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Dannie and Jennifer – an evening at the Sacramento Grand Ballroom!

Dannie and Jennifer are married! These two had such a fun and energetic group with them to start their first day as husband and wife. There was a perfect hotel, a gorgeous cathedral and a Grand Ballroom filled with glowing light from every direction. With all of the heart felt friends and family you could do nothing more then just feel loved. There were touching speeches from their closest friends, a man who loved his mom a lot (i’m a momma’s boys sorry) and a couple that wanted nothing more then to make each other smile. Lisa and I could not have been happier to have been able to witness this perfect marriage.

Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 001 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 007 photoaSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 008 photo 2Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 004 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 003 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 005 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 009 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 010 photo

These two decided to do something a little different, they had a first touch. There were some sweet words, a few tears and a lot of joy!

Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 013 photo

Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 014 photo

Then it was time to go and get married! Their ceremony was at the beautiful Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 050a photo

After their ceremony we had to toss a football around just a little. Dannie is a coach…

Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 051 photo

Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 026 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 025 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 027 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 028 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 029 photo

After a couple portraits it was off to  Sacramento’s Grand Ballroom for their gorgeous reception!
Sacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 030 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 016 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 018ab photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 021ab photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 024ab photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 036 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 037 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 038 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 039 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 041 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 042 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 044 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 046 photoSacramento Grand Ballroom Wedding 047 photo

Thank you so much for letting us into your lives and having us capture your wedding day. I could not be more humbled and empowered by how you two enrich so many lives every day.  You two are beyond perfect for each other and Lisa and I could not be more excited for your future together.

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Kelly and Brad – Sunset engagement session at Folsom Lake!


Kelly and Brad started their relationship being inseparable. It is not every day you meet someone who you want to talk to for hours endlessly sitting at a park. So often are we rushed in our lives  and something as simple as good conversation and laughter can kickstart an amazing relationship. These two started just that way. Adventures and conversation are two things they love. Kelly took Brad to Disneyland for his first time. Which is an adventure in so many different ways. But parks and walking and being together are probably the one thing these two love to do more than anything. We started their engagement session at a park these two love to frequent. It is a perfect place hidden from the road where you are surrounded by trees. You may run into a couple wild turkeys at most. Who would not want a special place like this to get away together. There was even an amazing nature trail just across the creek. We were going across small creeks and hiking around for their beautiful engagement session. I seriously wish Lisa and I had a secluded getaway that was down the street from our place!

Folsom Lake Engagement Session 001Folsom Lake Engagement Session 003aFolsom Lake Engagement Session 004Folsom Lake Engagement Session 005Folsom Lake Engagement Session 006Folsom Lake Engagement Session 007Folsom Lake Engagement Session 008Folsom Lake Engagement Session 009Folsom Lake Engagement Session 012aFolsom Lake Engagement Session 011

We then went to their other favorite place…Folsom Lake. They both have lived in the area for a while and liked nothing more than enjoying sunset on the lake. Lisa and I both figured that would be easy since it was just down the street from their favorite park. So as the sun was setting we headed over for one of the best sunsets we have seen at Folsom. I still can not believe all of the beautiful pinks and oranges in the sky!


075Folsom Lake Engagement Session 017Folsom Lake Engagement Session 018Folsom Lake Engagement Session 019aFolsom Lake Engagement Session 021Folsom Lake Engagement Session 015Untitled 016

We could not have been happier being allowed to share in the places that Kelly and Brad love together. We can not wait to see you two again in the fall!

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Jason + Allison-Old Sacramento, smiles, flags, and bikes!

These two are adventurous. I really mean wildly adventurous. From jumping out of planes, running marathons, snowboarding or skiing, cycling, riding motorcycles, these two seriously do it all. How can you blame them from falling in love for each other as the enjoy so much of the same. Allison and Jason are very always there for each other. Jason has been injured once or twice throughout the years and Allison was there nursing him back to health. Since Jason is a bit rough on himself, it is no surprise how we was able to get away with faking his leg was sore the day he proposed. They had just finished a bike ride with their friend and his friends daughter and packed up the truck. Jason grabbed Allion’s hand and asked if she would walk with him to stretch out his legs. He brought her out into the middle of the park, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The elated Allison said yes. Here are some photos of them just enjoying a fun evening together out and about Old Sacramento. 

