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Ferguson and Sara – a Davis engagement session!

Sara actually grew up in Davis. It is a place that means a lot to her. It is also the city her and Ferguson met in, had their first date and first kiss in. It is also the same place they live together in now as well. If you do not know Davis is a fun, and quirky college town. Their house is right downtown and a quick walk from their farmers market. We started there, but before we could start Sara had to get an apple juice. I can not blame her as the season is nearing the end and who does not want amazing apple juice. If you know Lisa and I at all, Apples have a big place in our heart. We did work for Apple, get married in an apple orchard and well, we love all things apples are. Once these two were refreshed with some juice we quickly started on their fun engagement session in the market.

Davis engagement session 001 photoDavis engagement session 002 photoDavis engagement session 009 photoDavis engagement session 010 photoaDavis engagement session 003 photo

After the farmers market we headed to their cute house for a couple photos!

Davis engagement session 004 photo

And then to the park Sara grew up playing in. She even has a cute tile she made while she was in elementary school in the park!

Davis engagement session 005 photo

You can not take photos in Davis without getting at least one bike in the pictures!

Davis engagement session 006 photoDavis engagement session 011 photoDavis engagement session 007 photo

These two were absolutely adorable! We could not be happier to of had the chance to spend the afternoon with you both. Thank you!

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Mindy + Chris – a beautiful Cambodian wedding

Culture and family are things that so many of us value. We hold these things very close to our hearts while some even wear the heart of our culture on our sleeves for everyone to see. In the Cambodian culture, family, community and wedding rituals all come together in one of the most beautiful things Lisa and I have ever had the chance to see. This is actually the third Cambodian wedding we have ever seen and the second one we have had the honor to photograph. Mindy’s cousin Kimnan (a beloved past bride) recommended us and we could not have been happier to see their family again. Showing up that morning to see all of the familiar faces made my morning. We were not only welcomed but embraced as one would do to close family. We were allowed to see something so special that only their close knit family and community was able to see. Having the ability to not only see but to capture these moments are what makes waking up everyday the most amazing thing. Knowing that we are not only capturing their story but seeing the first steps of Chris and Mindy’s family being created.

Sacramento Cambodian Wedding 100 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 006 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 007 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 008 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 009 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 010 photoSacramento Cambodian Wedding 110 photo

It was time for the ceremonies to begin. Mindy and Chris had chosen to do three of the traditional Cambodian wedding ceremonies. The first is the introductions and offerings. What is so beautiful about their ceremony is the community comes to share in their entire ceremony, to laugh, to smile and to have fun together!

Sacramento Cambodian Wedding 109 photoSacramento Cambodian Wedding 108 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 017 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 019 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 018 photo

Chris’ parents were really enjoying themselves as this was their first time ever seeing, and being a part of a Cambodian wedding ceremony.

Sacramento cambodian wedding 020 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 021 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 022 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 023 photo

After this ceremony it was time to get changed for their hair cutting ceremony. Thank goodness no real hair was cut, it was only done symbolically today. The hair cutting is to represent the couple starting anew together like a fresh clean cut!

Sacramento Cambodian Wedding 107 photoSacramento Cambodian Wedding 106 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 026 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 032 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 033 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 034 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 035 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 037 photo

After the haircutting ceremony it was time for one more change of clothes. This time they were preparing for their pairing ceremony. This is where family and friends tie their wrists and provide blessings to them.

Sacramento cambodian wedding 039 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 040 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 045 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 041 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 042 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 044 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 043 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 046 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 047 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 048 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 049 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 050 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 051 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 052 photoSacramento Cambodian Wedding 105 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 056 photo

If you don’t catch it, below on the right is Mindy helping clean up! She really did have the biggest smile as everyone from her family came together to help.Sacramento Cambodian Wedding 104 photo

Then it was time for their Western ceremony. It was also time for another change into traditional Western attire. This ceremony was held and Mindy’s brother’s house, which is less than a couple miles from her house. Chris’ father was the officiant for them, as well. You can see again and again that nothing is more important than family to these two. It makes me so happy to know that my own mother moved closer to us and we are so blessed to have Lisa’s family so close so we can all grow together. Sometimes life is so fast that we forget to remember the little things that really create meaning in our lives.

