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Brian and Shana – Santa Rosa Wedding

Ok so these two are pretty special, not that everyone else is not. We were two people of a group of 35, at a wedding where everyone hiked almost a mile to get to the secret ceremony location that Brian and Shana had found one day hiking together. That is right, we all hiked! These two started their day off really easy and together. Dividers were put up in their cute victorian house so they could get ready together, but not together. Brian ran off with a couple of friends to get beers at Russian River Brewery while some other friends stayed behind with Shana to have mimosas and girl time. Seeing their house, their friends, their cats, their artist’s neighborhood, all made Lisa and I smile one huge ear to ear smile. They had such a wonderful community around them who helped inspire and create this relationship and family that was being created. When they first contacted us about photographing a wedding in which we would have to hike to get to the ceremony site and that only their closest friends and family would be there, we both said “sign us up!” Knowing something as simple as a hike and a little adventure is what drove these two made me understand that it was going to be a special day. Here are a few photos we could not wait to share. Also their street name makes so much sense, why wouldn’t Brian the artist have a house on Art Alley. This man designed the whole wedding and even made a special heart in the alley. Shana’s mom grew the flowers and made all the bouquets and flower arrangements, while Brian made a bunch of fun signs and escort cards and more, while their friends helped setup everything. Family, friends, art, and love could not have been a bigger part of this wedding!

Santa Rosa Wedding 001Santa Rosa Wedding 001 2Santa Rosa Wedding a3Santa Rosa Wedding 007

Shana’s handmade custom dress with pink underlay and fluffy petticoat was perfect! Plus she had pockets put in the dress so she could even carry her cellphone. It was really cool to see her dream dress created for her by Katy Turner Designs.

Santa Rosa Wedding 011aSanta Rosa Wedding 008Santa Rosa Wedding 013aSanta Rosa Wedding 017aSanta Rosa Wedding 019aSanta Rosa Wedding 022Santa Rosa Wedding 025Santa Rosa Wedding 027Santa Rosa Wedding 028Their first look was amazing. It was done on the side of their cute little house in the place they are every day. It made it that much more special to be the place that they saw each other for the first time all dressed up and ready to go. Their cats and closest friends were peeking down from the windows and watching as these two gushed for each other. Brian might have been gushing a bit more, and really showed how much he loved Shana.

Santa Rosa Wedding 031Santa Rosa Wedding 032Santa Rosa Wedding 033Santa Rosa Wedding 034aSanta Rosa Wedding 036Santa Rosa Wedding 039Santa Rosa Wedding 040After their first look we walked up their little alley to take a few photos. One thing I love is the fact that this heart was designed and made by the amazing artist and soon to be husband Brian. We had to stop and take a couple photos with it!

Santa Rosa Wedding 041Santa Rosa Wedding 042Santa Rosa Wedding 043Santa Rosa Wedding 046Santa Rosa Wedding 048Santa Rosa Wedding 049After a couple portraits, it was time to get our hike on! Brian went ahead and met everyone at the park and started to guide us to their secret spot.

Santa Rosa Wedding 051aSanta Rosa Wedding 054Santa Rosa Wedding 055Santa Rosa Wedding 056Santa Rosa Wedding 058Santa Rosa Wedding 060Santa Rosa Wedding 059aSanta Rosa Wedding 062Santa Rosa Wedding 063Santa Rosa Wedding 064Santa Rosa Wedding 065Santa Rosa Wedding 001 4Santa Rosa Wedding 001 5Santa Rosa Wedding 076Santa Rosa Wedding 077Santa Rosa Wedding 078Santa Rosa Wedding 081Santa Rosa Wedding 082Santa Rosa Wedding 083Santa Rosa Wedding 084Santa Rosa Wedding 085Santa Rosa Wedding 086aSanta Rosa Wedding 087Santa Rosa Wedding 090After their heartfelt ceremony we headed to the house that Shana grew up in. It was such a cute house to have a wedding at in Sebastopol. It is the same place that her mother grew and arranged all the flowers and Brian decorated up to be a lovely celebration.Santa Rosa Wedding 105Santa Rosa Wedding 091aSanta Rosa Wedding 094aSanta Rosa Wedding 098Santa Rosa Wedding 099Santa Rosa Wedding 100aSanta Rosa Wedding 102Santa Rosa Wedding 103aSanta Rosa Wedding 107aSanta Rosa Wedding 112aSanta Rosa Wedding 115Santa Rosa Wedding 116Santa Rosa Wedding 121Santa Rosa Wedding 120Santa Rosa Wedding 122

We could not have had more fun capturing this intimate day. Thank you again Brian and Shana for letting us see the start of your beautiful family.