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Brit and Tim – Kualoa Ranch Wedding on Oahu!


Brit and Tim are super special to us. Brit just so happens to be Lisa’s best friend. She has been so kind to share her story, her inspiration, her love and her wedding with us. She married the love her life, Tim, on Oahu at Kualoa Ranch. That is the same place that Lost, Jurassic Park and so many other movies and TV shows were filmed at. This is a wedding that we saw grow from this little seed of an idea into a beautifully designed wedding, inspired by Hawaiian kitsch. We have so much more to come, like their invitation, ceremony and reception paper design, their entire wedding post and their wedding film. Their really is so much more goodness I can not wait to post. For now here is a little tease to hold you over!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 001Kualoa Ranch Wedding 002Kualoa Ranch Wedding 023Kualoa Ranch Wedding 003Kualoa Ranch Wedding 004Kualoa Ranch Wedding 005Kualoa Ranch Wedding 006Brit Tim Oahu Hawaii Wedding 001Kualoa Ranch Wedding 008Kualoa Ranch Wedding 009Kualoa Ranch Wedding 011Kualoa Ranch Wedding 012Kualoa Ranch Wedding 013Kualoa Ranch Wedding 014

Lisa favorite thing right now…Ukulele!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 015Brit’s favorite thing…tikisKualoa Ranch Wedding 016

Brit and Tim’s favorite thing…Shave Ice!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 018Kualoa Ranch Wedding 019

Some of the funnest design!

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 020There was even a little rain at the wedding. It actually rained twice. Once the moment after Brit and Tim were announced into the reception and then a second time the moment before we took this last picture. Hawaii has a special way to let you know that life, love, happiness, friendship, family and marriage can help you make it through every hard journey. Marriage may take a bit of work but you have each other. With your partner next to you, you can really make it through anything, including a little rain.

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 021

Kualoa Ranch Wedding 022

Thank you so much for being our friends, our confidants, our rocks, our inspiration, and always being there when we need a smile. Brit, you make my wife happier then even I can sometimes. Thank you! We can not wait to share more of your Kualoa Ranch wedding with everyone out there!

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Jonas and Vanessa – Ione Heirloom Inn Wedding

Jonas and Vanessa are married! It may have been one of the hottest days of the year, but these two could not have been happier. They were creative and had cocktail hour before the ceremony so everyone was drinking and eating from the start! The sun was able to drop to allow for a perfectly and emotion filled ceremony along with  an amazing celebration! Can not wait to share more from their wedding!

Ione Heirloom Inn 001 photoIone Heirloom Inn 002 photoIone Heirloom Inn 003 photoIone Heirloom Inn 005 photoaIone Heirloom Inn 006 photoIone Heirloom Inn 007 photoIone Heirloom Inn 008 photoIone Heirloom Inn 009 photoIone Heirloom Inn 010 photoIone Heirloom Inn 011 photoIone Heirloom Inn 012 photoIone Heirloom Inn 013 photoIone Heirloom Inn 014 photoIone Heirloom Inn 015 photoIone Heirloom Inn 016 photoIone Heirloom Inn 017 photoIone Heirloom Inn 018 photo

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Ione Heirloom Inn wedding with us!

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John and Katie – An elegant summer wedding!

We could not be happier to share a couple images from John and Katie’s Granite Bay Country Club wedding! There are so many cute details that Katie had come up with. Lisa had the chance to get really innovative with their design. Their first look was a cute intimate moment followed by some fun on the golf course. There are endless cute things we can not wait to share! 

Granite Bay Country Club 002Granite Bay Country Club 001Granite Bay Country Club 003Granite Bay Country Club 005Granite Bay Country Club 008Granite Bay Country Club 007

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Justin + Shannon – It all started in the swimming pool

This love story really did start in a pool. If you do not know Lisa and I, we want to tell your love story. Your story is the one important thing to us, capture who you really are. It did not take too much convincing to get Lisa and I to jump into a pool with Justin and Shannon. They met at UC Davis playing water polo. They would always go to each others practices and find ways to run into each other. It did not take long for Shannon to ask Justin to hangout with her and her friends. Justin was no fool and quickly asked Shannon out on their first date. Since their love, and relationship started with these two soaking wet they felt that there was no other way to tell their story except by jumping into a pool. We could not have been happier to capture these two in this very special way!