Sacramento cambodian wedding 060 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 063 photo

Miny’s parents own this donut shop in Sacramento. So when I saw the box appear I knew I had to get at least one shot!

Sacramento Cambodian Wedding 102 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 094 photoSacramento Cambodian Wedding 101 photoSacramento Cambodian Wedding 111 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 068 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 069 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 074 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 076 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 077 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 079 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 080 photo Sacramento cambodian wedding 082 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 083 photo

The final stop of this beautiful day was their banquet reception.

Sacramento cambodian wedding 084 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 085 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 086 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 087 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 089 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 090 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 091 photo

When I turn 93 I want to be like this!Sacramento cambodian wedding 092 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 093 photoSacramento cambodian wedding 088 photo

Mindy and Chris we are still overwhelmed by all the joy from your wedding day. Thank you again for letting us be a part of your community for just one day!

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Janny + Steven – wine, dessert, and dinner in Napa!

Janny and Steven met over movies and fell in love having fun together. They met through mutual friends as they both worked for the State of California but didn’t know each other. Lucky for Steven they both loved food. They quickly took to enjoying dinners and going to coffee shops. They even ran into me one day after a wedding at a coffee shop! I love getting to see our clients out and about together. So here is where the true love stuff starts. Janny LOVES the Backstreet Boys. I am not saying this lightly at all. In fact Steven has supported Janny with her love of the Backstreet Boys and has gone to multiple concerts with her. Since these singers became such a big part of their lives it makes sense that after a recent concert it was time for Steven to ask Janny to marry him. After Janny came home from the concert Steven proposed in the house they had just bought together. Janny was smitten to say yes and excited to plan their wedding together. You now know these two love food and a bit of wine, so we started their engagement session just outside their favorite restaurant in Yountville. 

Napa Valley Engagement Session 003 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 001 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 002 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 004 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 007 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 009 Photo

This time of year is always so beautiful. The flowers are blooming all over and even these fragile icelandic poppies were just perfect. It is crazy how this small window of time if such a simple and beautiful time of year. We were so excited to be in Napa Valley sharing the afternoon with these two!Napa Valley Engagement Session 010 Photo

From poppies to gorgeous fields of yellow just down the street. How could one really not love the spring? It really does mean change is coming for the year and allows for a fresh clean start!

Napa Valley Engagement Session 012 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 011 Photo
Napa Valley Engagement Session 014 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 016 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 017 PhotoNapa Valley Engagement Session 018 Photo

Thank you so much for showing us the little city that you two enjoy getting away from it all!

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Welcome to our office!

Upon completion of my latest crafting project (those BIG letters in the middle!), I thought it would be fun to share with you dear readers where the magic happens. Saddle up for a mini tour of our office! As all photographers know, but not always everyone else, our office (in front of our computers, more specifically) is where the majority of our time is spent. Taking the photos is definitely the FUN part, but is just a small fraction of the job! Geoff and I are lucky that we are able to work from home. We converted our downstairs bedroom into an office space, the front room into a client meeting space and gallery, and our garage into a workshop (more on that another time). The Goodness Our Office 001The Goodness Our Office 016Below is that craft project I spoke about! Using a tutorial I found on Grey Likes Nesting, I turned these craft store paper mâché letters and some string lights into some awesome marquee letters! I LOVE them!The Goodness Our Office 002Last year we installed these shelves for some extra storage, but I really use them to display a lot of pretty things that make me happy. This is our tall desk where our assistant works, we assemble invitations, and do other crafty things!The Goodness Our Office 003Charley Harper is one of my FAVORITE artists and illustrators. Geoff bought me this humongous book a few years ago and I just love it. The blue elephant was a gift from my friend Jessica and the little red heart is one of three in our home that are placed in the rooms where we spend the most time and mean a lot to us. The red one is in the office, there is a yellow one in our family room (to match the yellow walls, of course) and there is an orange heart in the room where we get to meet our amazing clients! Keep an eye out for it when you stop by!
The Goodness Our Office 010This cute little red car I found at a thrift shop. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE thrifting!The Goodness Our Office 006I made the blue bird and the sad party bear in a sculpture class I took at the community college just for fun. The red elephant print (and the blue one in the photo above) are from an amazing Etsy artist, Mati Rose. I love her colorful work (the fact that she loves elephants too is a plus!)The Goodness Our Office 007These are a selection of my books. Design, calligraphy, photography, personal finance, crafting, illustration, business, travel, marketing…they give you a good idea of the stuff I am into!The Goodness Our Office 013The colorful mug is from my friend Brit, by another favorite illustrator, Disney concept artist Mary Blair. When we have a kid one day, I want their whole room based on her artwork! Of course I have an apple mug as an ode to all the years Geoff and I spent working at Apple!The Goodness Our Office 015A small snippet of our crazy cork board.The Goodness Our Office 017The dentures sign is also a thrift store find. Our tall desk and cute blue cart are from Ikea. I am always down for a trip to Ikea!!The Goodness Our Office 019aAcross the top of our wall is our string of gratitude. Whenever we get thank you notes from our clients, we hang there here to remind us how lucky we are to work with such amazing and wonderful people all the time. Thanks for the idea Jess!The Goodness Our Office 014And finally, my most favorite office accessories, our puppies, Charlie and Little Dog! We love that we get to cuddle them whenever we want. They are definitely our studio mascots and if you ever come by for a visit you can snuggle them too!The Goodness Our Office 020

