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It’s fun to stay at the…

We just cannot help but share these awesome Shot Spot participants from Todd and Laura’s wedding this weekend. YMCA Thegoodness

(You are totally singing now).

Also, THIS:


Happy Monday, everyone!

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Athena and Erik – Locke Engagement session

It only took the sleepy town of San Luis Obispo, a couple years of being around each other and a fun night at the Farmers Market hanging out to get these two to start on the path towards marriage. The real kickstarter to this relationship was line dancing and having fun. You will see them both wearing their favorite pair of boots in their engagement session and I can not wait to see Athena in a pair at the wedding as well. We really feel it could not be more important to be yourself and have fun when it comes to an engagement session and these two fit that bill. These two did not stop when it comes to adventures, line dancing was just the start. After college they both hiked 800km together in Spain, traveled across Europe, competed in triathlons, and made a long distance relationships feel like they live together. Every spare moment they are driving to see each other and continue on any and every adventure possible. It makes sense why their wedding is going to be full of fun, games, and adventures in Tahoe! Athena is always so sweet and Erik almost uncontrollably can not stop laughing. Athena on the other hand always has a smile, maybe partly to Erik.

Locke engagement session 001Locke engagement session 003aLocke engagement session 004Locke engagement session 005Locke engagement session 007Locke engagement session 008Locke engagement session 012Locke engagement session 014Locke engagement session 013Locke engagement session 015

I seriously love the backpacks. They are such a big part of who they are, where they have been and where they are going together. In fact they are about to head off to Yosemite to go backpacking. I really was not lying when I said adventure is at the heart of their life and love for each other.

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April + Cody – Flower Farm Engagement Session

One evening, April and Cody happened to sneak into the sunflowers at the Flower Farm. That same evening just so happened to be when Cody proposed to April. That was all it took to get Lisa and I over to the Loomis Flower Farm to start their engagement session. April had come up with all kinds of cute personal touches for their session. She embraced Cody’s love of baseball and he helped April show off her skills as a ballerina. This may have been one of those wonderfully hot 104 degree days that we just had, but no one would know. Thank you so much for sharing your special place with us!

Flower Farm Engagement Session 002 photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 003a photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 004 photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 006a photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 007 photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 009 photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 010 photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 012 photoFlower Farm Engagement Session 013a photo