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Scott and Naomi: teepees, tears, family, and fun

Scott and Naomi are a wonderfully down to earth couple. They just moved back to Berkeley from the south just after Naomi graduated with her masters. They were excited to settle down in a place they wanted to call home and were looking forward to marriage as their next step together. Where they wanted to get married though, is really the important part here. Naomi’s mother owns a gorgeous Native American inspired home in Nevada City. She is a landscape architect, and I will say that you can certainly tell. It was gorgeous. Scott, Naomi and friends would go up to the property and spend weekends helping get everything ready for their wedding. I heard stories about sleeping in teepees and fun ensuing as they made preparations. You did hear that right, tepees. These are not just any old tepee. These are ones that Naomi, Scott and her mother built. There were three of them to be exact. Continue on though to see all of the hard work from so many close friends and family members.

I still can not believe the insides of these amazing Tepees.

Seriously not a bad place at all to spend the night.

After a bit of getting ready it was time for them to see each other. We had found a beautiful old oak tree behind the house to take them to. Naomi was smitten to get to see Scott that day. Watching the smiles ensue is what always makes me love what we do.

We were then off to the most important part of the day. This ceremony was filled with a lot of love and a couple tears.

It started with both of her brothers walking her down the aisle.

In exchanging vows, so many people were brought to tears. Even I was ready to start crying with a camera to my face. There is just something beautiful about hearing what love does to someone. How they feel, not just on this one day, but hearing how they have helped each other for so many years become the people they are. As we heard from friends and family during the ceremony, there was not a dry eye, but it was worth every tear as their closest family and friends could all see how perfect this match was.

As the sun was starting to set we were lucky to get a couple last pictures in with these two.

Andrea from Just Relish was on hand making their day amazingly smooth. Check out the decor setup. The pinks, whites and natural feel to everything matched the wedding location beautifully.

So this is to die for. Not only is it cute but family helped make all the cookies surrounding the gorgeous cake! There is nothing like a good sweets table.

We know that the ceremony was filled with emotion. Who knew though that we would all be brought to tears again. Hearing her brothers speak brought almost every person there to tears.

Now if you need an excuse to use sparklers, this is the best reason I have ever heard of, cake cutting! Who would of thought right? Who needs it at your wedding exit, but at a time when everyone is there and enjoying having a bit of fun with the sparklers!

Oh the end of this night was beautiful. We knew how much these tepees meant to Naomi and Scott so we had to figure out a way to get an amazing shot. Well I think we succeeded on this one. We were lucky as the foothills of Northern California allowed the stars to shine bright. Add in these two and a tepee and we have something remarkable. Scott and Naomi, thank you again for letting us be a part of your day. I love that everything that was important to you in life was here at your wedding and we were allowed the opportunity to help capture your day.

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Mother of the Bride’s home
Coordinator | Andrea of Justrelish
Florist | The Flower Project
Catering | LJ’s Catering
Cake | Flower Garden Bakery
Ceremony Musicians | Mesmerhyhm
DJ | Berkeley Squares

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How To: DIY Bow tie on-a-stick (and more!)

We are SUPER excited to announce a special section on The Goodness blog: Wedding How-To’s! Every month we’ll have a project, DIY, or download to inspire some creativity and give you some fun wedding ideas. Our first How-To is the bow-tie on-a-stick! These make super fun photo booth props, (in fact, we’ll be adding these to our set of props for The Shot Spot!) but there are so many crafty things you can do with the basic bow as well. Let’s get started!

Cut out a piece of fabric roughly twice as tall and twice as wide as your desired bow size. Ours is about 12″w by 6″h.

Fold in and iron a little bit on one end. This will make sure no raw edges of the fabric are showing on the final bow.

Fold down and iron the top and bottom.

Fold in the side with the raw edge and then the other. Iron down the sides, if needed.

They should overlap a bit and this part should be in the center of the bow.

Now, cut another little piece of fabric a couple inches wide. This will be the center of the bow.

Fold and iron in the raw edges to make it look nice.

Scrunch up the middle of the bow in a nice even zig-zag formation. Add good sized a glob of hot glue into the folds on the BACK of the bow

Take your small strip of fabric and place one end into the glue you just put down. Proceed to wrap the strip fairly tightly around the bow.

Glue down the end of the center strip to the back of the bow and trim the ends.

If the ends stick out at all, use a little hot glue to seal them down.

Put a big dab of glue in the middle and press the dowel into it.

Cut a small piece of fabric (felt works the best).

Put glue over the stick and sides of the bow. Attach the felt and press down.