Thanks for taking a small peek into our home and lives!

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How To: Easy Bunting Tutorial

How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 002aFirst of all, I’d like to introduce you to my BFF Brit and her charming fiancé, Tim. These two are some of my favorite people in the works and I am SO super excited to be a part of their upcoming destination wedding in HAWAII this June! I’ve been assisting in the wedding planning and we are even more excited to be sharing the last few moths of planning and craftiness on the blog! Be sure to visit often as we keep you updated through our How-To section with lots of fun projects and adventures leading up to the big day. We’ve also designed their Save the Dates and Invitations which we cannot wait to share here as well. We will be designing escort cards, menus, table signs, other signage and more, so it will be fun for you to see a little more into the process of how we create design for weddings. Geoff and I are (of course) photographing the wedding and we could not be more excited! Here is a photo from their super-cute beach engagement session which we will share soon!


Brit and Tim’s wedding is going to be an intimate affair of around 50 loved ones on Oahu at Kualoa Ranch (where LOST, Jurassic Park and more were filmed — I will definitely be geeking out over that!) The decor style of the wedding is “Vintage Hawaii Kitsch”, meaning lots of hula girls and surfer boys, tiki gods, pineapples, bright colors, and fun. It has been so much fun to design for. Our first wedding project was a LOT of bunting. 175 feet to be exact! The bunting will line the aisle at the ceremony and will hang from the edges of the pavilion where the reception will be held. Luckily we know of an easy way to make bunting and are excited to share it with you today! Bunting is a great wedding project because you can re-use it for parties and decor later in your life. Geoff and I made some for our wedding 4 years ago and I have used ours lots of times!ToolsHow to Easy Bunting The Goodness 005aGather 8-12 coordinating fabrics. One yard of fabric will make about  30 feet of double sided bunting. Be sure to get Extra Wide Double Fold bias tape. There are lots of colors out there too! Get some thread to match your bias tape and you’ll need a sewing machine.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006aThe key to quick bunting is using a rotary cutter with a pinking blade. This makes cutting a breeze. And because the edges are pinked you can leave them raw. You will need a cutting mat and also have some scissors handy. A metal ruler will help guide you as you cut the triangles, or you can cut a triangle temple from thick mat board. You can download our triangle template here.

