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Dannie + Jennifer’s stadium engagement session


Dannie and Jennifer have known each other for a while. They had a couple of mutual friends but never had the chance to hangout with each other in college. But Dannie had his eyes on her all those years ago. It only took one night out on the dance floor a few years later for Dannie to find her in the crowd and ask Jennifer if he knew her. Fast forward to today and these two continue to be head over heels for each other. Dannie is the head coach for Sac City College and always has his hands full. Jennifer is always supporting him, and his love of football. Dannie is a sentimental man at heart. These two have an adorable proposal story. Dannie had Jennifer met him at work and he took her to where they’d ordered food the first time they hung out together. Jennifer even ordered the exact same sushi roll without even knowing. He took her to Hoppy Brewing company for dessert and a couple drinks. It was also where they had their official first date. It was getting late and Jennifer thought the night was over. Dannie had another surprise in store for her. He had created a beautiful slideshow of all of their adventures together. He wanted to show her the story of how they fell in love and was able to get Jennifer to cry, laugh and smile. Dannie then got down on one knee and proposed to her in front of the stadium. I will tell you you need to have Dannie and Jennifer tell you the whole story as Lisa and I almost cried hearing it from them the first time. It’s stories like this that remind us how beautiful love is. It is this emotion that makes us feel better than we ever thought possible and pulls us through tough situations in life. Seeing these two at their engagement session as happy as they were made our afternoon. We started by walking around near Freeport Bakery. They are never to far from here as Dannie works just down the street!

Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 001Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 002Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 004

We then snuck across the street to the laundromat and were able to capture a couple really cute pictures!

Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 006Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 007

It was then time to grab a couple pictures in Land Park. It is just across from Sac City College, how could we not stop by!

Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 008

We met up with their adorable puppy Kobie. He is a not-so-little guy but wonderfully adventurous!

Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 009

After the park it was time for a trip over to the stadium. This place meant so much to both of them. Sure, Dannie is there all the time. The time they spend together there is the time that really matters the most to them. Since Dannie proposed that night it really was the perfect end to their engagement session. It was a place that ended one chapter and started this next beautiful chapter of their relationship!

Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 010Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 011Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 012Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 013Land Park and Sac City College Engagement 014

We could not have had more fun getting to know your love story just a little bit more. We are excited for May and can not wait to see you two soon!

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Ryan + Rene – an Arcata trip home for fun and family

I will not lie when I tell you we have known these two for a while, we even bought our house around the corner from them. One might say that these two people are amazing friends of ours. Ryan and I worked together at Apple on the same team for many years. Apple is where Ryan and Rene met. Lisa and I are kind of fond of Apple, if you didn’t know we both met working for Apple as well. It has been so much fun seeing these two grow together in their relationship over the years. Ryan wanted help on his proposal to Rene to make it a fun and exciting adventure. I had him think of the things they loved to do together and helped him come up with a plan of amazing and fun places to go in San Francisco. Rene didn’t have a clue what was in store for her as they raced around the city getting coffee, eating at fun pastry shops and watching the sun set from across the city in the Marine Headlands. You may have guessed Rene said yes! Fast forward to now and we asked them what one of their favorite things to do together was. One thing they love is Arcata. It happens to be Rene’s hometown and where her parents still live. We were beyond excited to do their engagement session in Arcata. We started at her Dad’s house. This is where they love to go to spend a week away from the hustle and bustle of life and work. Who could blame them?

Arcata Engagement Session 004

If you do not know the California North Coast, it rains there a lot! In fact it was raining all morning. However as you can see we were lucky that the clouds parted just in time for us!

Arcata Engagement Session 002Arcata Engagement Session 001Arcata Engagement Session 003

The property was gorgeous. Old massive dead redwood trees, a creek, and more texture and color than one could dream of. It was fun walking around with Ryan and Rene and hearing all of Rene’s stories about getting into trouble and having fun out there.

Arcata Engagement Session 005

After hanging out at the house we went to their next favorite place, Patrick’s Point. We could see why they love it up here so much. It is always quiet and absolutely gorgeous!

Arcata Engagement Session 006
Arcata Engagement Session 008Arcata Engagement Session 009Arcata Engagement Session 010Arcata Engagement Session 011

Our last stop was the beach! It is not the North Coast if you do not end up on a beach. Since it had been on and off raining all day there just so happened to be a bunch of amazing clouds and a gorgeous sunset! We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

Arcata Engagement Session 014

Arcata Engagement Session 013Arcata Engagement Session 015Arcata Engagement Session 016Arcata Engagement Session 019Arcata Engagement Session 017Arcata Engagement Session 018

Thank you so much you two for being amazing friends. You have helped us so much over the years and we would not be where we are if it was not for all your help! We seriously can not wait for your wedding in May. You have to check out Rene’s Fab Lab. We are excited because the beautiful fabric bouquets she makes will be at the wedding!

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Jaesa + Ross – a stroll in Mckinley Park

Jaesa and Ross love having a day out in the park together. If they are not with their adorable puppies at their house or driving around a golf course they are probably enjoying a Sunday together watching football or baseball. These two love to get away and go on mini adventures with each other to Tahoe and Santa Cruz. I can not believe how good these two are at always doing date nights and getting out and having fun together. In fact, on a trip to Santa Cruz Ross had a pretty amazing plan setup. After his Nephew’s party he really wanted to go to play a round of golf. The thing is, Jaesa loves coming along to drive the golf cart around and just be with Ross. She is kind of an amazing girl, plus really, who does not love to race around in a golf cart? Well, on that particular trip Ross had other plans. He got down on one knee and completely surprised Jaesa with a ring. Here we are now with these two living in their first house together with their two adorable dogs Sara and Oakley, a sweet maltipoo and a gorgeous white german shepherd.

Mckinley Park Engagement 002Mckinley Park Engagement 001Mckinley Park Engagement 003Mckinley Park Engagement 005Mckinley Park Engagement 006Mckinley Park Engagement 007

Lisa and I were both very surprised to see a little heart in the ground. I can tell you it most certainly not new. We had to stop for a cute photo with it!Mckinley Park Engagement 008

After hanging out at the park it was time to drive down the street to their adorable East Sacramento home. There is something about a cute picture on your porch that makes me smile. There are already so many memories there and plenty more to come. It is how your family and friends enter to see you, it is how you start and end parts of your day. So much happens there.

Mckinley Park Engagement 009Mckinley Park Engagement 010

Jaesa and Ross happen to have an awesome orange tree in their backyard. They even picked a couple for us!

Mckinley Park Engagement 012

After that out came the puppies! Sarah is a ton of fun bustling with energy!

Mckinley Park Engagement 014

There there is Oakley who is very much Ross’ girl. I had never seen such a pretty German Shepherd before!

Mckinley Park Engagement 013Mckinley Park Engagement 015Mckinley Park Engagement 016

After hanging out with the puppies we had one last important thing to do. Hangout in some Giants gear and have a bit of fun! Ross actually works for a company that manages softball competitions and if you did not know these two LOVE sports. Thanks again you two for an amazing afternoon!

Mckinley Park Engagement 017