When we talked about locations that are special to them, they did not come up with a place but an idea. The idea that they have so much fun traveling, flying, and going on adventures together led us to shoot their engagement session at a little air strip with some old vintage airplanes. Getting permission to shoot there was an adventure for them, getting to the spot was an adventure in so many ways for all of us, and the shoot was an adventure of these two slowing life down even for just over an hour to fall in love all over again with each other. It didn’t stop there as they were off to meet friends after this to have yet another adventure, an evening out and about. Thats what life is about for these two. Never stopping and making sure every moment together is a journey to the next adventure. It makes me wonder what is more fun; the adventure or the time in between spent getting to the next adventure. I know the answer is both, because it is the adventures with their family and friends that they love, and the journey together that makes them push each other into the next adventure.

Thank you again for letting us capture who you two are, we could not be more thankful and inspired by you. Thank you for making me think about the balance I have in my own life.

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Ryan and Rene’s colorful, humorous, travel-and-dessert-themed wedding design!

SOOOOOO excited to share all the design work we did for Ryan and René’s wedding! Even more so because their wedding was jus featured on the ever-amazing Ruffled Wedding Blog! Be sure to check it out! This was seriously one of the funnest design suites I have had the pleasure of creating. The first thing Ryan and René knew they wanted to be a part of their wedding was a LOT of color. YES! You know we LOVE our color here at The Goodness. Hold on to your butts, there’s going to be a ton of fun stuff below!Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 001

It all started with Ryan and René’s save the date. They weren’t really sure what they wanted to do, but they know they wanted it to be different. René and I were talking about it and we had a conversation that pretty much wen’t like this:

René: “Let’s do something you’ve never done but always wanted to do.”
Me: Thinking…“What if we did a pop-up card?!!!”
René: “I love it! What if we were on a roller coaster?!!!!!!”
Me: “YES!!”

And with that the pop-up-save-the-date-on-a-roller-coaster was born.  

The Goodness Pop Up Save the Date 003aIt started with a rough sketch from René, from which I started to sketch the illustrations of Ryan and René. I scanned that and drew the stylized characters in Illustrator, along with the background. The envelope label and card front design was inspired by vintage Disneyland and amusement parks.

The Goodness Pop Up Save the Date 008The Goodness Pop Up Save the Date 006The Goodness Pop Up Save the Date 009aI also designed an insert to help guests book their rooms at the wedding venue. Color was a BIG part of the wedding so everything had to be super colorful! I was not complaining one bit! 🙂The Goodness Pop Up Save the Date 010A few months later it was time to get to work on the wedding invitations. Since we’d done the save the date, the wedding theme had evolved from lots of color, to lots of color (but a more defined palette), travel, humor and sarcasm, and desserts! Needless to say, I was super excited to tackle combining all the themes in a way that was fun, beautiful and that worked. Below is the invitation suite I designed. So fun and full of color!Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 014 2When the guest received the invitation in the mail, this is what they saw. We used a clear envelope with a rainbow stripe printed paper inside, showing through.Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 014 3

On the flip side, because the envelopes were clear, you could see all the goodness inside, before you even opened it up. The envelope could be opened by tearing away that arrow return address label. Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 015Inside the envelope was this hand-drawn macaron pattern I created for the suite. It was subtle nod to the dessert theme at the wedding. Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 019Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 018The invitation and other pieces were printed on our in-studio 1950’s vintage letterpress machine, by none other than our very own Geoff Bardot!Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 021I used landmarks of some of the cities that they’d named their tables after. Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 023aWe also designed a schedule card and a super fun mad-libs RSVP.
Colorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 026Ryan and René created a display at the wedding to show off all the hilarious responses they received. Arrow clothespins pointed to their favorites. Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 123aColorful Travel Desserts Wedding Design 024When it came time to design all of the paper goods for the wedding, the fun REALLY began. René really wanted to use funny phrases everywhere. We created a ton of colorful little signs to place around the lodge. 

Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 005Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 003aAnd a special one for the bathrooms:Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 006The reception was so awesome! Ryan and René’s idea was to incorporate their love of travel and desserts by naming each table after a city they’ve visited together and having the centerpiece of that table be a display of mini desserts that corresponds to the city. For the seating chart, I designed cards (in multi-colors, of course) for each table that sat on mini-easels.

Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 129aRyan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 130Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 134We designed the table name signs that went into the centerpieces. 
Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 152And little tent card to explain the desserts.Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 143Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 168aRyan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 170These little signs were at Ryan and René’s seats. Little inside jokes for each other. Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 183Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 184aDid I mention that there was ANOTHER dessert table filled to the brim with more delicious treats!?

Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 205Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 220aRyan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 214And a wedding wouldn’t be complete without cake. Rainbow on the inside of course!Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 229aAND CUPCAKES! Dessert overload? NO WAY!Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 230And last but certainly not least, possibly my favorite piece of design from the wedding were these menus and “napkin bands”. As I mentioned before, René was really in to having funning sayings everywhere. So we came  up with the idea to make these awesome bands to go around the menu and napkin. Each had a funny-food related quote, phrase, or saying. These below are just a few, but there were over THIRTY different phrases! You cannot even imagine the hilarity that ensued as we sat together coming up with all of these.

Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 187Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 199aRyan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 198Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 186aRyan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 200Ryan and Rene Vibrantly Colorful Wedding The Goodness 193I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at Ryan and René’s super fun and colorful wedding design! I had so much fun working on this and am so thankful to Ryan and René for being so open crazy ideas! Love you guys! Be sure to head over to Ruffled to check out their featured wedding!

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Justin + Angela – Jack London Wedding Film

We could not be happier to share Justin and Angela’s beautiful wedding film. These two make you, laugh, smile and cry. It is so beautiful seeing their love story brought to life through their unique wedding short! You can also see their beautiful wedding photos here!