Let’s get started! Begin by cutting your fabric into 6″ strips. Fold the fabric in half with selvage edges together, and fold in half again. Cut the folded fabric into 6″ sections using you cutting mat as a guide to make sure your lines are straight.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness cuttingHow to Easy Bunting The Goodness 009Now all your fabric is in strips!How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 011Use our triangle template (you can download it here) to guide your triangle cutting. Lay the top edge of the triangle along the long edge of your strip and the use the rotary cutter to cut along side the template. I cut through about 4 layers of fabric at a time by cutting with a good amount of pressure and a back-and-forth sawing motion. The pinking does not have to be 100% perfect. After you cut one triangle, flip the template upside-down and cut your next triangle. Cut up the whole strip into triangles. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 015If you are better with measurements, you can also use a straight edge to guide your triangle cutting. The tops of the triangles are about 4.5 inches across.  Feel free to make them any size you’d like though!
How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 013How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 012After all of your triangles are cut, lay them out in the order you’d like them to be in your bunting.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 016We put ours in a circle to make them easier to grab as we were pinning them to the bias tape. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 018Time to start pinning! Grab your bias tape and unfold it a little to put your triangle between the layers. If you are using patterned fabric and you want your bunting to be double sided, just put two triangles wrong sides together in the bias tape. Use a pin to keep it in place. We spaced ours about 1.5 inches apart. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 022aWhen you run out of bias tape, simply overlap the next length of tape over the end of the first and pin down. Then keep going until you use up your bias tape or you bunting is the length you desire.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 026Using the longest (normal width zig zag stick on your sewing machine, begin to sew in the middle of the bunting. If you sew with your pins pointing toward the needle they are easy to pull out as you sew along.How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 024Here you can see the sewn bias tape. How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 025Keep sewing until you get to the end. That’s it!
How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006 2How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 030How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 006 3How to Easy Bunting The Goodness 032

I can’t wait to see this bunting in action in Hawaii! Stay tuned for more fun projects from Brit and me as we finish planning her wedding!

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Fabian and Celine – Snow, sun, and South Lake Tahoe!

There are so many ways that Fabian and Celine love each other. They met one fun night out in San Francisco. After exchanging numbers and finding out they were from the same city, they both knew they were in for real trouble. A good kind of trouble! Fast forward to today and these two are head over heels for each other and their respective families. That is right, most weekends these two travel from Sacramento to Vallejo to be with their families together. It is such an important part of both of theirs lives. They have been there for each other through so many ups and downs. Fabian even helped his nieces and nephews create a fun sled run behind the house the rented for the weekend. Not only were these two in Tahoe for their engagement session but they were hanging out with the people that mean more them then anyone else their family! I do want to mention that Celine loves Fabian an extremely large amount. Fabian does not just love the 49rs, he eats, sleeps, and breaths them. So much so that one thing on  his bucket list is to see them at the SuperBowl. Well Celine made sure that they saved the funds to send Fabian on his dream trip to see them! Kinda jealous!

South Lake Tahoe Engagement 002South Lake Tahoe Engagement 001
South Lake Tahoe Engagement 003South Lake Tahoe Engagement 005South Lake Tahoe Engagement 006South Lake Tahoe Engagement 007South Lake Tahoe Engagement 001 2

We then headed over to a gorgeous meadow. I actually used to live down the street from here and had taken Lisa out to see the amazing views you see below. It was a lot of fun taking Fabian and Celine there as well to see this spot that was hidden in South Lake Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe Engagement 008South Lake Tahoe Engagement 010South Lake Tahoe Engagement 011

We are both excited to see you two at the end of April for your beautiful downtown wedding!

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Justin + Angela – taking a break on the Delta

Justin is a friend of mine form back in my college sorority days. Anyone that has ever met him can tell you he is THE nicest guy in the world. He is constantly cheerful and always has a smile. I’m so happy that he has found his match in Angela — a smart, beautiful, happy, active girl. It’s not surprising that Justin and Angela, two cool, modern people, met each other in such a modern way– online! It did not take long at all for them to realize they were falling for each other. It was just one week after they started emailing Angela drove from the Bay Area to Stockton to meet Justin in person. It was love at first sight. And then it was only 2 weeks after then that Justin was flying to Colorado to ring in the New Year with Angela and her friends and they have been inseparable ever since. The two recently purchased their first home and with that, working crazy jobs,  and all the wedding planning, they have been keeping VERY busy. But they were so happy to finally get a break and head out on the Delta to spend a couple hours being silly, romantic, and making some awesome photographs. 

Delta Engagement Session The Goodness 001Delta Engagement Session 001Delta Engagement Session 003These two are definitely a couple of goofballs. They spent the entire session being silly and cracking each other up!Delta Engagement Session 004Delta Engagement Session 006In a whirlwind sort of way, Justin and Angela adopted their dog Gracie, who joined us for a few shots. She is definitely a cutie!Delta Engagement Session 007Delta Engagement Session The Goodness 001 2Delta Engagement Session 008Delta Engagement Session 009Delta Engagement Session The Goodness 004Delta Engagement Session The Goodness 001 3