Voila! You are done!

But wait! There are so many ways you can use these cute little bows! How about an adorable hair bow? You can get these little alligator clips on Etsy or at most craft stores. Simply slip one side into the center loop and clip into your hair.

Wouldn’t these be wonderful bridesmaid’s gifts?

Just as easily you can make a bow headband. Just slip the headband through the center loop and wear.

One last cute idea for you…DIY shoe clips!

These are made using clip-on earring pieces, which I picked up at my local craft store. You’ll also need a little piece of felt.

Attach the earring clip to the bow like so. then glue some felt over the top to keep in place. The flattest part of the earring clip should be on the outside.

Now go glam up a boring pair of pumps!

I’m sure you could think of so many ways to use this easy DIY bows. Add it to a belt for a chic fashion accessory, use as a gift-wrap decoration, stitch one on to a tote bag, and so much more. Please leave a comment if you think of any more fun ideas. Have fun with your bows!


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Kris and Jessica: a Mendocino wedding getaway!

Last Saturday one of my best friends married his. Kris and Jessica chose to take the closest people to them, 50 family and friends to Mendocino, not for a day but three days of amazingness. Being a part of the festivities was such a heart warming experience for us. It is rare we ever get to put our cameras down at a wedding. Kris and Jessica wanted us to enjoy as much as we could. There will not be any pictures from their delicious welcome party on Friday night or from their wedding day after party. That is right folks after party, I think that is the greatest invention for a wedding that ends at 4pm on a Saturday to keep going into the wee hours. Now I did take many of these photos but will be very honest here, Lisa worked her butt off on Saturday. She was with the girls at just after 8am while us guys were slacking on getting ready. She captured their ceremony as I was one of the groomsmen. It is very very rare I see this side of a wedding. I feel honored to have been able to be on “the other side” for this wedding. I was with close friends seeing their most beautiful day from a perspective I am rarely allowed. Thank you again you two for having us be there in so many ways for you. We hope you are having an amazing time in Hawaii right now.

Waking up to this ocean view was the perfect start to this day. Lisa quickly headed over to see the girls and Kris had left a little something special for Jessica. She and I laughed pretty hard because she was there enjoying shopping for apps and getting her hair done. She was pretty excited about getting married(the iPad).

There is so much color here at The Little River Inn. I loved how the purple and green of the wedding was in full bloom at the Inn.

The view Jessica had was amazing. She was able to wake up and be in very special place to her and Kris. The Little River Inn is special to them as Mendocino and this cozy Inn are their special getaway from everyday life in Sacramento.

Kris, Matt, Waldo and I all got ready in my room. It was great to be with close friends.

It did take Kris though a very, very, very long time to iron his shirt.

This moment right here is why a first look is one of the most beautiful things that you can chose to do on your wedding day. These two pictures were taken at the same moment by Lisa and I. How each one of them are feeling different emotions, and the same emotions at the same time, can only be felt during a first look. There is no better way to enjoy being with each other on your wedding day then having a little bit of quiet time.. Jessica almost made me cry when I saw her tearing up and needing just a moment before Kris saw her.

Thank you again Kris and Jessica. Seeing you two grow so much together has been amazing. We wish you the best in your journey together and know we are here to support you in all the ups and downs of life and marriage.

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Ted and Suzanne are married (teaser)

In short, Ted and Suzanne’s wedding was ay-may-zing. Here’s a few of our favorites! Let’s start with this photo of the GORGEOUS Suzanne:

Add in a couple of Ted being goofy and making his bride laugh:

And finish it off with my new favorite Citizen Hotel balcony shot:

So so so excited to share more! We just love everything thing about these two!


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Chris and Brandi are married! (teaser)

Congratulations to Chris and Brandi who were married at the Lion’s Gate Hotel last weekend! On a day that started looking like it would rain any minute and yet the sun peeked out at just the right times, we could not have asked for more! Chris and Brandi are a delightful, laid-back couple and we were so happy to be a part of their wedding day!


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Evan and Lynn are married! (teaser)

Evan and Lynn had one of the most charming weddings in Sonoma at Ramekins Culinary School and we had the pleasure of capturing it! This was a beautiful venue with some very fun little quirks. And wow! What a fun party! We have tons of great memories and took lots of lovely photos. Not only that but, we created some really great save the dates, invitations and escort cards! Can’t wait to share everything – but for now, enjoy this oh so sweet series in the little olive grove at Ramekins!