Old Sacramento Engagement Session 002 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 003 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 004 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 005 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 006 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 009 photoaOld Sacramento Engagement Session 008 photoUntitled 001Old Sacramento Engagement Session 011 photo

Jason served for over 10 years in the Army. He had the opportunity to serve, protect and do some amazing things for us. One thing he loves is the American flag. We had to make sure to get at least one good picture of the humungous flag flying outside the Delta King! 

Old Sacramento Engagement Session 012 photo

Motorcycles! This is Jason’s bike; a clean 600 Ninja. The funny thing is that Allison wants him to get a new bike. I mean what an amazing fiancée right? Who would have known the reason behind that is so that she gets this bike. Now that is a wonderful future wife though I will say. Thoughtful, honest, and loves to be with her fiancé as much as possible!
Old Sacramento Engagement Session 013 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 014 photoOld Sacramento Engagement Session 016 photoa

Thanks again sharing for sharing your story with us Allison and Jason. We can not wait to see you two again for an amazing winter wonderland!

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Don and Shauna – A sunny San Diego engagement session


Ok, these two are kinda cute. Don really liked Shauna, like a lot. To be honest who doesn’t like Shauna? The girl is the sweetest to work with ( I knew Shauna and Don when we worked together a long time ago in South Lake Tahoe) and she was always amazingly helpful. Don and Shauna both moved separately down to San Diego for work. Don was a smart man and started talking to the nicest girl he knew in San Diego. Fast forward to today and you have two kids who grew up in the openness of Tahoe, and ended up at gorgeous beaches with the vastness of the ocean at their fingertips. One thing to note is these two love tennis. Shauna’s grandparents, mother and sister play all play and her grandparents even recently were winning tennis championships. Don and Shauna play every week together so it was fitting to start by playing a game on Mission Bay. Mission Bay and Mission Beach is also where this relationship started. More about that in a little.

Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 002aDon Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 005aDon Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 006Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 007Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 008Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 009Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 010Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 011

After the bit of tennis and a couple shots with Don’s MG Midget we were off to SRP. That is San Rafael Place where these two started dating. It was where Shauna had an amazing house a block from the beach and bay. Who wouldn’t want to be hanging out there.

Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 014aDon Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 015Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 016Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 017Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 018Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 019

The last place we stopped was at Hermosa Park in La Jolla. This is around the corner from their old apartment together. It was where they watched the sunset many evenings. Where they could go to escape with each other. It was their place to relax and just be with each other. I can not blame them for going there all the time. If I had a view like this I would be there almost every day as well taking in such a beautiful place.

Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 020Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 022aDon Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 023Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 024Don Shauna San Diego Engagement Session Photos 025

Lisa and I could not be more excited about sharing in your beautiful Tahoe Wedding this fall. It means a lot that we will be there. It has been a lot of fun seeing you two grow as a happy, fun and inspiring couple. I love that you shared all of this with me. Also a special thanks to Joel Berti for being my assistant on the first engagement session I have photographed without Lisa.  

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Ryan + Rene – a tease of color is coming!


Ryan and Rene just had an amazing wedding. It involved more color than most people ever think about having in their wedding. When asked about what colors she wanted early on Rene pretty much said all of them. She was also not one to want to use them sparingly. We have so many fun things to share with everyone when it comes to design. Lisa and Rene collaborated on some of the most unique designs we have had the chance to work on. It includes unveiling some things we have never done before with design! It is amazing when clients and in this case amazing friends trust you to help see, create and inspire you to make something uniquely personal.  

Design aside, how can you not love these two? Below is exactly why we love first looks. The chance to be really excited and have a private moment to enjoy with each other before things start moving even faster. Rene even had to gather herself moments before this. It really was one of the sweetest first looks! Smiles, laughs and tears, what more could you ask for!

Forest House Lodge Wedding 001Forest House Lodge Wedding 002Untitled 001 3Forest House Lodge Wedding 004

More on Rene’s amazing bouquet later!Forest House Lodge Wedding 005Forest House Lodge Wedding 007

Sweet notes and hidden messages were shared!

