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Chris and Mindy’s Le Rivage engagement session

Chris and Mindy chose Le Rivage for their engagement sessions because it is one of their favorite places to go together. They told us about how, after their trips to Apple Hill (where incidentally our engagement session was originally scheduled, but changed due to weather) they would head over to Scott’s Seafood for a relaxing dinner together. It was even in the running as a wedding location at one point! There could not have been a more appropriate place for us to take some photos of these two sweethearts. They are an adorable couple with a whole lotta love for each other. Chris is a quiet guy but he can always get Mindy to laugh. We are super excited for their Cambodian wedding next year!
CM Le Rivage Engagement Session 029CM Le Rivage Engagement Session 011CM Le Rivage Engagement Session 042aCM Le Rivage Engagement Session 048CM Le Rivage Engagement Session 058aCM Le Rivage Engagement Session 0 001CM Le Rivage Engagement Session 079

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Todd + Laura’s Folsom engagement session

You have no idea how happy I am that Laura and Todd are getting hitched. Laura is a good friend of mine, who I met back in my sorority days in Chi Delta. We bonded over having a lot of the same values (especially about BOYS – none of them were ever good enough, right Laura?), so you can understand how overjoyed I was when she met the love of her life, Todd. He’s such a sweet and kind guy and I’m so happy they are getting married! We got to take their engagement photos last week in the city where they live and spend a lot of their time – Folsom! To kick things off, we headed out to the American river which, with all of the fall colors, is so beautiful right now. 
Todd Laura Folsom Engagement Session 017Todd Laura Folsom Engagement Session 022Todd Laura Folsom Engagement Session 048aTodd Laura Folsom Engagement Session 029After some time at the river we headed to the footbridge near old town.Todd Laura Folsom Engagement Session 054

Of course, we had to stop at the Powerhouse pub where they had their first kiss!Todd Laura Folsom Engagement Session 060qAhh…isn’t it magical!?Todd Laura Folsom Engagement Session 066Laura and Todd, we are SO happy for you and SO excited to be photographing your special day!

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Angel and Melissa are married! (teaser)

Love, marriage, and tequila! What more do you need for an amazing wedding day? The fact that rainy forecast magically turned into a sunny afternoon was just icing on the cake. Angel and Melissa are a wonderfully sweet, charismatic couple and were so happy to be a part of their day not just with photography, but in creating their wedding film as well. We are so excited to share everything. Stay tuned!

AM Arden Hills Sacramento Cathedral Wedding 001AM Arden Hills Sacramento Cathedral Wedding 003aAM Arden Hills Sacramento Cathedral Wedding 005AM Arden Hills Sacramento Cathedral Wedding 006

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How-to: Gilded leaf place card (& happy thanksgiving!)

Gilded Leaf Place Card 002 2a

Here at the Bardot household, Geoff and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family. We hosted dinner for 27 and had so much fun! In our family, everybody brings a dish so that the host is not burdened with cooking the ENTIRE meal and I think this is the best way to do it. Geoff brined and roasted the most delicious turkey, and made his homemade mac-and-cheese, peas with pancetta and shallots, cornbread casserole, peppered butternut squash, and a salted caramel apple tart. I cooked a few sweets and was in charge of decorations, logistics and being the overall hostess.

For this month’s how-to, I thought it would be fun to share how I made this year’s place cards. They were actually super easy, and kind of a last minute addition. (Procrastinate? Me? Never!) Everyone really liked them though! While we used these for Thanksgiving dinner, I could easily see these being used at a fall wedding, or even a woodsy, outdoor reception.


Gilded Leaf Place Card 001aStart by collecting some leaves from the yard, like I did. There are always lots this time of year! Be sure to clean them of any dirt or water. It’s also best to wait until they are mostly dry so that they don’t curl too much after you paint them. Put down a painter’s cloth to protect the ground and lay out your leaves.Gilded Leaf Place Card 003aSpray paint the tops only until you’ve got good coverage. You don’t need a ton of paint or multiple coats.Gilded Leaf Place Card 004Gilded Leaf Place Card 005Allow them to dry until they are no longer tacky. Mine only took a few minutes.Gilded Leaf Place Card 007a

By the way, through this project, I have discovered how awesome metallic spray paint is! I’m already devising other ways I can use it…Gilded Leaf Place Card 009

While your leaves are drying, you can get to work on the name tags. Get a sheet of card stock (an off-white color is nice) and cut it into strips about 3/4″ wide. Cut the strips into pieces about 1.75 inches long. They don’t need to be perfect! Then snip off two corners from one end to make the tag shape.
Gilded Leaf Place Card 010aPunch a hole on the end of each tag.Gilded Leaf Place Card 013

Using a fine tip marker or ink pen, write out each guest’s name on the tags. Be sure the tags are all facing the right direction. If you don’t have nice handwriting, you could print out the names from your computer before you cut up the paper.
Gilded Leaf Place Card 014Tie the twine to the tag using a square knot. (Right over left, left over right!) Then tie an open knot onto the end of the twine. Stick the leaf’s stem through the loop, making sure the name tag is right side up and facing the correct direction.Gilded Leaf Place Card 016a

Tighten your knot, snip off the ends, and you’re done! Easy and super inexpensive.Gilded Leaf Place Card 019a

Metallic little leaves, all in a row! Now we are ready to set the table!Gilded Leaf Place Card 020

Like I said, I had a blast with the metallic spray paint. This year’s decor theme was harvest + metallics. I spray painted some pumpkins and adorned the centerpiece with glitter floral stems from the craft store and mercury glass votives.Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 003

Some of the spray-painted pumpkins had a little flair. This chevron design was created using painter’s tape on a white pumpkin.Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 011aBardot Thanksgiving Decor 024The polka dot on the little pumpkins were made using circle labels I had in the office.Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 021aHere are is one of the gilded leaf place cards in action!Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 016Bardot Thanksgiving Decor 026aFrom our home to yours, we hope you had a very wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of quality time spent with the ones you love most!

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Eric and Camay are married! (teaser)

We love that we have been able to be a part of Eric and Camay’s love story in so many ways. We photographed our first proposal ever as Eric popped the question to Camay on a balcony of The Citizen Hotel, where they later would wed. It was a day filled with the thing that matters to them most: family. Everyone we met was just delightful and we are so happy for these two to be sharing the rest of their lives together.

Epic night shot on the very balcony where Eric proposed to Camay!


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Kevin and Kari are married! (teaser)

Kevin and Kari are one of the classiest couples we’ve ever met. Their wedding last weekend at the Citizen Hotel reflected them so well. We were thrilled to be working with them in so many ways — not just photography, but we are getting to create their wedding film and we designed some seriously cool retro invitations and more for their cocktail-themed wedding. Also, as seen in the photo below, they are so completely awesome at looking like badasses.


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Chris and Sarah are married! (teaser)

It was a perfect day, like that from a movie…which was fitting for Chris and Sarah’s movie themed wedding! This entire day was nothing short of perfection from beginning to end. It’s going to be a blast to share more from the day, including ALL the laughs, the fun, the adorable Disney and theater-themed details, including the save the dates, invitations, and programs we designed for them!

This has got to be one of my favorite first dance photos ever!

It wouldn’t be a movie without popcorn!