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Kris and Jessica’s San Francisco love story

It became very real the day they decided to start dating. These two had known each other for many years, they had been roommates, they had been friends, but this day was different. It was their first date, a trip to San Francisco. They drove around the city together, finding new places and seeing things Jessica loved about San Francisco from her college days. Knowing that SF was not just special, but where their love started, we knew we had to see what they loved so much about this beautiful city.

We started in famous Clarion Alley. They both enjoy art so much. It was a lot of fun seeing what they both liked and loved in the alley. There were even a few artists out and about creating that Sunday. I just love this shot of the two of them enjoying what they like to do together.

From there we headed to a favorite stop of theirs, Golden Gate park. Kris is still a bit sad he did not get to see the famous buffalo, but this was a trip about making memories by reliving their first date. Kris I promise next time we will get to see the buffalo!

Seeing these two so happy really made my day. You may not remember but Kris was the best man in our wedding. I have known him now for almost 8 years and have been a big part of each others lives. We have helped each other make it through plenty of ups and downs. These next few pictures helped define for me why these two really are meant for each other.

Just one word…sweet!

This one is Lisa’s favorite by the way. the light was gorgeous that day.

The last stop of this day was the most important. We were going out to the Marin Headlands to watch the sunset. This was the very same end to their first date three years before. They enjoyed hanging out taking pictures of each other in the old abandoned military posts and soaked in the views. All of us were excited to go back there together.

Kris and Jessica you two really mean a lot to us. You are so much more than friends. You challenge us to be better people, you inspire us to work harder, and show us how to let go and have fun. Thank you for being there for us and believing in us for so long. Can not wait for your wedding at the end of the month!


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Daniel and Madhavi are married! (teaser)

Daniel and Madhavi’s wedding was such an amazing experience! The family, the fusion of two traditions and cultures, the charming location, the colors(!), the stories, and so much more, all centered around two wonderful human beings and their love. We had the privilege of being a part of it in so many ways: we created some lovely invitations and other design, captured the day in photography and we are getting to tell their story through moving pictures as well. So, so, so excited to share it all!


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Dave and Katrina are married (teaser)

Congratulations to Dave and Katrina! Their wedding last weekend at San Francisco City Hall was so sweet and intimate, we were honored to be a part of it. We had a ton of fun going around the city for photos, followed by a charming ceremony in one of SF’s most beautiful buildings. There was so much awesomeness, we can’t wait to share more!


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Austin and Megan’s glittering Citizen wedding

We are beyond excited to share Austin and Megan’s beautiful wedding on our blog today because it being featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog! Be sure to zip on over to check out the pretty little feature!В We couldn’t be more smitten with this wonderful couple. They are utterly adorable together, have the most amazing classic sense of style, a super-sweet family, and a group of hilarious friends–what more could you ask for?

Megan was one of the most excited brides ever! I could not get enough of her facial expressions!

Megan’s Vera Wang dress was such a stunner. The tulle at the bottom was glittered with little antique gold sequins. Love, love, love.

It was windy up there on the 14th floor balcony!

These girls were so much fun.

Geoff got to hang out with the guys while I was with the ladies.

All of the men in uniform had a little surprise under their military jackets! Each one had different fabric sleeve. So funny!

Seriously, Austin is such a cutie!

Hey there, handsome!

The two of them had SUCH an emotional first look. I think we were all in tears. 🙂

Austin helped Megan put her feet up before they headed back down for the ceremony. So sweet.

Kate Miller Events designed a gorgeous ambiance for their nuptials, with stunning floral design from Flourish.

Is this not the most amazing unity candle table you have ever seen?

This is one of my favorites! I love the squeeze he gave her right after their first kiss as hubby and wife.

Up to the balcony for some pretty sunshine-y photos before heading to the party!

Kate Miller designed these beautiful invitations. I just love the gold and pretty envelope liners!

The grape wood combined with ivory florals, lots of metallics and mercury glass was to die for!

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Megan and Austin had an array of cakes from Ettore’s perched atop wood slices.

Our photo booth, The Shot Spot was in full effect and people were having an awesome time!

Such an amazing time! We are so lucky to have known these two wonderful people and gotten to work with such an amazing team for this wedding! Congratulations to Austin and Megan, we know you will share many many happy years together!!

Event Design and Coordination | Kate Miller Events
Ceremony and Reception Venue | The Citizen Hotel
Florist | Flourish
Catering | The Citizen Hotel
BakeryВ | Ettore’s
DJ/Entertainment | Music and More Entertainment
Videographer | Phillip Allan Films
Bridal Hair | Deeda Salon
Bridal Makeup | Jeff Jarwin
Rentals | La Tavola Linens