Underwater engagement session 002 photoUnderwater engagement session 003 photoUnderwater engagement session 004 photoUnderwater engagement session 005 photoUnderwater engagement session 006 photoUnderwater engagement session 012 photoUnderwater engagement session 008 photoUnderwater engagement session 010 photoUnderwater engagement session 013 photoUnderwater engagement session 014 photoUnderwater engagement session 016a photoUnderwater engagement session 017 photo

Since these two spent a good amount of their relationship living downtown together we went to their favorite park to run, play and just hangout together. McKinley Park is such a great place in the late spring!

Underwater engagement session 018 photoUnderwater engagement session 020 photoUnderwater engagement session 021 photoUnderwater engagement session 022 photoUnderwater engagement session 023 photoUnderwater engagement session 024 photo

Thanks so much for wanting us to capture your story. We had such a fun time with your underwater engagement session!

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Justin + Angela – Jack London State Park Wedding!

These two are kinda awesome. Lisa knows Justin because he is a fun, outgoing, friendly guy from Sac State. They met when they were both in sorority and fraternities in college. You seriously just fall in love with the guy after meeting him for just 5 mins. What do you think happened to Angela… These two seriously fell head over heels for each other and it really shows. Justin made so many amazing DIY pieces with the help of Angela, friends and family. We can not wait for a full blog of their wedding. We did however need to post up a teaser of great magnitude! It starts just how their day did, family helping setup all the beautiful things these two created! 

Jack London State Park Wedding 001 photoJack London State Park Wedding 002 photoJack London State Park Wedding 005 photoJack London State Park Wedding 004 photoJack London State Park Wedding 003 photoJack London State Park Wedding 006 photo

I really think it is ok for a man to cry when he sees his soon to be wife for the first time on their wedding day. If you didn’t know I shed a tear seeing Lisa come down the aisle and that was the second time I saw her that day. I can say that Angela and Justin’s wedding film is going to be full of a lot of beautiful emotion. This first look was great watching them both hold back tears and just enjoy each other.

Jack London State Park Wedding 007 photoJack London State Park Wedding 008 photoJack London State Park Wedding 009 photoJack London State Park Wedding 010 photoJack London State Park Wedding 011 photoJack London State Park Wedding 012 photoJack London State Park Wedding 013 photoJack London State Park Wedding 014 photoJack London State Park Wedding 015 photoJack London State Park Wedding 016 photo

Best thing ever to throw…SPRINKLES!!!!

Jack London State Park Wedding 017 photoJack London State Park Wedding 018 photo

These two braved a lot! There was a rattle snake, a tick, bugs and so much love! Nothing could stop these two and Lisa and I could not have been happier to celebrate with them at Jack London State Park. Welcome home from Italy and we can not wait to share more with you two!

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Jonty and Sabrina – a transatlantic love story!

We could not be more excited to have a couple teasers of Jonty and Sabrina’s wedding day. This could not have been a more perfect end to May and start of June. They even had the first reception in the beautiful new room at the Old Sugar Mill. More to come on that and everything amazing at their wedding!

Old Sugar Mill Wedding 001 photoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 002 photoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 003 photoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 004 photoOld Sugar Mill Wedding 005 photo

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Jennifer & Steve: Starting summer in South Lake Tahoe

Jennifer and Steve met in the dorms at Sac State. It did not take long for them to fall head over heels for each other and become quickly inseparable. They have traveled all over the US with each other, lived in three states together and had so much fun falling in love each and every day. They are actually getting married at Edgewood here in Lake Tahoe this  fall and thought it would also be the perfect setting for their engagement session. It is a place very close to their hearts as they have moved away from California and are left with only sweet dreams and memories of the state they used to call home. If you didn’t know by now I do love South Lake Tahoe, I did choose to live there for almost three years so why wouldn’t Lisa and I be excited to take their photos there? It was the first time they had been back to California together in a while and were really happy to see family and a couple close friends, do a little wedding planning, and capture some memories together. Here is their late spring Tahoe Engagement session!

South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 001South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 003aSouth Lake Tahoe Engagement session 004South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 008aSouth Lake Tahoe Engagement session 010South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 011South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 012South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 013South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 014South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 016065South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 018South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 017South Lake Tahoe Engagement session 020096

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Justin and Jessie – Hakone Garden Wedding!

Justin and Jessie were married this past Memorial Day weekend with their closest family and friends. It was a very sweet and intimate wedding at Hakone Gardens. Jessie’s parents flew out from China for the wedding and were beyond excited to get to see their daughter so happy. We hope you enjoy this small teaser. More to come soon!

Hakone Gardens Wedding 004Hakone Gardens Wedding 003Hakone Gardens Wedding 006Hakone Gardens Wedding 005Hakone Gardens Wedding 007