Forest House Lodge Wedding 008Forest House Lodge Wedding 009

More important than sweet notes was the amazing cake of cheese!

Forest House Lodge Wedding 010

Forest House Lodge Wedding 012Forest House Lodge Wedding 013Untitled 001 2

This was a night to remember for so many different reasons. We could not be more thankful to have worked on, been in and enjoyed Ryan and Rene’s wedding. We saw it from so many different ways and could not have done everything we did without the amazing teamwork of The Goodness film crew and Chris Shepard and the amazing Francisco

Forest House Lodge Wedding 016

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Carl + Stephanie : love, a motorbike, a vespa + fun!

Ok so first of all, I own a Vespa partly because of Stephanie. She was our neighbor in the first apartment Lisa and I ever had. We loved her. We would all hangout in our driveway on weekends. She and her best friend (our other neighbor) bought Vespas together, they drank together, and well, she and Autumn were just always together. Many evenings went by where it was the “D” street gang hanging out and having fun. Stephanie was one of our first fans and always loved what Lisa and I were doing. Fast forward today, we all moved away and we are meeting at Stephanie and Carl’s adorable house on the other side of downtown. She met the amazing Carl and had a fun and entertaining first date which included a trip to BonnLair. A favorite spot of Stephanie’s (mine too being an Englishman and all) to hangout. Carl made it past the test of the first date adventures and this love story continues on to today. They both have a love for vehicles with two wheels. Carl’s is a fun Kawasaki and Stephanie’s is an adorable Vespa! We had to take them both for a ride in their neighborhood and visit a couple of their personal spots downtown. First though was their house. Which was cute, well decorated, classic downtown! Not to mention the matching C.S. Lewis book sets! I still have the same one as Stephanie (the one on the left) torn and well used!

Sacramento engagement vespa 001 photoSacramento engagement vespa 002 photoSacramento engagement vespa 003 photoSacramento engagement vespa 004 photoSacramento engagement vespa 005 photoSacramento engagement vespa 006 photoSacramento engagement vespa 007 photoSacramento engagement vespa 008 photoSacramento engagement vespa 009 photoSacramento engagement vespa 010 photoSacramento engagement vespa 011 photoSacramento engagement vespa 012 photoSacramento engagement vespa 013 photoSacramento engagement vespa 014 photoSacramento engagement vespa 015 photoSacramento engagement vespa 001 photo 2Sacramento engagement vespa 017 photoSacramento engagement vespa 019 photoSacramento engagement vespa 018 photoSacramento engagement vespa 020 photo

Any night that ends with smiles, laughter and a beer is a good night. We seriously could not be more excited for these two. Not just to because seeing Stephanie this happy is amazing and these two are such a great fit for each other. Thank you for sharing a little bit of time with Lisa and I! See you two in November!

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Justin and Jessie – Davis Arboretum engagement session

Justin and Jessie met salsa dancing. Justin said that she was the only other good dancer there so he would always try to dance with her as much as possible. Now the spend a lot of time together going on adventures together. From hiking to traveling around California they are always having fun together. Justin Grew up in Davis and even went to college there. It is one of his favorite places to share with Jessie. It was a perfect place to have their engagement session. We started at the beautiful Davis Arboretum and ended at UC Davis. We could not have been more excited to see all the green in Davis that spring afternoon!

Jessie and Justin Davis Engagement 001 photoJessie and Justin Davis Engagement 002 photoJessie and Justin Davis Engagement 003 photoJessie and Justin Davis Engagement 004 photoJessie and Justin Davis Engagement 005 photoJessie and Justin Davis Engagement 006 photoJessie and Justin Davis Engagement 007 photoJessie and Justin Davis Engagement 009 photoa

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Fabian and Celine – A spring wedding at The Sheraton Grand.

Celine and Fabian are two people who love the 49ers. Well, Fabian loves them the most but Celine has truly embraced it! Here are a couple photos from their beautiful day in Downtown Sacramento.

Sheraton Grand Wedding 001 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 002 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 003 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 004 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 005 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 006 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 007 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 008 photoSheraton Grand Wedding 009 photo